Though much of the content on is historical, the concepts remain.

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The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America

Michael Shaw
With a locally tailored presentation Freedom Advocates President, Michael Shaw presents basic patterns and concepts relating to the Global to Local assault on unalienable rights and individual liberty. Shaw demonstrates how modern political mechanisms including COGs, international policies, and federal implementation of Agenda 21 are now being carried out in local communities. Learn how this occurs and what it is that you must do to turn the tide.

See The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America speech and video collection (22 locations) here.



Don’t let your locale become like California:


Permit Road Congestion to Increase

By Freedom Advocates, 12/21/2016

The “Real Reason for New York City’s Traffic Nightmare” shows parallels to earlier times in Santa Cruz, California. The common link connecting the policies of cities, big and small, east and west, is the implementation of Agenda 21, Chapter 7 – Human Settlements.

Henry Baker, Deputy Director of the Planning Department (circa 1972) told the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors that in order to gain public transit patronage, they would have to bait people with a carrot and discipline them with a stick. “Make it easy to use,” he said, “with reliable service and improved scheduling, and it will be attractive. But if that doesn’t work, make auto usage difficult, costly, and inconvenient. Permit road congestion to increase.” [emphasis added]

The quote above preceded the creation of Santa Cruz County, California’s Transit Corridor Plan, which is designed to reduce lanes and cause road congestion to increase.

  1. Henry Baker told the Board of Supervisors in 1975:
    “Permit road congestion to increase; Do not build in anticipation of demand.”
  2. Linda Wilshusen wrote a letter to Supervisor Gary Patton in 1988, saying:
    “…’traffic management’ has very little to do with science and engineering and a lot to do with sociology, marketing and behavior modification, as well as land use, parking and fuel availability, demographics and the like.”
  3. Supervisor Ellen Pirie told the Aptos Chamber of Commerce in 2004:
    “If we add this [carpool] lane, then we have more possibilities, because then we have a way of getting people out of their cars.”

For more on deliberate traffic problems, go to Transportation articles.


Trade: America’s Trump Card

By Michael Shaw, 11/1/2016 –

Donald Trump is the first major party presidential nominee who has spoken out about globalist trade policy, including multilateral trade deals. If he means what he says and does something about trade, globalism will suffer a possibly terminal fate. No wonder the left and right wing establishments are in such frenzy. And why many Americans around the country are in such a surge.


Reflexive Law: How Sustainable Development Has Conned Us All

By Patrick Wood, 8/28/2014 –

Reflexive law was first suggested in 1983 by a German legal scholar, and has since been adopted as the legal framework to implement Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development throughout the world. Reflexive law is destroying all concepts of the traditional Rule of Law upon which Western civilization was founded.


Regionalism – The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

By Michael Shaw, 9/28/2013 –

Did you know that some of your local elected representatives are enabling a shadow government to evolve? These people promote the reinvention of government through their support of, and appointments to, “regional” boards that act like soviet councils. These councils are funded to implement Agenda 21. Federal tax dollars fuel their appeal, but your city and county representatives do not have to go along.


The Dark Side of Sustainable Development and the Regional One Bay Area Plan

By Heather Gass, 6/13/2013 –

Over the past few years, I and many others in the San Francisco Bay Area have been fighting against a plan that seeks to socially re-engineer our lives: the One Bay Area Plan. Over the next 25 to 30 years it will transform the lives of over 9 million people in 9 counties by creating high density stack-and-pack housing next to mass transit, all in the name of saving the planet by reducing GHGs (Green House Gases). Never mind that global warming has already been debunked by thousands of scientists not on the UN’s payroll. The sky is not falling, but our rights are being systematically eroded.


A Time to Sue: Regionalism Challenged

By Freedom Advocates, 6/5/2013 – The plot to transform the San Francisco Bay Area is largely unknown by the residents living there and overwhelmingly opposed by those who do know. The global boiler plate program called One Bay Area (OBA) or Plan Bay Area will roll out across the nation on a grand scale. OBA involves more than $250,000,000,000 (over a quarter of a trillion dollars).


Common Core: Brave New Schools

By Cherie Zaslawsky, 5/31/2013 –

The much touted Common Core Standards (CCS) Initiative that is being pushed as a silver bullet to improve our schools is not simply the latest fad in education: CCS is actually an unprecedented program that would radically alter our entire K-12 educational system, affecting content (i.e. curriculum), delivery (largely via computer), testing (also via computer), teacher evaluations (connected to test scores), as well as creating an intrusive database of sensitive information from student “assessments.”


Which Philosophy of Rights?

By Freedom Advocates, 5/30/2013 –


Transforming Your Town: Facilitated Meetings Coming Your Way

By Andrea Sanchez, 5/28/2013 – Community visioning workshops do little to address the most predominant issues facing our neighborhoods, but go a long way toward padding the pockets of a select few. Businesses and residents sense something is wrong and are rightfully wary. They will find the strings attached to the plans untenable. Watch for these meetings. It is time to point our elected officials in the direction of true representation and transparency.


The Contemporary Dialectic

By Freedom Advocates, 4/8/2013 –


Transit Corridor Plans: Cramped Quarters and Limited Mobility

By Freedom Advocates, 11/30/2012 –

Henry Baker, Deputy Director of the Planning Department (circa 1972) told the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, “…make auto usage difficult, costly, and inconvenient. Permit road congestion to increase.” Santa Cruz provides a roadmap for what you can expect.


Civilian National Security Force is the Creature in Your Community

By Elry Falkenstein III, 9/12/2012 –

In 2007, George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13434, called “National Security Professional Development,” a military-industrial cartellization dressed as security. Section 1 states: “In order to enhance the national security…it is the policy of the United States to promote the education, training, and experience of current and future professionals in national security positions in executive departments and agencies.” Barack Obama, the first US President to chair the United Nations Security Council, said in a 2008 speech, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” The “education, training and experience” of “current and future” professionals is rooted in Ch. 36 of the United Nations “global to local action” plan, Agenda 21 and is brought to us by both Republican and Democrat Presidents.


Misprision of Treason Primer: Responding to your City’s Association with ICLEI

By Freedom Advocates, 7/30/2012 –

Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states or their subdivisions from entering into any “treaty, alliance or confederation” with a foreign political organization. Contracts with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability headquartered in Bonn, Germany fit into this prohibition. Increasingly, American citizens are becoming aware of this fact.


Agenda 21 Timeline

By Cherie Zaslawsky, 7/15/2012 –

Whether you follow the money or follow the science, it becomes all too clear that the 1% is out to own the world and everyone and everything in it…and this is why we need to fight every aspect of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, including: Smart Growth, the Grand Boulevard Initiative, Climate Action Plans, Carbon Taxes, Cap-and-Trade, California’s onerous pieces of legislation AB 32 and SB 375 etc.—to remain a free people in a free Republic.


Overwhelming Public Opposition

By Texas TURF, 6/26/2012 –

The fix was in before a single citizen ever walked into the Bexar County San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting. The tumult and chaos surrounding transportation decision-makers in Bexar County, TX has hit a feverish pitch. The public testimony emailed into the board opposed the plan, 130-3, and the three in favor were area Chamber of Commerce organizations and industry shills…”The war against cars is alive and well in San Antonio. This fight has always been about who gets the pot of ‘toll gold’ at the end of the rainbow.” — Terri Hall


Public Officials Must Learn About Agenda 21

By Henry Lamb, 3/6/2012 –

Elected officials must understand what Agenda 21 is, before opening their mouths and revealing their ignorance. Henry Lamb explains why.


Property Rights Councils: Adding a Stakeholder to the Soviet Brew

By Michael Shaw, 3/6/2012 –

Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” A property rights council does not exist in the operation of the American republic. The creation of such boards means the fall of the republic.


Obama and the U.N.: Agenda 21 Revisited

By Sharon Sebastian, 9/7/2011 –

With Cap and Trade, the Environmental Protection Agency will have power to force many homeowners to virtually rebuild their homes to meet stringent environmental requirements before they can sell them. Living in a house that does not meet the EPA’s “green” regulations for roofing, windows, doors, insulation or heating and cooling systems will be slapped with fines. Electrical companies are rapidly installing “smart monitoring systems” to track usage of energy by residents.


Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 4

By Stephen Poole, 8/17/2011 – Let me begin by congratulating any readers who’ve slogged through the first three parts of my analysis of the North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act, or SB 26. While those articles expose both the incompetence (or worse) of the NC General Assembly for considering such legislation and the abuse that such vague, open-ended legislation can entail, you’re probably still wanting to know just why I’ve bothered cobbling together several thousand words warning you of the perils of such a new regulation.


Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 3

By Stephen Poole, 8/17/2011 – When most people first hear about legislation to create a new type of corporation in which the directors must provide a “general public benefit” while being freed from bothersome constraints such as maximizing profit or considering the needs and concerns of shareholders, their usual response is, “So what? If people want to invest in a company that doesn’t care about making money, go ahead and let ‘em.”
I’ll admit that was my immediate reaction when I was told about the North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act, or SB 26, which is now in the House Judiciary Committee.


Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 2

By Stephen Poole, 8/15/2011 – Any reasoning citizen is bound to ask why there is a third-party standard, and who creates it? After all, corporations are under the bailiwick of the Secretary of State – so why isn’t the Secretary of State responsible for creating the standards for the corporations they are licensing? Because the entire scheme is just another “public-private partnership” so cherished by the globalist, Agenda 21-loving crowd intent on wealth distribution not only inside countries, but also among countries – and public-private partnerships play an integral role because they bypass free-market competition.


Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 1

By Stephen Poole, 8/12/2011 – This four-part series was written in April and May of 2011 to inform North Carolina residents about Senate Bill 26, known as the “North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act,” so they might voice their opposition to what is essentially a stealth implementation of many Agenda 21 principles. It was originally published at North Carolina Freedom (
Although the legislation appears to have died in committee, it is important that activists across the country become fully aware of the “benefit corporations” strategy because the sponsoring nonprofit B Labs Corporation is introducing the same boilerplate legislation in all 50 states.


B Lab’s Benefit Corporations Won’t Benefit You

By Wynne Coleman, 8/11/2011 – Imagine a legislated brotherhood of business where favored businesses get to go to the front of the line for permits, licenses and opportunities merely because they agree to advance the principles of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21. SB 26, the North Carolina Benefit Corporations Act contains boilerplate legislation from B Labs. The following points are applicable to activists or concerned citizens who want to understand why they should oppose Benefit Corporation legislation in their States.


The United States. A Science Project

By Camille Giglio, 8/7/2011 –

Do you recall the days when you or your children had to prepare a high school science project? Or how about the hours your child spent watching his Gerbil run on its tiny treadmill in order to get its food and water? Little did you dream that one day you would be the science project; that figure on the spinning treadmill. Under the observation of trained scientists, US citizens are fast becoming the subjects of a powerful and nation-wide “science project.”


Window of Opportunity for Santa Cruz Property Owners

By Freedom Advocates, 7/27/2011 –

Fall 2011 Update – Santa Cruz County Property Owner, Paul Carrick takes case to U.S. Supreme Court
Update: WATCH KSBW TV News on Another Santa Cruz County Property Rights Victory! Then ask, Was Your “Notice of Violation” Legal? There is now a window of opportunity to get these notices expunged from your property title report. As a result of a courageous and perseverant property owner by the name of Paul Carrick, Santa Cruz County was found to be in violation of proper processes for filing Notices of Violation by the San Jose 6th District Appellate Court.


Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid

By Patrick Wood, 6/15/2011 –

The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism: It is Technocracy. “There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes. It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business. More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.” – home page


Assessing Monetary Collapse: Exposing Agenda 21 and Understanding Freedom

By Michael Shaw, 6/9/2011 –

What if the Federal Reserve dollar falls – hard? How is the globalist blueprint known as Sustainable Development Agenda 21 designed to make humans into livestock? Why liberty must be understood by this generation of Americans lest it be lost for a very long time.


Cultural Marxism: The Doom of Language

By Robert F. Beaudine, 6/6/2011 – When new ideas become popular, words are created to express the changes, while others are modified or discarded. Words change naturally, but sometimes they change deliberately to further a cultural agenda.



By Kirk MacKenzie, 5/10/2011 –

Perhaps my concern is heightened because of a computer background and 20 years of research into our world. I see the big picture. And the big picture is Big Brother. Corporations and government are working together to profile and track every person on Earth in real-time. And that is no joke.


The Florida Story

By Diane Ross, 3/8/2011 –

Property owners in the remaining part of 8.5 square mile area, Hialeah and South Dade in Dade County, Florida have been subjected to attacks on their private property rights by the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) along with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and various government officials.


ICLEI – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Freedom Advocates, 2/14/2011 – Commissioner Richard Rothschild of Maryland explains why Carroll County terminated their ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) contract, while Chief Sustainability Officer Lucia Athens of Austin, Texas affirms the existence of a global population reduction agenda.


U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties 16

By Cathie Adams, 12/5/2010 –

Report from Cancun on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Conference of the Parties 16 (COP 16).


ICLEI is a Conspiracy and That’s No Theory

By Stacy Lynne, 8/20/2010 – ICLEI is a foreign organization on a mission to transform local governments. Each ICLEI mandate, policy and agenda is based on the principle that the collective good is more important than individual rights; this in direct opposition to the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence.


ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability and the U.N. Connection

By Freedom Advocates, 8/7/2010

ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability has had an abundant history of association with the United Nations and the association carries on today. There are over 600 cities and counties within the United States that have contracts with ICLEI. The following quotation was found on the website in 2009:


Obama Complies with Agenda 21 and Expands Federal Power

By Henry Lamb, 8/1/2010 –

President Obama’s Executive Order 13547 issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals, and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21. Obama’s expansion of government is taking the nation in the wrong direction. The federal government should be pushed back inside the bottle of those limited powers defined in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. States and individuals should reclaim the power given to them by the Constitution and guaranteed by the 10th Amendment.


Washington Cities and Counties Conform to the Kyoto Protocol and Climate Policies

By Research Mom, 6/11/2010

In a quest to find a conservative way to be “green” some politicians are compromising and signing contracts with non-governmental entities and accepting funding which ultimately bind cities, counties, and states to radical environmental policies. Regulations and laws continue to be forced onto us by leaders that may not realize they have unwittingly committed us to anti-Constitutional globalist plans.


Agenda 21 Alert: Global Warming Freeze

By Cassandra Anderson, 5/4/2010

As the federal "Cap and Trade" bill falters in Congress, and resistance to the EPA’s 18,000 page new regulation document grows, globalists are trying to bring about expanded control, using the discredited excuse of man made global warming, on a state and local level.


Taxing the Heart out of Australia

By Viv Forbes, 05/03/2010 –

The Carbon Sense Coalition claimed that the Rudd Resource tax was just another in a long line of taxes helping to depopulate rural Australia.


Insanity Redefined

By Max Thornsberry, 5/1/2010 – The
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was once a partner in the
disease prevention of cattle but in recent years the USDA has knowingly
the continued reintroduction of bovine tuberculosis (TB) and other
that infect U.S. livestock. 


Victory in the Making

By Henry Lamb, 4/23/2010 – Houston
Landowners Concerned About Property Rights
has been working for years to prevent a "Comprehensive Plan," contrived in the pursuit of
sustainable development. The county adopted a comprehensive plan that ignored
private property rights and the principles of freedom. Landowners
fought back. This is a recent alert from Henry Lamb of Sovereignty International, Inc.


Kick ICLEI Out!

A group from Spokane, Washington called the Spokane Patriots will issue a demand that the city council withdraw from “Sustainability” policy and terminate the city’s contract with the international Non-Governmental Organization called ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). ICLEI works in over 600 U.S. communities and 1,000 communities worldwide. The Spokane group presents a city charter amendment along with an ordinance asserting the unconstitutional alliance between the City and ICLEI. Media Release SPOKANE, WASHINGTON……Members of Spokane Patriots, the action driven Tea Party, will be filing several citizens’ initiatives with the Spokane City Clerk at 4:00 PM, Thursday, 8 April. The first citizens’ initiative would effect a charter amendment regarding preventing the city from implementing aspects of the Mayor’s sustainability task force by preventing the city from adopting any regulations, taxation, or other policies which would be targeted specifically towards modifying greenhouse gas emissions. The second citizens’ initiative would effect a charter amendment relating to preventing membership in and relationships with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the United Nations, and other organizations undermining United States Sovereignty. “The citizens of Spokane have grown tired of watching the city spend our tax dollars legislating, regulating, and threatening our […]


The Fund

By Kathleen Marquardt, 4/10/2010 – Learn how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank want to control the wealth of the world.


Hillary Obfuscates Rights while Pushing Democracy

By Kathleen Marquardt, 4/6/2010 – The quote from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s statement introducing Country
Reports on Human Rights
sounds good but misses or distorts a
major tenant of American culture. It is not democracy that insures unalienable rights to all individuals.
Democracy does not protect the rights that are naturally ours. Either I
misjudged in thinking that Hillary was alluding to our unalienable
rights in the quote or Hillary wanted to give
democracy far more credit than it deserves. 


Abusing the System Through NGOs and CSOs

By Maryetta Ables, 4/5/2010 – Everyone knows what a lobbyist is, but do you know what an “Adviser” is in Washington, D.C.? No matter whom we elect, no matter the person or party, if we don’t shine the light on who really is writing policy, we are in for a rude awakening.


Montana Gas Leases are Suspended Because of Climate Change

By Edwin X. Berry, Ph.D., 3/30/2010

Montana has vast oil, gas, coal and forest reserves that are needed by Montana and America to produce economical low-cost energy. But Montana has lost its once-powerful economic resource base because it allowed the federal government to control its energy lands.


Technocracy, Smart Grid and the Green Economy

By Patrick Wood, 3/3/2010 –

According to the United Nations Governing Council of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), “our dominant economic model may thus be termed a ‘brown economy’.” UNEP’s clearly stated goal is to overturn the “brown economy” and replace it with a “green economy”. This paper will demonstrate that the current crisis of capitalism is being used to implement a radical new economic system that will completely supplant it. This is not some new idea created in the bowels of the United Nations: It is a revitalized implementation of Technocracy that was thoroughly repudiated by the American public in 1933.


NAIS is Not Dead, Just Renamed

By Carolin Burch – Contrary to what you are being told the National Animal Identification
System (NAIS) is not dead; just renamed, reworded and still very much alive.
This was the message brought to the Ozarks Property Rights Congress (OPRC)
meeting in Gainesville, Missouri on Thursday, February 11, 2010 by Bob Parker
who said he hated to bring that news.


NAIS Renamed Federal Animal Disease Traceability System

By C. Russell Wood, 2/26/2010 – On February 10, 2010 USDA announced that it will revise the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) policy and offer a new approach to achieving animal disease traceability. USDA concedes in their fact sheet that they were forced to once again alter their animal identification proposal due to the opposition of the American public. However, this is not the first time USDA has revised their wording and reshuffled the deck to get the public to register their premises and their animals with them.


Despite Crumbling of Climate Change Consensus, ICLEI Marches On

By Freedom Advocates, 1/5/2010

The fraud of man-made climate change was exposed from emails at the University of East Anglica. Global average temperatures have not warmed for over a decade. The United Nations Climate Accords in Copenhagen (Cop15) failed to result in worldwide agreements, yet the beat goes on. Climate change policies will continue to operate covertly at the local level to develop socially engineered and controlled communities. Many local officials are committing acts of treason. Local people like you have the power to stop them.


Agenda 21 Alert: Schwarzenegger’s ‘True Lies’ in Copenhagen

By Cassandra Anderson, 1/3/2010 – The globalists’ battle for complete control over all populations is
from "global to local." This is why Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was brought to speak at the
Copenhagen Summit. He truthfully revealed the power that state and
local governments, which he called "sub-national governments," have in accomplishing carbon reduction goals.


Tester Tests the Waters and Forests of Montana for Sustainable Development with his Destruction of Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

By Dan Happel and Kathleen Marquardt, 1/3/2010 – Senator Jon Tester of Montana introduced S. 1470 in July, known as the “Forest Jobs and Recreation Act of 2009.” Regretfully the first two words of the title of the Bill, “Destruction of”, were left off. We must keep in mind that Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act of 2009 is not about jobs or recreation; it is about removing Montanans from Montana. Then the globalists can get on with the business of bringing to fruition the Wilderness Plan.


It is Time to See the Future and Change Course Before it Becomes Too Late

By Michael Shaw, 1/3/2010 – America is in the final stages of the political economic changes necessary to secure the age old thrust for a central global dominion. The transformation we are experiencing is designed to negate the political recognition of your right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of private property. We did not get into this mess overnight and it won’t be easy to get out. But get out we must.


Sustainable Agriculture – A Relatively New Globalization Process

By Don Casey, 12/15/2009 – We read glowing reports and articles about "Sustainable Agriculture." It is difficult to create an awareness of the potential harm because the verbiage and slogans used sound so benevolent. The reality is that foodshed regulations will give environmental groups and
government agencies control over all means of production of the food
consumed by the American people. Through increased
taxation and regulation, American citizens will be stripped of their
wealth and property and all resources will be redistributed as
government sees fit.


Unalienable Rights versus Globalism

By Michael Shaw, 12/13/2009 –

Have we abandoned the uniquely American concept of the political, legal and educational recognition of unalienable rights? Reaffirming unalienable rights is our call to duty. You can contribute to this accomplishment by defending unalienable rights and by understanding and informing others of our government’s unrelenting commitment to the ‘global to local’ program of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.


Political Community Organizing through Places of Worship

By Freedom Advocates, 11/2/2009 – Church contributions are being used to fund
membership in a Saul Alinsky community organizing group called Industrial Areas
Foundation (IAF). Interfaith Networks
and Congregation Based Community Organizations (CBCO’s) are dues paying members of IAF.


About Treaties, in Light of Copenhagen

By Henry Lamb, 10/30/2009 – There has been considerable discussion regarding the upcoming
Copenhagen Treaty, such that if ratified by our Senate it will cede
U.S. Sovereignty to World Government.

Even with the President’s signature the treaty would still have to be
ratified by 67 votes in the Senate, and this is where our efforts
should focus. 


Two Reviews on Global Warming Films – Just In Time For The Copenhagen Treaty

By Vern Westgate, 10/30/2009

Man made Global Warming, as promoted by Al Gore and many others, is a fraud. The goal of those who push this lie is international taxation, power, and a shifting of sovereignty to a one-world government. Here are two films (DVDs) that tell the truth of global warming. Al Gore used film to promote the lies of global warming in An Inconvenient Truth. Using films to refute Al’s message reaches the same audiences in a media they are receptive to.


A County Counsel’s Advice Results in a Taking Of Private Property

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 10/29/2009 – L. Eric Chambliss, a civil service employee of the Alameda County Counsel’s office, had risen to the position of Senior County Counsel. He was responsible for advising the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and its agencies on the legality and application of Measure D, approved by the voters of Alameda County on November 7, 2000. Measure D, an “open space” ballot initiative, prohibits development outside the urban growth line in Alameda County, substantially changing Alameda County’s land use policy, particularly in rural areas, and reducing the scope of the County’s urban growth boundary.


Democracy is Not Freedom

By Michael Shaw, 10/6/2009 –

The concepts of freedom and democracy conflict so regularly that Plato pronounced, “Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob rule.” Freedom is the ability to decide and act for one’s self. Democracy requires all people to conform their action to the rule of the majority.


The Cost of Wetlands in Half Moon Bay – Part II

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 9/28/2009 – The federal court decision Yamagiwa, Trustee v. City of Half Moon Bay was a major victory for those believing that the protection of private property rights is a cornerstone of our constitutional freedom. If the City of Half Moon Bay had the foresight to recognize the
property rights at stake and the high financial exposure to the city, it could have
avoided this whole scenario and allowed the project to proceed.


Where the Buffalo Roam…But You Can’t

By John C. Street, 9/8/2009 – Today, there is land aplenty for the buffalo to roam, for eagles to soar and for those of us who cling to hunting and fishing as a sacred way of life. However, unknown to many in the hunting and fishing community there is a document titled “Agenda 21” that spells out action plans for doing away with hunting and fishing and curtailing access to public land.


Food Safety Bills, Like HR 2749 – Misdiagnosis Strikes Again

By Doreen Hanes, 8/29/2009 – Is there a problem in our food supply? Most people recognize that more issues exist now then in the past several decades. Food safety bills, like HR 2749, that have been put forward in Congress do not address the problems of real food safety in the least. Instead they create new revenue streams for more bureaucrats and further the economic collapse of rural America.


Is Health Care reform Part of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development?

By Freedom Advocates, 8/18/2009 –

The answer is yes absolutely, Health Care Reform is part of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Health care reform is not about enhancing personal health, it’s about implementing new systems, profits and liaisons in the name of health care.


Understanding Unalienable Rights

By Michael Shaw, 8/4/2009 –

Why do we use the term unalienable instead of inalienable? Inalienable rights are subject to changes in the law such as when property rights are given a back seat to emerging environmental law or free speech rights give way to political correctness. Whereas under the original doctrine of unalienable rights, these rights cannot be abridged.


Green Cities, Cool Mayors = Red Ink, Dead Culture

By Kathleen Marquardt, 8/4/2009 – At the U.S. Conference of Mayors in San Francisco on June 5 (World Environment Day), 2005, two documents – the “Green Cities Declaration” and the “Urban Environmental Accords” – were presented. Every mayor in attendance signed them. Because of that, every citizen in America is threatened.


ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom Threatened

By Freedom Advocates, 8/4/2009 –

Right now, in your town and neighborhood, policies are being implemented that will ultimately eliminate your freedoms and destroy your way of life. You need to know what’s going on to stop this process. Many town officials are selling us out to global regional development with help from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI): Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI is used as one of the mechanisms to undo the political recognition of unalienable rights.


Why I Love America

By Genevieve LaGreca, 6/23/2009 – I love America for being the place where an upstart group of colonists, against all odds, battled the most powerful empire in the world—and won—all in the cause of liberty.

I love America for establishing a revolutionary new country in which a person’s life is his and his alone to live for his own sake, and government’s sole purpose is to protect that sacred right.


A Tale Of Two Proceedings

6/23/09 –

By Ronald A. Zumbrun – What if a private person were to trespass on your property to see if you might be violating coastal regulations? If evidence were obtained as a result of the trespass, would it be admissible by the California Coastal Commission in an enforcement action and later in court, or would it be a Fourth Amendment violation as an unreasonable search?


A Major Property Rights Advance Plus An Astonishing Exchange By The Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 6/17/2009 – Ever since 2005 when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Kelo v. Town of New London, Connecticut, there has been heightened attention paid to the Constitution’s protection of private property rights. The Kelo Court held that the government’s power of eminent domain was so great that it could take one person’s private property for another’s private economic gain. The Court chose to rewrite our nation’s Constitution by substituting public “purpose” for public “use.” The purpose here was to improve the tax base.


United Nations ICLEI and The City of Spokane

By Edwin X. Berry, Ph.D, 5/11/2009 – Spokane, WA signed onto the United Nations International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Climate Protection Campaign in 2001. Since then, the city has spent money, resources and time attempting to comply with the requirements of ICLEI. The rationale for the program was to comply with the United Nations sponsored Kyoto Protocol to reduce GHG emissions. The City of Spokane assumed that the United Nations IPCC made truthful statements about the effects of GHG emissions and especially carbon dioxide emissions on the earth’s climate. We now know without a shadow of doubt that the UN IPCC lied and is still lying about the effects of our carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions on climate.


More Land Declared Off-Limits to People

By Vern Westgate, 4/28/2009 – The (misnamed) Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA) is a huge Northwest American land grab. It is being pushed through Congress as HR 980, and proposes that 24 million MORE acres of land (about 38,000 square miles) in five northwestern states be given over to the Wildland’s Project which will ultimately mean that human presence on the land is drastically reduced. Subcommittee hearings were held on May 5th, and the bill has been referred to three committees. Please take the time to learn of the full impact and text of this bill. When land is stolen so is our freedom.


Moving “California Forward” to Higher Taxes?

By James Anderson Merritt, 4/21/2009 – A group dedicated to reforming California government tested its taxation and revenue proposals before a supposedly “friendly audience” at a facilitated “Town Hall” consensus-building meeting in Santa Cruz in mid-March, 2009. They encountered surprising resistance, even from a room filled primarily with self-identified “liberals,” as it dawned on attendees that the proposals would at least grease the skids for higher taxes. Time will tell whether that resistance is echoed or amplified in subsequent meetings held in the Fresno area and Los Angeles.


California Backward?

By Andrea Sanchez, 4/21/2009 – Santa Cruz County Treasurer-Tax Collector Fred Keeley is at the helm of a movement to repeal Proposition 13 and the 2/3 voting supermajority required for tax increases. The mantra is crisis, crisis, crisis and the claim is that a new organization called "California Forward" can fix it. This use of crisis is meant to scare voters into agreeing to increased taxes.


No Need to Fight 1000 Battles

By Michael Shaw, 4/21/2009 – There are a thousand points of darkness that are now wafting upon us. What are Americans supposed to do, fight a thousand battles? No. If we understand how Sustainable Development operates, we can protect unalienable rights and individual liberty. Understand the philosophy behind Sustainable Development and know the importance of unalienable rights rather than settling for immediate self-serving solutions. That way we will not only avoid future battles, but we will also win!


HR 875 and SB 425 Threaten Farms, Ranches and Vegetable Gardens

By Leonard Galley, 4/1/2009 – Farmers, ranchers, and backyard gardeners, House Resolution 875 and Senate 425 are bad laws.  They are being promoted as “food safety” laws that in reality will drive the small farm and ranch right out of business.  [Note: denies these bills are a threat.  Snopes is not a reliable source for this type of information – the farmers in Klamath Falls, Oregon are.]  


Speeding Down the Fabian Freeway

By Michael Shaw, 3/25/2009 – How Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is paving the way:

The globalist movement adopted a Fabian socialist philosophy long ago. They are in their final push, racing in the open amidst the current chaos in order to take cover under a new and totalitarian political regime. The globalists’ control of the monetary system has given them control over the political system, the state-run academic system, most news and entertainment venues and more.


Native American Tracey Mease’s Story

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 3/25/2009 –

Tracey Mease is a Native American and true lineal Robinson Rancheria Tribe member as well as a citizen of the United States.  On
December 5, 2008, the leaders of the tribe disenrolled her and other selected members of the tribe without due process, equal protection, any hearing, or right to representation.  The question remains whether the U.S. federal courts, backed by the U.S. Constitution, will step in and protect Tracey’s rights. This would be a precedent-setting issue.


Are Local Issues Affecting Your Family, Home and Resources?

By Andrea Sanchez, 3/18/2009 –

Boulder Creek, CA: Troubled by local government decisions affecting your family, home and neighborhood? Wondering about the competency of agencies managing (controlling) water, housing and transportation?


Prominent physicist says we need more CO2

By Marc Marano, 3/2/2009 – Al Gore fired prominent physicist Dr. Will Happer in 1993 for disagreeing with Al—for telling Congress the truth.


Full Throttle Reverse – Reverse Engineering Civilization

By Vicky L. Davis, 2/24/2009 – I don’t know how many people took me seriously when I said that the world was being run by the Cult of Bucky (Buckminster Fuller), but I was very serious despite the fact that it sounds absurd. Actually, it’s not clear that the ideas of radical environmentalism as a framework for life on earth originated with Fuller, but if you want to understand to full measure of the insanity, watch his videos. Just google videos using his name and while you are listening to the videos, picture the world he had in mind because that’s the world that’s being created right now for your children.

First of all, you must understand that the federal reserve notes in your wallet only have the value that is assigned to them and by that I don’t mean $1.00 in the sense we normally understand it. Money is anything that is valued by the society. In primitive cultures, certain kinds of shells had value for trading so you can’t even say that gold and silver are the only items of value. They only have value if they are assigned value by the society and you can trade them for supplies you need.


Animal Services Out of Control

By Andrea Sanchez and Vern Westgate, 2/18/2009 – Residents of Santa Cruz County, California can rest assured that there are no holds barred when Animal Services encounter the ‘threat’ of domestic felines. One particular incident began when Fluffy, a shy, nervous, much loved pet of the Shaw family in Santa Cruz County, CA. became ill. Joanne, a member of Fluffy’s staff, (dogs have owners – cats have staff) was concerned. So Joanne contacted their longtime, trusted mobile veterinary team.


Liberty or Sustainable Development? – Part 2

By Michael Shaw, 2/17/2009 –

Chapter 2 of 13: The Decay of Liberty – An Illustration

The American culture is experiencing the consequences of declining individual responsibility and rising dependency. The genuine free trade principles that guide an honest economy have been abandoned.


The Unrepentant Sins Of The California Coastal Commission

What do the former mayors of Malibu and San Diego, a former member of the California Coastal Commission, and a former captain of the County of Los Angeles Fire Department have in common? In a soon-to-be released documentary film entitled “Sins of Commission”, these former public servants, along with several other aggrieved property owners, describe in painful detail the transformation of the California Coastal Commission as a protector of the environment into a radical bureaucratic monster.


Cloak of Green

By Rodney Stubbs, 1/15/2009 – In 1995, Elaine Dewar, an investigative reporter, published her book Cloak of Green. This book was written by Dewar to expose the overthrow of the government of Brazil in a bloodless coup. Today we see the same patterns occurring in the United States, as evidenced by the links included in this article to pages prepared and approved by the Obama transition team.


Rapanos Revisited

The Price Of Successfully Challenging The Federal Interpretation Of The Clean Water Act

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 1/15/2009 – In 2006 I wrote about the United States Supreme Court rendering its highly anticipated decision in John Rapanos v. United States. The issue was whether the term “waters of the United States” as used in the Clean Water Act included wetlands on private property not directly abutting navigable waters.

Of particular interest was the effect that the Court’s two newest members, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, might have on the course of our nation––particularly in the area of private property rights.


Why We MUST Invoke Our Individual Rights—Now

By Genevieve LaGreca, 12/3/2008 – America today is a nation in trouble. The great fortress of liberty, the country of the most productive, prosperous, and happy people in the world is in grave danger. America is under siege by the Dark Side, the forces of statism, while its Knights of Liberty are disarmed, demoralized, and suffering near-fatal wounds.

The country that once elected leaders whose ideas upheld liberty now elects leaders whose sweet-sounding platitudes and woozy promises are all that is required; and whose actual, dangerous ideas need not be examined until after Election Day.


Yukon to Yellowstone: Concern is our animal “cousins”??

By Vern Westgate, 12/1/2008 – Here is an example of the impact environmental activists have on our constitutionally protected private property rights. They come at us under the guise of “fixing” an issue by creating a “local” or “regional” body to control individual property rights. The error in their thinking is that they are promoting the “common good” in the same manner and for the same reasons that the United Nations attacks private property.


Local Government’s Permit Policies Cost Taxpayers

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 11/19/2008 – It is seldom that we find a community so devastated by a lawsuit that it faces bankruptcy. It is even more unusual to see the exposure potentially repeat itself in a similarly explosive lawsuit. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case in San Mateo County.

In January, I published a Viewpoint article about the case of Joyce Yamagiwa, Trustee v. City of Half Moon Bay. The City of Half Moon Bay had prohibited development on a 24-acre parcel because the parcel was determined to constitute wetlands. The California Coastal Act prohibits residential development on wetlands. However, the California and United States Constitutions mandate the payment of just compensation for the taking or damaging of private property for public use.


Restoring the Heart of America: American Crisis Newsletter Part 1

By Clyde Cleveland, 11/7/2008 – At the end of 1776 Thomas Paine wrote a series of articles entitled "American Crisis." This series played a critical role in saving the Revolutionary war against the British. Most of the British officers returned home for the winter thinking that the war was over. It was a very bleak time for the colonial army after their humiliating loss in New York. Most of the troops went home for the winter, and those that stayed were freezing and starving. Many defected to the British.

Paine’s first letter in the American Crisis series shifted the public awareness, and troops enlisted and people donated essential materials. Paine’s articles made a major impact.


How Global Governance Emerged

By Henry Lamb, 10/26/2008 – October 24 was U.N. day, celebrated by many as the birthday of the United Nations. In its 63 years of operation, it has spent untold billions of dollars in its quest to create global governance. Its goal is almost in its grasp. European leaders are pushing for a summit meeting with President Bush to create a new global “central bank,” with the authority to control global monetary policy in much the same way U.S. monetary policy is controlled by the Federal Reserve.


U.S. Set to Take Coloradans Land Without Compensation

By Fred Kelly Grant, 10/28/2008 – At this very hour, Colorado landowners are fighting to prevent the United States federal government from taking their land. Ignored by the mass media, hundreds of farmers and ranchers in southeastern Colorado are facing loss of their property at the hands of the IRS. They are victims of “conservation easements” promoted by federal and state governments, land trust companies, and conservation groups.


Liberty or Sustainable Development?

Reinvention of Government – Part 1

I want you to know that the hard effort made by my fellow Local Santa Cruz Agenda 21 collaborators was noticed by important people in important places. Here is a letter on U.S. Congressional letterhead from my local Congressman Sam Farr. Sam Farr is Leon Panetta’s successor representing a district on the central coast of California. The letter was written to the Local Agenda 21 Committee.


Governor Vetoes California Real ID Act, For Now

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 10/7/2008 –

BILL NUMBER: SB 60 / VETOED DATE: 09/30/2008 / To the Members of the California State Senate:
I am returning Senate Bill 60 without my signature.


A Setting Sun?

By Marilyn Taylor, 10/2/2008 – Finally—after the long, hot summer without communiqué, the tension broke as the delegates emerged to publicize the fruition of their exhausting deliberation.  
A lady approached one of the delegates.  “What kind of a country have you given us, Mr. Franklin?” she asked.
In response, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, madame, if you can keep it.”


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

By Michael Shaw, 9/16/2008 – The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors is preparing to issue a water moratorium in South County on well drilling and new construction water hook ups. This action is a direct result of successful litigation that eliminated the Pajaro Valley’s illegal tax imposed on farmers for the water withdrawn from their own wells. The water agency now owes tens of millions in reimbursement that it cannot pay.


From California to Alabama – Code Enforcement has Become an Arm of Sustainable Development

9/15/2008 – Property owner, Paul Carrick rents modest homes to others on his Santa Cruz mountain-top property where he also lives. The Santa Cruz County Planning Department has ordered Carrick to destroy the homes. His title has been defaced by “red-tags” (building code violations) filed against his title. Carrick has refused to implement the destruction of his own property and has sued the county to rid his title of the “red-tags.”


An Attorney’s Advice Can Be Expensive

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 9/11/2008 – An attorney can expose a client to financial expense far exceeding the cost of the attorney’s representation. If an attorney makes arbitrary, capricious or irrational decisions causing financial damage to the opponent, costly litigation can be the result. Such was the case recently for Alameda County, California.



Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

By Michael Shaw, 9/11/2008 –

The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors is preparing to issue a water moratorium in South County on well drilling and new construction water hook ups. This action is a direct result of successful litigation that eliminated the Pajaro Valley’s illegal tax imposed on farmers for the water withdrawn from their own wells. The water agency now owes tens of millions in reimbursement that it cannot pay.


The Al Gore Video

By Vern Westgate, 9/8/2008 –

Check out the Al Gore video satire we posted called “Al’s Trick.” We know you won’t be fooled by Al’s move to take his man-made Global Warming issue to the next step: Al, and the globalists he fronts, believe they have acquired another way for the International Community to impose a world tax through “Carbon Credits”.


Fully Informed Jurors Need to Know of Jury Nullification

By Iloilo Marguerite Jones, 9/5/2008

Jury Rights Day

September 5, 2008 marked the 338th anniversary of when jurors refused
to convict William Penn of violating England’s Conventicle Acts,
despite clear evidence that he acted illegally by preaching a Quaker
sermon. In refusing to convict Penn, the jurors ignored what they knew
to be an unjust law. This is known as jury nullification.


Scientific Smackdown: Skeptics Voted The Clear Winners Against Global Warming Believers in Heated NY

Originally posted March 16, 2007 on the Ihnofe EPW Press Blog by Marc Morano

Just days before former Vice President Al Gore’s scheduled visit to testify about global warming before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, a high profile climate debate between prominent scientists Wednesday evening ended with global warming skeptics being voted the clear winner by a tough New York City before an audience of hundreds of people.


Growing Threat of Wildfire Government

By Lawrence K. Samuels, 8/22/2008 – There was a time when volunteer fire departments, paid fire fighters and local residents would work hand-in-hand to put out wildfires. It was an amenable relationship sharing hardships, goals and camaraderie.


Appellate Courts Playing God?

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 8/12/2008 – Is a court denying “due process” when it renders a decision in a proceeding based upon an issue which was neither raised nor briefed by any party to the proceeding? 


Refunds and Returns Policy

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Here’s why we fight: Why you need to become Vocal Local

By Vern Westgate, 6/24/2008 – When enough good people are educated and take action good things can happen. Here’s an excellent example:

Texans who are knowledgeable about their property rights and know they are founded in their unalienable rights took action. They actively opposed the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) road and rail system when they learned of this public/private partnership.


The Gestapo of the West – 8 Years Later

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 6/10/2008 – In June of 2000, I authored an article entitled Santa Cruz: The Gestapo of the Westthat pertained to certain improper land use policies of the City of Santa Cruz, including favoritism and selective enforcement. Since then, I have crossed paths with countless individuals who have fallen victim to the unconstitutional practices of the County of Santa Cruz which similarly merit public exposure. The greatest deprivation of constitutional rights is occurring within the County’s enforcement power.


Global Warming: The Big Lie, PPPs & The Crisis…

By Vern Westgate, 5/28/2008 – Freedom Advocate’s charter is to represent a cross-section of people from
all political parties and backgrounds who are united in the principles of
individual liberty, equal justice and the constitutional administration of
government. Life, liberty and property are threatened by the global warming issue.

The Big Lie: The notion that global warming is man-made is a big lie. 


Santa Cruz “Wildlands Project” Fire


By Michael Shaw, 5/24/2008 – Santa Cruz mountain residents awoke May 22, 2008 to a fast moving inferno that quickly spread to 3800 acres with no relief in sight. Growing gale winds fueled the fire. Steep ridges and dense redwood tree vegetation have created a largely inaccessible terrain. More than a dozen homes have burned to the ground. More losses are expected.


Code Enforcement Working to Abolish Private Property

By Andrea Sanchez, 5/22/2008 – Abusive building code enforcement policies were unanimously accepted by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, despite clear and steady opposition from the public. 


The Unalienable Right to Use and Enjoy One’s Property

By Michael Shaw, 5/14/2008 –

Private property is more than a "thing."  Your body, your thoughts and your actions obtain for you the benefits of various things, but it is the relationship between you and those things that form the essence of private property. Our forebearers recognized the idea and the ideal that every individual possesses unalienable rights. When this idea is respected it provides great advantages to individuals and society.


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Sam Farr Supports, then Denies Agenda 21

Sam Farr’s letter supporting, endorsing, and admitting that he’s personally implementing U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development throughout Monterey Bay.  Also a video of Sam Farr saying he doesn’t know what Agenda 21 is.  If there’s nothing to hide, why is Sam Farr hiding it?


Santa Cruz – The Gestapo of the West

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 4/24/2008 –

Summary: Known as the bastion of progressive liberal thinking, Santa Cruz, California  has become totalitarian in its approach to land use planning and property rights.  Those who curry favor get permits and those don’t get punished.


Is a Permanent Revolution Occurring? Part 1

4/23/2008 – Professor Steven Yates summarizes his several year assessment of Terry Hayfield’s provocative and well annotated political assessment of the philosophy, methodology and participants behind an American commitment to implement Trotsky’s description of "Permanent Revolution."  Is Hayfield onto the core analysis of contemporary political economics? Several relevant radio interviews with Hayfield or Yates are also in our radio archive.


Is a Permanent Revolution Occurring? Part 2

By Dr. Steven Yates, Ph.D., 4/22/2008 – In Part One, we saw that according to Terry L. Hayfield, independent researcher (over 30 years) into the nature of our economic reality and of the attack on our sovereign republic: “The Permanent Revolution is the continual process of war, revolution, and terror intended to facilitate the global proliferation of a specific and unified Anglo/British capitalism based on the precepts of the Fabian Society …” The Fabians may have been socialists, but they understood that “capitalism, socialism and communism are integral parts of the same perpetual procedure.” Global socialism, that is, cannot exist without global capitalism getting here first. 


Is the Permanent Revolution Occurring? Part 3

By Terry Hayfield, 4/21/2008 – I want to thank Steven Yates for presenting “my thesis” in a public-debate forum.  I also want to thank the Times Examiner for affording me the privilege of rebuttal.
My message is simple: The Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) is controlled by Capitalism and its resultant Permanent Revolution of Creative Destruction which is under the domination of the very influential Socialist ideology of England’s Fabian Society.  The RCC is radical in the sense the continued success of the Permanent Revolution of Creative Destruction (Globalization) will require an eventual end to the concept of National Sovereignty (a most radical concept indeed).


Contrived Sacrifice

By Center for Intelligent Growth, 4/11/2008 –

Have you ever bought a puzzle and discovered all the pieces were there – but there was no picture? The purpose of this article is to provide you with that “picture” and a look at both allies and opposition.

Consider the word “sacrifice”. Define this as voluntarily giving up something of value in hope of a return of greater value or for a higher purpose.

Report Cover Page

Are Scenic Byways Another Way to Steal Your Property Rights?

By Vern Westgate and Tim Nordell, 4/2/2008 –

What could sound more friendly and beneficial than Scenic Byways? It has the sound of bucolic, small town scenic back roads being preserved for those quiet drives. Like so many ‘good’ programs, this one can cost the holders of property their property rights.


Code Enforcement – Don’t Come Knocking on My Door

By Jamie Simone, 3/19/2008 –

Right now we don’t go knocking on doors,” said Planning Director Tom Burns. The ambiguity of this statement causes one to seriously question, “When exactly will they be pounding on my door?”


Sustainable Development’s Empiric Plan Of Action

3/17/2008 – Sustainable Development is the most extensive and broad ranging social engineering project ever undertaken. With respect to state, county and local political bodies, many have contracted their powers away. They applied for loans and grants that required “concessions.” Many times the concessions included authority over renewable natural resources and development. Those terms and concessions handed the scepter of power and ultimate authority over to the financier in perpetuity.


Ninth Circuit Resurrects Due Process Protections For Property Owners

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 3/11/2008 – Court warning to Planning officials — immunity lost!  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found a silver lining within a gray cloud. The Court applied the findings of the Supreme Court’s Lingle v. Chevron to eliminate government’s long-held defense regarding private property takings. The court ruled that government officials can no longer rely on the "substantially advances a legitimate state interest" defense when regulating property.


Taking the Initiative from the Legislature

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 2/19/2008 – In
1983 California voters passed an initiative requiring that the
legislative process be open to public review and comment. Since then
the legislature has modified the content of the open meeting law. The
state Constitution requires that all modifications to voter initiative
statutes be obtained through voter approval. Why don’t legislators
follow the law?


Personal Tax Liens Recorded Against Innocent Individuals

By Andrea Sanchez, 1/21/2008 – County government wrongly recorded personal tax liens against innocent residents of Felton, California. The liens make people chattel of the established system. 


The Cost of Wetlands in Half Moon Bay

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 1/18/2008 – The reaction of the Half Moon Bay City Council to the $36,795,000 judgment was a mixture of shock, mystification and dismay.  In addition to compensating Ms. Yamagiwa for the loss of private property, it is hoped that Chief Judge Walker’s opinion will remind all government decision makers to first ask the question:  “What about the Constitution?”


Principles of Equal Justice Encouraged by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

By Michael Shaw, 1/18/2008 – The recently decided Ninth Circuit case, Crown Point  vs. Sun Valley, illustrates the contrast between social justice and equal justice. Social justice relies on the establishment of  "civil law, " which is designed to expand government and its partners authority at the expense of individual liberty. Equal justice on the other hand respects individual rights and private property. The Crown Point case sets an example for equal justice.


Research Center

Agenda 21 – The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio (pdf) The final text of agreements negotiated by Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), 3-14 June 1992, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Agenda 21: Programme of Action for Sustainable Development, Rio Declaration On Environment and Development, Statement of Forest Principles, © United Nations, 1993 Full Booklet (294 pages)   The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide: An Introduction to Sustainable Development Planning by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), 1996 (pdf) From the 180-page Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide: "In June 1992, the United Nations Conference of Environment and Development adopted Agenda 21, the global action plan for sustainable development… The task of mobilizing and technically supporting Local Agenda 21 planning in these communities has been led by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and national associations of local government. Now, with further support of the International Development Research Centre and the United Nations Environment Programme, ICLEI is able to present the first worldwide documentation of Local Agenda 21 planning approaches, methods, and tools in this Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide." ICLEI Charter 2011 (pdf) ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, founded 1990 […]


Access Denied: Local Governments and the Open Meeting End-Run

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 1/7/2008 – LAFCO, a regional land-use agency made up of appointed members, holds secret meetings in violation of the law.


Agenda for the 21st Century Invades Australia

By Diane Ross, 1/7/2008 –

Australian leaders enforce Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by restricting private property use through policies like the "Native Vegetation Act." Public-private partnerships with willing corporations, councils, developers and others are used to advance the agenda. As a result, Australian businesses are becoming nationalized and private property is being abolished. Click here for a January 2010 radio broadcast with protesting farmer, Peter Spencer. Updates here.


Australia Water History

By Laurence Jones, 12/12/2007 –

Laurence Jones February 2009 update has been added to this history of water management in Queensland, Australia. Councils, regionalism, public/private partnerships and environmentalism have combined to destroy safe drinking water.


Water Reclamation Project Comes to Southern California

By Nelson LaPlante, 12/10/2007 –

Want a refreshing glass of recycled or reclaimed water? It may have recently been expelled by a stranger into a public toilet. 


Planning Department Bait and Switch

11/14/2007 – Deed restrictions, mandatory inspections, pre-enforcement and proactive enforcement exist under the banner of "streamlining" and "simplifying" the "permit reform" process. A continuation of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisor’s Hearing is April 15 2008.  [The link goes to Agenda Item 37, takes a long time to download and is at times inaccessible. See page 19 of the 126 page document.]


Burn Baby Burn

By Sandra F. Mitchell, 10/30/2007 – As forests have become legally "protected" from fire-fuel management the frequency and ferocity of infernos has dramatically increased. Has the Forest Service adopted a "make it burn" policy?


Daniel Boone vs. the Nanny State: The Nanny State is the Antithesis of America

By Genevieve LaGreca, 10/22/2007 – America was formed to set people free to run their own lives. Today,
our vastly expanded Nanny State looks after us. Is this a good thing?
Imagine you’re a pioneer of yesteryear. How would you fare with today’s
nanny on your back?



California Coastal Commission’s Preapproved Appeals: Convenience or Constitutional Concern?

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 10/9/2007 – The Coastal Commission skims legal and ethical practices to obtain results in processing appeals of development decisions. Commissioners pre-sign forms for acceptance of appeals. The practice has lead the Commission to shop for Commissioners sympathetic to land use restrictions. This process also results in increased power to staff.


After Decades of Abuse – The Challenge to Restore Property Rights in California

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 9/13/07 – Since 1993, California planning department officials have relied on the State’s "Landgate" decision for providing them confidence that they and their employers are immune from claims of abuse. This article describes the history, the relevant law and the legal attack on the Landgate precedent. Michael Shaw, President of Freedom Advocates is a plaintiff in both cases described in that attack.


“Visioning” – Know What You Are Getting Into

By Center for Intelligent Growth, 9/11/2007 –

Visioning processes, when used for land-use planning can be manipulated through peer and mentor pressure that can influence participants core beliefs. This highly influences the outcome of community consensus meetings.


North American Union – Fact or Fiction

By Henry Lamb, 8/22/2007 –

The Canada Summit has just concluded and it is important to know the facts.


London’s “Green Tax” Targets Vehicles with ‘Large’ Feet

By Nelson Laplante, 8/10/2007 –

The implementation of "green taxes" on automobiles in England is burgeoning under the false pretext that Co2 emissions cause global warming. This is an added example of the implementation of Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) which would have people all over the developed world, give up their cars for walking, biking and mass transit.


Wrong Day Rubbish Disposers

By Nelson LaPlante, 8/6/2007 – City councils across Great Britain use cameras to spy on their citizens in hopes of catching violators of environmental laws or those engaged in ‘antisocial’ behavior.


Transforming America: Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor in Context of Sustainable Development

Michael Shaw, President of Freedom Advocates made localized editions of the following presentation to audiences in central Wisconsin, Austin Texas, and at the Freedom 21 Conference in Dallas Texas during July 2007. Shaw’s presentation provides a focused assessment of globalist Sustainable policies designed to destroy American values and lifestyles.


San Francisco Judge Redefines The Word “TEXT” – To Prevent Referendum on Redevelopment

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 7/24/2007 – In May of 2006, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors added nearly 1,400 acres to the previously-existing 137-acre Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area. Concurrently, the Board authorized the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to undertake a variety of projects and activities to alleviate “blight” in the neighborhood. Local residents harbored myriad objections to the Plan.


Bureaucrat Bingo

By Freedom Advocates, 7/9/2007 – Don’t get bored – be creative. Enliven community "consensus" meetings and "visioning" workshops with bureaucrat bingo. Here’s a great example!


Sustainable Development and the Fraud of Managed “Free Trade”

By Vicky Davis, 6/18/2007 – The link between ‘free trade’ – or more correctly, the fraud of ‘free trade’ and environmentalism is the path to global communism and the redistribution of wealth. The plan is laid out in the Brundtland Report, published in the UN record in 1987.


Regionalism at the Local Level Strengthens European Union “Top-Down” Authority

6/14/2007 – England implements a path to merge with the European Union through the elimination of local county control. This process, called “regionalization” is being used all over the United States and in other countries as well. In England the origins of Regionalization can be traced to Fabian Socialists. It is no wonder the plan has made such an advance under the leadership of former Fabian Chairman, Tony Blair.


The Uses and Abuses of Conservation Easements

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 6/13/2007 – 20 years ago approximately 300,000 acres of land in the United States were subject to conservation easements donated to private, tax-exempt charitable trusts. Today, over 7,000,000 acres are so held, an almost 25-fold increase. This amount of acreage is in addition to the millions of acres held in trust by federal, state, and local governmental entities.


Sustainability in the Core of America’s Big Apple

By Nelson LaPlante, 6/13/2007 – New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is involved in Sustainable Public Private Partnerships that will result in increased fees and controls on New Yorkers.


Wolves in Our Backyard

By Mike Satren, 5/30/2007 – The deliberate "reintroduction" of aggressive gray wolves is causing conflict between environmentalists and multiple-use conservationists and changing how residents interact with their own surroundings.


Law of the Sea Treaty Headed Toward Ratification

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) gives the United Nation’s International Seabed Authority (ISA) control over 70% of the earth’s surface. 153 nations have already ratified the treaty. Henry Lamb has put together a 10 minute slide presentation on LOST. Watch it!


Foreign Interest in U.S. Highways

By Henry Lamb, 5/21/2007 –

What’s going on here? Why are government officials so eager to sell off our transportation infrastructure? Because it’s a win-win deal for everyone – except the people who pay taxes and use the highways. Governments get a pot full of cash up front, and the “public-private” partnerships get a long term cash-cow. The taxpayers and highway users get ______, well, you fill in the blank.


Giuliani Linked to “NAFTA Superhighway”

By Cliff Kincaid, 5/21/2007 –

Evidence shows that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and its associated "Superhighway," is being expanded without congressional approval or oversight as part of a plan to create an economic and political entity known as the North American Union (NAU).


New California Initiative Aims to Undo Kelo

5/16/2007 – On April 30, 2007, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association presented a new initiative to the Attorney General’s Office entitled the “California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act” to be voted on at the June 2008 election. It will reverse the eminent domain Kelo case for Californians by specifically defining “public use” as meaning use and ownership by a public agency for the public use stated at the time of the taking, such as roads, parks and public facilities.


Regionalism: Control the Water – Control the People

By Michael Shaw, 5/11/2007 –

Kevin Howe’s article Monterey Herald, dated March 1, 2007, discusses the water regionalization program for the Central Coast of California. In his article, Howe states, "If Monterey Bay water officials are looking for alternatives for ensuring regional water supply; they might start by deciding just what the ‘region’ is.


Follow the Money on TeenScreen: Psychological Testing in Schools

By EdWatch, 5/8/2007 – This is an enormous conflict of interest: National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) fronts for and is funded by drug companies as an "advocacy" group for the mentally ill; NAMI pushes government programs and grants that lead to the wildly increased use of dangerous, ineffective, and expensive drugs on children…


Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop Below 1 Billion

5/8/2007 – "Sea Shepherd founder says mankind is a ‘virus’ and we need to re-wild the planet." These sentiments are consistent with the environmental objectives contained in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the UN Global Biodiversity program.


Local Politicians vote “to Take” Use of Forested Parcels: No Compensation Expected

5/4/2007 – Most property owners affected by the Board of Supervisor’s future vote (May 22, 2007) to eliminate timbering on smaller (80 acre and less) forest lands have not been notified by Santa Cruz County of the plan to downzone their properties.This ordinance takes away current and future economic "use" of their properties, and also increases the risk of fire danger in the mountains.


Government’s Push to Use Ethanol is Merely a Fascist Ruse

By R.P. Adamson, Jr., 5/2/2007 – The demand for ethanol didn’t arise legitimately on the open market. The demand for an oxygenated fuel originated in the halls of government where a mandate could be passed to ensure such a demand. Furthermore, the taxpayer or end consumer is not only coerced to pay for the scam through subsidies and tariff enforcement but is also forced to pay the longer-term cost of wasted resources and engineering inefficiencies.


New “Clean Water” Legislation Redefines The Term “Navigable”

By Jim Beers, 5/2/2007 – The Clean Water Authority Restoration Act (CWARA) moves the Clean Water Act (CWA) beyond protecting wetlands and waterways, and creates legislation that would regulate nearly every wet area in the nation. This could include ditches, farm ponds and possibly groundwater. "Navigable" is the one little word deleted from the Clean Water Act.


U.S. Health Freedom on Verge of Collapse

By Byron J. Richards, 4/25/2007 – The World Health Organization and World Trade Organization (WHO/WTO) Codex Alimentarius, is attempting to put the vitamin and health supplement industry under the control of global pharmaceutical corporations. A Bill called the "Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act" (S1082), sponsored by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), is on the Senate floor. This bill, S1082 allows the global pharmaceutical corporations to further their monopolistic agendas.


Garbage Police: Red-Tagged Recyclables

By Wyatt Hull, 4/19/2007 – In America the garbage bins of domestic life are being inspected to assess what residents are throwing away and to fine those breaking recycling rules. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) monitoring and spy cameras are being installed at household rubbish dumps in Great Britain to monitor what residents are throwing away and to penalize those breaking the rules.


Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson

By Genevieve LaGreca, 4/13/2007 – Jefferson fought for a country in which the government had no power to encroach on the mind, the life, the liberty, or the property of the individual. He fought for a country in which the individual was unshackled for the first time in history and could live for the pursuit of his own happiness, instead of being a pawn in the hands of the state.


Turn the Lights On Gore and Strong

By Judi McLeod, 3/23/2007 – The latest ambition of Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth) and Maurice Strong (Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference where Agenda 21 was unveiled) is to ban the incandescent light bulb worldwide. At the UN 1992 conference, Maurice Strong said, “….current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”


North American Union – Range Magazine Special Report

3/23/2007 – The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the NAFTA Super Highway, and the "Amero" all combine to create The North American Union.


Warning to Homeowners as the Green Vision is Unveiled

3/14/2007 – Daily Mail reports that homeowners who refuse to make their properties energy efficient will face financial penalties under drastic government plans to transform Britain into the world’s first ‘green’ economy.


Global Warming Swindle

By Thomas Sowell, 3/16/2007 – While the public has been led to believe that "all" the leading scientists buy the global warming hysteria and the political agenda that goes with it, in fact the official reports from the United Nations or the National Academy of Sciences are written by bureaucrats — and then garnished with the names of leading scientists who were "consulted," but whose contrary conclusions have been ignored.


By Dr. Madeleine Cosman, 3/14/2007 – Sustainable Medicine is a body grab. Who owns your body? Who shall decide what is done or not done to your body? Who shall determine whether your life is worth living?


By Dr. Madeleine Cosman, 3/14/2007 – Sustainable Development is a private property land grab. It is justified in the name of global equity, overcoming economic disparities, and assuring global integrity of the environment. Sustainable Medicine is a body grab. It is justified in the name of achieving global medical equity, overcoming health disparities, and assuring an enduring global environment free of too many people.


Introducing The Biggest Scam in History – The Federal Reserve

By Norman Chenowith and Mary Jones, 3/13/2007 –

The Federal Reserve is not federal. The Federal Reserve is not a reserve. It is a consortium of international bankers who create United States money out of thin air and then charge the taxpayers interest, while they perpetuate their scam.


Political Regionalism and “Sustainable Development”

By Michael Shaw, 3/13/2007 – "Regionalizing” water enables the abolition of private property (which is an objective of Sustainable Development policy). Throughout the country, schemes are arranged to accomplish this goal. The central coast of California provides an example of a typical "regional" maneuver.


Appendix to Political Regionalism and “Sustainable Development”

This article is the subject appendix of Michael Shaw’s commentary on Monterey County, CA and the surrounding area’s emerging water policy.


The Global Safety Cult and the Abolition of Private Property

By William Roberts – Chapter Seven of Agenda 21 calls for the establishment of a “culture of safety.” All of Agenda 21, Chapter 7 is the expansion of UN Resolution 44/236 and the foundational material for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA’s) "Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Planning" programme that fails to provide safety and destroys liberty.


“Transportation Idle” May Split Voters — Again

By Wyatt Hull, 2/7/2007 –

Advertised as the results of months of public input at workshops held throughout the county, the TFTF Draft Plan reveals the Regional Transportation Commission’s continued agenda of imposing artificially structured choices upon Santa Cruz County citizens.


Global Warming Hypocrisy

By Henry Lamb, 2/5/2007 – In the last decade, billions and billions of dollars have been spent by governments and foundations on research and action programs related to global warming. In order for the bureaucracies, recipients of grant awards, and non-government organizations to continue to receive their funding, it is imperative that the global warming hysteria continue.


Declaration of Independence 2007

By Genevieve LaGreca, 1/31/2007 – With a new Congress convening, it’s time to recall the ideals of America as expressed by Thomas Jefferson in the American Declaration of Independence. This expression of the the Declaration is updated to reflect the current usurpations and threats we face. This writing makes an urgent call for our recently elected representatives to fulfill the promise of America envisioned by our Founders and for we, the people, to insist that they do.


Poisoning the Root of Freedom

By Michael Shaw, 12/18/2006 – The Santa Cruz County Planning Department and most recently the Santa Cruz County Superior Court system have again demonstrated that the environmental movement is: (1) merely a front for destruction of private property and the freedom that private property supports and (2) not committed to improving or “saving the environment.”


Pathfinder Parallels: UK and US “Smart Growth”

By Wyatt Hull, 12/15/2006 – Under a benign sounding program called “Pathfinder,” single-family houses in the United Kingdom are targets of the wrecking ball. The aggressive tactic of “public/private partner” redevelopment called “Smart Growth” (rails, trails and high-density housing) is occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. “Eminent domain” and “compulsory purchase order seizures” are on the rise but there is also hope in the form of successful individual resistance.


National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan

This brief commentary with indepth hyperlinks pertains to the Joint Management Plans, Regulations, and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.


Referenda-Proof Redevelopment: How San Francisco is Evading Challenges to the Bayview-Hunters Point

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 12/4/2006 – San Francisco policy-makers have stonewalled an entire community’s effort to have a say in what the Redevelopment Agency does to their neighborhood based on an alleged “procedural” defect in the referendum petition process. Although the petition had included a complete copy of the text of the proposed ordinance, it had failed to include the full text of no less than ten separate documents which had been incorporated by reference into the ordinance during the drafting phase. Unless this opinion is challenged, all citizens’ fundamental right of referenda in California will be in jeopardy.


Why United Nations Policy is a Clear and Present Danger

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 12/4/2006 –

People are misled by the words “United” and “Human Rights.” Divisiveness and anti-human policies prevail.  Many of our federal, state and local agencies are implementing policies that match these divisive anti-human policies. 


Maurice Strong – No Better Place to Hide Than China

By Judi McLeod, 8/2/2006 – Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil billionaire, was also the Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro where the unveiling of Agenda 21 occurred. He said, "….current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable."
May 13, 2010 Update from Judi McLeod here.


Transportation Fairy Wishes Away Your Car

By Citizen Sue, 10/24/2006 –

The "rehearsed" participants wanted to: regulate car drivers, raise gas taxes, increase parking costs and eliminate public parking. Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission facilitators leaned toward rail transit and away from cars.


Eminent Domain and Propaganda on Hollywood and Vine

By Carol Knapp and Valarie Stewart, 10/16/2006 – Private property advocates respond to Los Angeles Times’ missing coverage of the Hollywood & Vine eminent domain redevelopment controversy.


Historic Preservation Establishes Restrictions

Many locales promote historical societies, and pass ordinances that affect basic aesthetic choices, alterations and repairs of  privately-owned structures.


Quietly, Quietly Building a North American Union

By Dr. Steven Yates, P.h.D., 10/9/2006 – Modern day imperialists from powerful economic and political arenas guide the merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico. This is a must read for adults and teens.


What is Private Property?

By Michael Shaw, 10/3/2006 – Liberty Garden is a coastal oasis in Central California. It is a demonstration of how private property and ecological stewardship work hand in hand. There a former weed lot now supports a wild wonderland with a plethora of productive native plants, which in turn support an array of indigenous species. Liberty Garden proves that if people are free to create voluntary associations, the laws of economics and the consequence of stewardship will cause the earth to improve.


Hung Out to Dry by The Transportation Plan

By Nick Peros, 9/30/2006 –

Buckle your seat belts, put on your helmets and brace yourself for the most colossal transportation wreck in the history of Santa Cruz County. Responsible parties include the County Board of Supervisors, County Tax Collector Fred Keeley, highly paid consultant, Eileen Goodwin and the 100 “stakeholders” of the Transportation Funding Task Force of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission.


Coastal Commission Fails Attempt To Control Views From The Ocean

For over 30 years the California Coastal Commission has been overzealous in its attempts to control private property. In Dennis Schneider’s case the Coastal Commission attempted to impose unreasonable building conditions on his yet to be built house merely because it could seen from certain spots off-shore. This is an example of how power-grabbing agencies with non-elected officials attempt to destroy private property rights – one property at a time.


Aptos High School “crosses the line” with secret behavior control exercise

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 9/27/2006 – Aptos High School (AHS) violated the families of 360 students when it conducted a secret behavioral control exercise that compelled the students to publicly confess their sexual behaviors, personal thoughts, and family secrets, according to “Crossing the Line crosses the line” in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. AHS dismissed its violation of law and family autonomy as an “oversight” and expects the story to stop there. It doesn’t.


Regulations on Stream and River Wildlife Corridors – The Latest Attack on Property Rights

By Orlean Koehle, 8/1/2006 – Property owners need to make a bold statement and a firm stand – no more encroachments on our rights and “taking” of our land – not 200 ft, not 100 ft, not 50 ft, not even one foot!


Agenda 21 – What is it? How Did it Get Here?

7/27/2006 – "Agenda 21 and the United Nations" – Prepared for the Mises Institute Austrian Scholars Conference, March 16-18, 2006, Auburn, Alabama.


Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Operates Outside the Law

By Carol Knapp, 7/12/2006 – Several years ago the City of Los Angeles divided LA into Neighborhoods with Councils for the purpose of implementing Sustainable Development policies. Carol Knapp understands the implications of her neighborhood council, and has documented and filed a formal grievance against certain people and entities for their illegality and breach of public ethics. The patterns of LA are sweeping the Country.


Code Enforcement Falsely Subjects Widow to Red Tags

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 7/11/2006 – A true nightmare story of what can happen when you find yourself outside the political “inner circle.” A relative of a disgruntled employee told Hillary Falconer of Briarcliff Farm that she was going to report  Falconer to the county and other agencies.  Shortly thereafter, Briarcliff Farm was inspected by the enforcement unit of the Planning Department of the County of Santa Cruz.  And thus, the nightmare began! 

Santa Cruz "red-tagging" is an experiment in social engineering.  Those in favor with those in power get special treatment.  Those who are not in favor often end up with  alleged building code violations called "red tags."  This is not the story of a free America that has rights protected by the Constitution.  Rather, it portrays the “Gestapo of the West” where only the wealthy or those willing to commit their life savings or retirement funds have a chance to protect themselves.*


A Convenient Lie

By John Stossel, 7/5/2006 – "It’s the money!" says Dr. Baliunas. "Twenty-five billion dollars in government funding has been spent since 1990 to research global warming. If scientists and researchers were coming out releasing reports that global warming has little to do with man, and most to do with just how the planet works, there wouldn’t be as much money to study it." And the politicians would have one less excuse to take control of our lives.


Transportation Commission Hires Magic Wand for Social Engineering

By Joanne Nathan, 6/12/2006 –

Highly paid consultants and aspiring politicians facilitate transportation funding meetings that have predetermined outcomes. The people drawn from the community to attend these meetings are “just for show.”


The Consensus Process

By Henry Lamb, 1997 –

In communities across America, “stakeholder” councils are being formed, or have already been formed, to advance Agenda 21 to transform cities and towns into “sustainable communities.” The “consensus process” is used to gain the appearance of public support for the principles of sustainability, applied to a particular community. The process is designed to take the public policy- making function away from elected officials and place it in the hands of non-elected officials, while giving the appearance of broad public input into the decision-making process.


Neighborhood Councils – They are a Ploy

By Rauni Armbruster, 5/31/2006 – Many of the attorneys and volunteers dedicating time and energy toward neighborhood improvements actually have ulterior motivations.


Education for Sustainable Tyranny

By Michael Chapman, 5/9/2006 –

In this writing and in his galvanizing new DVD, education expert Michael Chapman, proves how the United States and UNESCO’s goals for education are one in the same. Chapman explains how programs like The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) have more to do with controlling the economy and society than sustaining the environment.


The New Ballot Box Land Grab

By Lawrence Samuels, 4/26/2006 – When does a voting majority ever have the right to take away legal property from another? According to one of the most renowned U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Robert H. Jackson, the answer is never. According to Jackson, "One’s right to life, liberty, and property, . . . and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no election."


Two Sides of One Coin

By Michael Shaw, 4/26/2006 – Why have Presidents from either party failed to protect American interests and why do they advance a globalist agenda that undermines America’s borders, trade interests and foundational principles? This short article by Michael Shaw explains why Americans do not have a pro-American party to choose from. Don’t expect the next GOP/DNC nominee to be any different.


Public-Private Partnerships, The Undermining of Free Enterprise, and the Emergence of “Soft Fascism”

By Dr. Steven Yates, 3/26/2006 –

"Sustainable Development: The Hidden Threat to Liberty" was presented to the Austrian Scholars Conference 2006, March 18, 2006 Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama. One of the presenters was Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Steven Yates.


Mayors: Global to Local?

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 2/13/2006 –

Responsible mayors are learning about Agenda 21, and examining its consequences to their constituents. Other mayors are wined and dined at conferences such as the New Cities Project, Conference of Mayors, League of Cities, The Sundance Summit and United Nations sponsored meetings for mayors, etc. Read the press briefs and articles demonstrating how globally-networked cities are evolving into Smart Growth/Sustainable Communities through global-to-local action. Smart Growth/Sustainable Communities work to eliminate private property and individual liberty.


Spreading the Information

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 2/13/2006 –

The Modesto Bee and Albert Segalla are spreading the word about Agenda 21. Mr. Segalla wrote this Letter to the Editor after listening to Daniel Beckett’s talk “What is Wrong with Sustainable Development?” during a presentation in Tuolumne County, California. Tuolumne County is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and includes a part of Yosemite National Park. Modesto is located in the Central Valley in Stanislaus County, California with a population of 200,000 people.


The Nature Conservancy – a Major Threat to Liberty

11/30/2005 – The Nature Conservancy is a beneficiary of a public/private partnership – the remake of the American economic system. As inside players in the Sustainable Development scam, the Nature Conservancy has harmed many lives. Public private partnerships scheme to implement the Wildlands Project in order to take global corporate control of land and resources.


Free Trade: The Myth and the Reality

By Dr. Steven Yates, 11/28/2005 –

Twisting the use and meaning of words (logical positivism) has become commonplace. One circumstance is the "new" meaning given to "free trade" by the inner core Sustainable Developers. Dr. Steven Yates describes how modern free trade agreements implement the opposite of free trade. The policy results in public/private partnerships that benefit operators of global corporate socialism while making free enterprise extinct.


How America Is Being Sovietized

By Michael Shaw and Edward Hudgins, October 5, 2005 –

An unrecognized threat to the liberty and prosperity of each American has spread throughout the country, taking root in every state and county. Its current and most serious manifestation was fashioned by an international organization with the explicit goal of replacing the autonomy of individuals over their own land with a collectivist control system that ultimately destroys the natural rights of each citizen. Its weapons for limiting liberty include councils that are similar to the institution of “soviets” that were pioneered by the communists who once controlled Russia. And yet most Americans see it as a well-meaning attempt to create a cleaner, better planet.


Smart Growth Parallels Russian Soviet Planning

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 11/3/2005 –

"…A new type of living quarters will be developed along the lines of uniting establishments for public use with residential units. This is the trend in many architectural projects represented at the USSR Exhibition of Urban Construction in the spring of 1960…"


Shelf Life: Smart Growth and Walnut Creek

By Camille Giglio, 10/31/2005 –

Residents of Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County, CA will "age graciously" and or "age in place" with the help of the non-profits, faith based groups, foundations and government health care planners according to a two year long planning process called: "Contra Costa for Every Generation."


New Urbanism: Exactly the Wrong Way to Rebuild After Katrina

By Michael Park, 10/26/2005 – With the current hurrican season in full bloom and Houston being threatened as I write this (Vern), it may be a good time to take another look at the "New Urbanists" ideas on community planning. The following were Michael Park’s thoughts when Katrina hit…

Summary: People without cars were far more likely to have perished in the Katrina disaster than those who could drive away. Mississippi officials want “New Urbanists” to design rebuilt communities without planning for functional automobile use. Who will suffer most?


Sustainable Trouble: The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America

By Michael Shaw, 10/26/2005 – The political targets of Sustainable Development include the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. The economic target is free enterprise and the ideals of private property. Justice becomes a fatality of this new order.


Moss Landing Harbor Boat Owners Fearful During Search

Summary: Last month the Monterey County Herald newspaper reported that Coast Guard search crews entered the Moss Landing Harbor in inflatable boats with machine guns mounted on their bows. Then, carrying M-16 rifles, they approached residents and boarded and searched their boats in the name of safety and "homeland security."


Automobility and Freedom

By Sam Kazman, 9/29/2005 –

Kazman explains that as convenient as driving may be, it is much, much more than that. It is a lovely activity, and a moral activity, and control over it is one of the last things you would want to give up to any government.


Stop Land Theft: “Reforming” the Endangered Species Act is Bogus

9/7/2005 – Despite what you might be hearing, the reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) will not foster respect for private property rights.


Michael Shaw Outlines the Need for a Redirected American Leadership

By Michael Shaw, 8/16/2005 –

At the concluding session of the 6th annual Freedom 21 conference, Michael Shaw characterized Sustainable Development as “the plan to create a global police state”, and he decried environmental scares as a fraud designed to cover up the Sustainable transformation of America’s systems of government, justice and economics.

Shaw challenged the audience to envision a coming era; “when Natural Law reigns, and the lands and resources are returned to citizen control, when free enterprise is regarded by the law. Then”, he said, “America will lead a global renaissance unimaginable today.”

Read his complete speech notes and view his power point illustrations.


The Cost of Sustainable Development

By Henry Lamb, 7/5/2005 – A briefing paper that discusses the threat Agenda 21 poses to the U.S. Constitution.


Setting the Table for a Manipulated Water Crisis – Felton’s Artificial Dialectic in Operation Now

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 6/30/2005 –

Summary Update 2009 – The town of Felton in Santa Cruz County continues to be in dilemma over water. Sustainable Development mercenaries gave the town an electoral “choice” for water controls: Heads insiders win; Tails the citizens lose! If only Felton residents had understood this back in 2005, today they would not be facing rate increases brought on by the phony “Friends of Locally Owned Water” (FLOW) group. FLOW now means government controlled water through the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.


A Shocking US Supreme Court Case

By Ronald A. Zumbrun, 6/13/2005 – On May 25 and with little or no press coverage, the Supreme Court delivered a huge blow to freedom. Citizens are no longer entitled to reasonable Due Process requirements for property right cases. The case, Lingle vs. Chevron fosters Sustainable Development policies.. The high court in this unanimous decision can no longer be said to be a protector of unalienable rights but instead has effectively adopted a political – economic system where rights are granted and rescinded by ruling edict. Saving the Republic will require an increasing public exposure of how the transformation of America is occurring. Apparently, the high court will not stand in the way of the globalist scheme to withdraw American’s freedom. The court has sanctioned, by this decision, the nation’s transformation of the economy from free enterprise to public/private partnerships. In doing that the court has abandoned Natural Law at its core.

In this review, Attorney Ronald A. Zumbrun, founder of the Pacific Legal Foundation and now of the Zumbrun law Firm in Sacramento California analyzes the shocking decision.


Here Comes the U.N. — Again!

By Henry Lamb, 6/30/2005 –

June 2005 Hollow Rock, Tenn. — United Nations biosphere reserves are being created across America through a little-known program called "Man and the Biosphere" (MAB).  A Biosphere Reserve is a massive land area divided into three zones:
core wilderness areas; buffer zones; and a transitional area. The plan
is to continually enlarge each of the zones. For example, The Southern
Appalachian MAB (SAMAB) was originally designated to be the Smoky
Mountains National Park, an area of 517,000 acres. It has now grown to
embrace an area stretching from near Birmingham, Alabama, to near
Roanoke, Virginia.


Region 2020 and Sustainable Indicators

By Don Casey, 6/29/2005 – Usually "Sustainable" programs are labeled by their proponents as "local". They are not. As Don Casey reports from Alabama, the program uses buzzwords that also appear in your community. America is being transformed into political "regions" via a sweet sounding stealth program that is being managed by global policy.


State Department Reports to U.N. on Status of US Implementation of Agenda 21

6/29/2005 – Are the change agents in your state still denying the existence of Agenda 21, calling it a "conspiracy theory"? Rich in links to federal, state, and other programs, the USA 2002 Report to the United Nations summarizes our "progress" in attaining the ominous objectives of Agenda 21.


What is a Soviet?

By Michael Shaw, 6/29/2005 –

People know that a soviet system of government is a dismal failure. A failure so bad, in fact, that it’s inconceivable to consider that soviet-style “change agents” might actually be Americans living and working in our own neighborhoods. Even worse, would be to discover that your smiling political leaders might also be “agents of change.”


The New World Order: Combining Transportation and Housing “Policy”

By Michael Shaw, 6/28/2005 –

Throughout America public/private partnership works to destroy neighborhoods at taxpayer expense.


A Tool Chest to Transform North Dakota

By Michael Shaw, 6/28/2005 – An axiom of political theory holds that the riches of all the people can be gathered up by simply blurring the boundaries of the people and by raiding the public treasury. Today, the public policy strategy designed to implement this goal is called Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development has become well established in communities from Santa Cruz to Bismarck and states including California and North Dakota.


Sketch of “Smart Growth” Aptos Village Plan

6/28/2005, Santa Cruz, CA — County Supervisor, Ellen Pirie released this sketch depicting the Aptos Village Plan. One can see very dense multi-story housing mixed with commercial development right at the edge of the railroad tracks. There is limited parking and residences don’t have garages.


The Truth About Conservation Easements: How They Take Away Your Rights

By Dan Byflield, 6/27/2005 – Smooth salesmen and lawyers representing land trusts, environmental organizations and government agencies are swooping down upon America’s beleaguered and highly regulated rural landowners. With a smile, some cash and a contract, America’s landowners are rapidly losing private control of natural resources. 


The Green Matrix, Weird Science – Think Global

By Diane Alden, 6/27/2005 – The green matrix is the network of connections in a worldwide political and economic agenda involving science in service to that agenda. It includes dabs of Eastern mysticism, Hegel and Marx and venture capitalism, as well as various world elite playing masters of the universe.


Vision 2025: Sustainable Development Comes to Greenville

"Vision" programs are everywhere. What are they and where did they come from? In short, a "vision plan" is a Sustainable Development program designed to transform a system of private property into collective land management and centralized government. Don’t be fooled by the smiles and cookies at your communities visioning sessions! Dr. Steven Yates reports from South Carolina.


The Necessity of Government

By David Kelley, 4/12/2005 – Political-economic theory in America is increasingly losing its compass. Sustainable Development activists promote policies of unlimited government intervention and many intellectuals promote the opposite side of the political spectrum – anarcho capitalism. This essay written in 1974 charts the course for a political-economic theory predicated on reason and logic – the necessity of limited government.


Communitarian Communities – Our New Government Housing

By Nancy Levant, 4/12/2005 – America’s new political system, Communitarianism, is up and operating in all 50 states, one new community at a time. These communities comprise of brand new housing, interconnected or very closely clustered single dwellings, nice walkways, not much grass, commons areas, security details…but there is much more to these communities than meets the eye much more.


State Dictates CDF Support for Federal HCP

3/24/2005 – In a stunning reversal California Department of Fire and Forestry (CDF)
Santa Cruz mountain Chief, Steve Wert announced that the department
would support the federal imposition of a Habitat Conservation Plan for
Santa Cruz county despite uncontroverted citizen input that such action
takes private property and will lead to worsening fire risks and
potential losses of human life.



Habitat Conservation Plan Adoption Slowed

3/24/2005 – California Department of Forestry Fire Chief Steve Wert called for a
citizen to replace Aptos-La Selva Fire Chief Gary Smith as chairman of
the County Fire Safe Council at the council’s recent meeting.


Local UN Agenda 21 Meets Resistance

3/24/2005 – Local UN Agenda 21 Meets Citizen Resistance

Feds driven out of County Fire Safe Council


Summary of Fire Safe Council, Habitat Conservation Plan for Santa Cruz County

By Michael Shaw 23 March 2005 Local UN Agenda 21 Meets Resistance Habitat Conservation Plan Adoption Slowed State Dictates CDF Support of Federal HCP


The Insanity of Celebrating Human Rights Day

By Michael Park, 2/23/2005 –

Some Santa Cruz County politicians celebrated the United Nation’s Human Rights Day with typical public deception. Papers were handed out that OMITTED a critical part of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.


What’s Behind “THE VISION” in Your Town?

By Susanna L. Jennings, 2/15/2005 – The visioning process includes: “values” research, how to run "facilitated" workshops and to how to use “consensus building” to create scenarios for area “change”. When public officials and NGOs (non-government organizations) use the term "visioning" it really means Agenda 21 principles are being implemented.


Environmentalist Propaganda for Kids

By Jay Lehr, Ph.D., 2/10/2005 – When textbooks preach Sustainable Development "science" rather than teaching the facts, children are being indoctrinated. Heartland’s Jay Lehr reviews the recently-released The Future of the Earth: An Introduction to Sustainable Development for Young Readers.


Just the Facts, Please! — The Ties Between Transportation and Housing in Santa Cruz County

By Michael Park, 1/28/2005 –

LA SELVA BEACH, CA — A handful of county government insiders posing as community service volunteers were vocal participants in a successful attempt to shut down Michael Park as he delivered a facts-based speech on local Smart Growth policies regarding transportation and housing to the La Selva Beach Improvement Association on October 21, 2004. Read the transcript and see for yourself what they didn’t want the public to know.


The Real Price of Wilderness Designation

By Chris Horgan, 10/13/2004 – Designated Wilderness is land where no mechanized use is allowed. It is severely restrictive.


An Open Letter to the King and His Game Keeper

By Thomas Paine –

As land around the country becomes swallowed up by the government and its partners through "habitat protection plans" the silence behind the science is deafening. The red-legged frog is another species used on the central coast in steal land and limit human action.


The California Performance Review: Devolving Constitutional Government in the Golden State

Susanna Lynton Jennings, 10/13/2004 –

"My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it… People need somebody to watch over them… Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave."

– Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. News & World Report, November 26, 1990


Community Plans Aim to Change Values

By Susanna L. Jennings, 10/13/2004 –

Community plans are specifically designed to reflect aesthetically the collective values they seek to impose — at the expense of individual expression and privacy.


Seeds of Change: Landowner Talks on Abundance Ecology

By Nancy Redwine –


"Liberty Garden proves that if people are free to create voluntary
associations, the laws of economics and the consequence of stewardship
will cause the earth to improve."

Michael Shaw, Abundance Ecologist


Community Planning – Case Study: Corralitos, California

By Susanna L. Jennings, 10/12/2004 –

In the name of "protecting" and "enhancing" our neighborhoods, community planners and local busybodies are fanning out all over the country to change our towns and neighborhoods. They call it "visioning".


A Citizen’s Analysis of Measure J

By Michael Shaw, 10/12/2004 –

It is ironic that "progressive" Santa Cruz politicians are neck deep in a right wing government/private partnership scam that destroys neighborhoods at taxpayer expense. A friend was right when he said it is like Russia — except that Lenin and Stalin were not this sophisticated.


Measure J Marries Transportation and Housing in Santa Cruz County

By Michael Park, 10/12/2004 –

Measure J proponents argue that Measure J will fund Highway 1 widening and alternative means of transportation projects. Opponents see the measure as an ineffective crutch to support an allegedly unsustainable car culture. Both sides fail to explain what this bond will truly accomplish.


Traffic Calming: A Nightmare for Americans

By Susanna L. Jennings, 10/4/2004 –

“Traffic calming devices” include lane reductions, planted median strips, corner bump-outs, cement roundabouts, speed bumps and chicanes occupying former parking spaces. They are all different types of hazardous obstacles — whose purpose is to delay you or discourage you from using your automobile. Traffic calming is not just physically hazardous. It harms our way of life as well.


Surrender to Wildfire

9/10/2004, SAN DIEGO, Calif. — What you haven’t heard about the San Diego Wildfires and how changed policies have destroyed lives, property and nature.


Future Theft

9/10/2004, KING COUNTY, Wash. — Are gardens and ecosystems mutually exlcusive? King County’s 65-10 rule denies future generations the American gardening tradition.


Pelosi and Others Promote Agenda 21 in Congress

By Michael Park, 9/10/2004 – Update to 2004 article: Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY), Nancy Pelosi and WM Broomfield (R-MI)  all use the term “Agenda 21” and “United Nations” on this CSPAN video at 11:43:30.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Though Congress never voted to support and implement Agenda 21 (aka Sustainable Development) — and its implementation has been accomplished through executive orders and the activities of NGOs — there is evidence that some representatives tried very hard to push it through early on.


Subverting the Constitution in High School

By Alan Caruba, 9/10/2004 – SOUTH ORANGE, New Jersey — The federal government has no business underwriting the publication of a book that deliberately subverts key elements of the US Constitution.


State Supreme Court Tells Santa Cruz County It’s Not Above the Law

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/4/2004 –

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Santa Cruz County government is once again admonished by a high court for abusing citizens.


One Step Closer to a Police State

By John W. Whitehead, 8/4/2004 –

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia. — In the pursuit of security, America has strayed far from the liberties envisioned by our founders. Will we stop now and reverse the trend?


Transit Villages are a Throwback to Medieval Society

By Michael Park, 8/3/2004 –

The transportation options available in feudal society are only quaint in hindsight. Smart Growth calls for a reversion to the limited mobility of the pre-automotive society.


Private Property and Ecological Health

6/15/2004 –  LA SELVA BEACH, Calif. — Michael Shaw is the owner and proprietor of Liberty Garden, where — using a program of seedbank management — he created a native plant oasis o­n the central coast of California. In this excerpt from his treatise “What is Private Property?”, Shaw explains that if people are free to create voluntary associations, the laws of economics and the consequence of stewardship will cause the earth to improve. “Private property and a healthy planet are inseparable,” Shaw says.


Agenda 21 — The Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development

Good article to read if you are new or have friends that are new to Sustainable Development!

By Daniel Beckett, 6/15/2004 –

In this straightforward exposé of Agenda 21 — the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development — Beckett examines the notion of “sustainability.” His conclusion: The American people need to be better informed so they understand that Sustainable Development is a pseudonym for centralized control over human life.


Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis?

WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/15/2004 – The American ideal assumes that self governance begins with the family. Fatherhood has been under a long-term attack in America. For some, the motive for this attack goes to the core of the battle about the role of government. Modern political philosophers understand that with the emergence of a global collective, the governing role of family diminishes as central government assumes the greater authority over marriage and children. Dr. Stephan Baskerville of Howard University examines how family law in America works to destroy family units and family authority.


The Wizardry Behind Fishery Management

Summary: FLORIDA — Like Dorothy’s Wizard, the main force driving the new paradigms in fishery management policy today have remained relatively hidden, cloaked in an obscure fog of distant international environmental policy meetings. It’s now past time to pull back the curtain and see exactly who is back there, writes Sid Preskitt.


The International Green Agenda

By Ivan Osorio, 6/15/2004 – WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nongovernmental organizations, especially environmental, play an increasingly important role in international politics. With the financial backing of major U.S. philanthropies, such as the Ford Foundation, environmental activists use United Nations forums and other international meetings to influence global trade and environmental policy.


“Fidel gives us candy”: Of Charettes, Visioning and Contrivance

By Wendall Cox, 6/14/2004 –

BELLEVILLE, Ill. — What can appear to be choices may very well be the result of manipulation or contrivance. Wendell Cox writes about the striking similarities between the "groupthink" tactics of Fidel Castro and the "visioning" processes that occur in urban development and regional planning exercises.


Sustainable Developers Invade Santa Cruz County

4/20/2004 –  Wildlands and Smart Growth programs are implemented through state and federal government agency directives. The Wildlands programs use government regulations to wrest control of rural lands away from private property owners. Smart Growth is a term used to describe high density commercial and residential development built within walking distance to rails and work. You will find similar programs developing in your community. It is not just property owners that are under attack. It is also your safety and freedom that is at stake.


Federal Agency Uses Fire Code to Attempt Land Grab

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) have two primary effects on the landscape; first, they prohibit the innovation that promotes ecological diversity and productivity, and second, they lead to an increased accumulation of fire fuel. Even the ostensible purpose of an HCP — environmental protection — is not served. The local adoption of an international fire code, called the Urban Wildand Intermix Code (UWIC), is the first step toward creating a countywide HCP.

Local citizen Nick Vrolyk makes clear to Santa Cruz County fire districts that their responsibility will change very dramatically from one of fire protection to one of facilitating the access to our private properties by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), under the auspices of fire protection. USFWS’s agenda is to look for and map endangered species and wildlife habitats.

One must look to the real purpose in order to understand the goal of Habitat Conservation Plans — they are part of a program designed to eliminate private property.


Learning Globally: U.N. Program Takes Root in U.S.

4/20/2004 – George Archibald reports on United Nations International Baccalaureate (IB) schools operating within the United States. UNESCO maintains that the IB curriculum promotes human rights, social justice and the need for "sustainable development".

Parents who send their children to these schools have a responsibility to understand that Article 29 Section 3 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights stands in sharp contrast to the essence of the American experiment. Under the United States Declaration of Independence each individual has an unalienable right to life, liberty and property. Under Article 29 section 3 of the United Nations Declaration for a new global order, man’s rights will not be unalienable, but rather decreed and rescinded by a ruling elite.


Sustainable Development or the Constitution — Which do you Choose?

By Michael Shaw, 4/20/2004 –

Achieving Abundance Ecology requires a direct relationship between man and the land, Abundance Ecologist Michael Shaw said in a presentation to the Trans-Heritage Association annual meeting and conference in Alpine Texas in May 2003. Shaw speaks from experience, having received acclaim for creating an ecological oasis from a weedy 75-acre parcel on the central coast of California — what he calls "Liberty Garden."

"To release the potential productivity and diversity of a landscape, an owner must be free to engage in rigorous disturbance, and free to pursue a reasoned and creative process of trial and error. This process would be suited to the choice of each individual and the uniqueness of each property," Shaw said. Read some key excerpts from Shaw’s presentation to the Trans-Texas Heritage Association.


How to Advance Individual Liberty and Equal Justice in Your Backyard

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 4/20/2004 –

What to Do About the Threat of Sustainable Development Summary: 8 helpful tips from Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates] to improve the impact of your local efforts.


Global Warming: Just the Facts, Please!

David R. Legates, 3/23/2004 – Some scientists say that mankind caused the warmest decade o­n record. David Legates, Director of the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Delaware, shows how the evidence says otherwise.


The Santa Cruz Housing Element: False Promises?

By Susanna L. Jennings, 3/3/2004 –

The people of Santa Cruz County truly believed in 1978 that by allowing the government to limit growth in the County, they would be able to preserve the small town character of the county that they loved. But, by giving the County apparently unlimited control over the free market and building permits, they have created the opposite situation.


Eight Ripoffs in Land Acquisitions by Oregon’s Non-profit Institutions

3/3/2004 –

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli proves that instead of conserving precious resources, fundraising efforts to acquire land for conservation are a ripoff to the taxpayer with no guarantee that the promised benefits will materialize.


Draft Housing Element Herds Residents into Dense Communities

By Colleen Shaw, 3/3/2004 –

Santa Cruz County officials claim that the Housing Element is necessary to solve a housing shortage problem, but once it is approved and goes into effect, residents will not have many of the common amenities now available. By this analysis, the only housing choice available to most families will be dense multi-family units with limited parking.


Resource Economics and Environmentalism

3/3/2004 –

Summary: Michael Park reviews an enlightening audio lecture by economist George Reisman.


Regional Governance is Here

By Henry Lamb, 3/3/2004 – Few people realize that regional commissions even exist, or the growing influence they have over the lives of ordinary people, by providing the mechanism through which appointed individuals, rather than elected officials, develop public policy. 


“New SAT” Presents Troubling Scenario

3/3/2004 – Students taking the new SAT will be required to report personal opinions on sensitive subjects – opinions that they may understandably wish to keep private, Charles Lewis argues. Will personal and political views be used to judge who can attend college?


Putting a Happy Face on Socialism

3/3/2004 – While Santa Cruz County is radical enough to call SD/A21 by name, neighboring Monterey County has a differently packaged program to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda 21 – an interactive, web-based, Community Planning Model.


Packard Foundation: Creating a Fiefdom on the California Central Coast

3/2/2004 – The United States has experienced an explosion in federal, state, and local regulations in recent years and it is not the result of elected officials responding to the expressed desires of their electors. Robert Eckert shows how the Packard Foundation and a host of other corporate global-government providers are busy working to regulate every aspect of our lives and the lives of our children.


The Philosophy of Liberty

By Ken Schoolland, 2/17/2004 –

This compelling Flash animation by Hawaii Pacific University Associate Professor Ken Schoolland portrays the sound principles of liberty upon which individuals and society flourish.  The legal, social and moral principles that guide a society based o­n individual liberty are simple indeed!


Environmental Dictatorship

2/6/2004 –

Congratulations to the citizens of Richland County, South Carolina, who understand that the position of Environmental Program Manager has more to do with ushering in a police state than the protection of the environment. Richland County citizens showed up, spoke out, and just said "NO" to the position. Doug Kendall describes the dictatorial powers and consequences to the people of Richland County had it been approved.


What Has Government Done to our Families?

By Allan Carlson, 2/5/2004 –

There are consequences when a country’s children are raised by the State. Allan Carlson examines the historical example of Swedish government education.


A Generation of Manipulation and Behavior Modification

By Michael Park, 2/5/2004 –

Since its founding in 1972, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission never intended to meet the transportation needs of residents. Rather, it has sought to shape their travel habits and manipulate their lives through behavior modification programs, the diversion of funds into fiscally irresponsible and largely unwanted alternative projects, and the intentional negligence of much-needed highway improvements.


Dulles Rail Project Will Make Congestion Worse, Lawsuit Claims

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 12/19/2003 –

Proposal "too expensive and illegally conceived"

FAIRFAX, Virginia — Noted constitutional lawyer Gilbert K. Davis filed suit on December 5th against the Commonwealth of Virginia and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to obtain an injunction prohibiting further advancement of the $4 billion Dulles rail project, which Davis contended is being moved forward in violation of the Virginia Public Private Transportation Act (PPTA) and its implementing guidelines.


F21SC Issue Statement: Government education system co-opting parental authority

By Michael Shaw, 11/24/2003 –

Issue: Many parents have allowed a government-mandated educational system to co-opt parental authority over their children.


Community Plans = Sustainable Scams

By Joanne Nathan, 11/24/2003 –

When you hear terms like, "Community Plans", "Town Plans" and "Village Plans"… take notice and take action!


Congressman Farr Makes the Rules

11/24/2003 – SUMMARY:
"…your proposal doesn’t make it affordable. It just benefits a lucky few and raises prices for the many. Your restrictions hurt the people you want to help, Sam."

Naval Post Graduate Professor and Hoover Institute Fellow David Henderson has a revealing discussion with Congressman Sam Farr over housing at Fort Ord, in Monterey, California.


Attack on Private Property Institutionalized

11/24/2003 –

In a powerful 50 minute presentation, abundance ecologist Michael Shaw described the nature, origin, structure and pace of the implementation of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 in Santa Cruz and across the nation to residents of Auburn, California. The presentation incorporated examples from the Sierras, including a proposed Auburn City Tree Ordinance that dictates what a homeowner can do with trees on their own two acre lot. A report from this event (from the Auburn Journal) follows, with annotation by Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates].


It’s Time to Snuff out the “Let it Burn” Idea

11/24/2003 – Pacific Legal Foundation Vice-President M. David Stirling explains how the Endangered Species Act is anti-environment and therefore anti-human. The devastation caused by the recent California fires exemplifies how such policies undermine life for humans, plants and wildlife. The "Let it Burn" attitude is more than disturbing when it emanates from a group called the "Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics".


Smart Growth Rolls Into Town On A Trolley

By Michael Park, 11/23/2003 –

Plans for Recreational Rail in Santa Cruz County raise a number of issues for the community, and with future plans for a full-blown Smart Growth project, authorities have not disclosed all of the details – nor the consequences to the lives of county residents.


Judging Janice Rogers Brown

By Harold Johnson and Timothy Sandefur, 11/23/2003 –

The credentials and character of Janice Brown are beyond dispute. In her jurisprudence, courts should function, first and last, as defenders of freedom, say Johnson and Sandefur in this article published during her judicial nomination hearings.


Social Predation 101: Now showing in classrooms near you

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 11/23/2003 –

In a tutorial showing teachers how to recruit and use students as activists, a former high school social studies teacher unwittingly exposes a model for social predation that is instituted in K-12 and college campuses across the USA. This is a must-read for anyone who has or knows children in a government school.


Do We Need Another Entity Telling Us How, Where to Live?

By Don Lively, 11/19/2003 –

Ask 100 people about “smart growth” and likely 99 will look blank or reply, “Sounds great!” — the desired response of proponents of this regional land use control measure. The following comments reflect concerns of smart growth-savvy citizens from both sides of the Bay — and portray implications every Contra Costa County resident should understand about the county-wide project called “Shaping Our Future-Contra Costa County” (SOF-CCC), generically labeled “smart growth.”


Sustainable Indoctrination: Local U.N. Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Education (Excerpts)

SUMMARY: Excerpts from "An Agenda 21 Report for Santa Cruz County Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Education". Includes: Your child is the prime target; Enlisting the government education system for indoctrination of your children; All subjects ripe for environmental indoctrination; Coming to your schools: all sustainable indocrintation all the time; Get with the program; The "Desired State" of education: getting along; Indoctrinational goals for your children; Sustainable indoctrination. [Note Headlines are editorial comments, emphasis added.]


Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Transportation (Excerpts)

SUMMARY: Unedited excerpts from "An Agenda 21 Report for Santa Cruz County Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Transportation". The headlines are editorial comments, includes: Your car, enemy of the people; Desired state: rebuild your neighborhood sans car; Plans for taxing your car, somebody has to pay for the unused government transportation system; A metropolitan transportation vision for rural Santa Cruz County.


Patriot Act: Global Connections

8/18/2003 – SUMMARY: Geopolitical Journalist Joan Peros shares what she’s learned at press conferences and meetings o­n the global stage, and exposes a connection between homeland security to an agenda for global governance.


Water District Educational Programs Promoting Behavior Modification

SUMMARY: Something seemed fishy in the San Lorenzo Water District when its Board of Directors introduced plans for using ratepayer fees to fund indoctrination programs. In this commentary, Lisa Rudnick presents the opposition to the Board’s actions, and exposes how the program may not only be a questionable use of ratepayer funds, but that it may be illegal.


Sanctuary Says YOU Are Primary Threat to Environment

According to the “Monterey Bay Begins o­n Your Street” brochure funded in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the primary culprit responsible for environmental threats to the sanctuary is “YOU!”


Getting to the Bottom of the Monterey Bay “National Marine Sanctuary”

O­n the surface, the Monterey Bay National Marine
Sanctuary seems like a good thing but "safeguarding" (enforcement) "goes
beyond protecting the resources within
its boundaries." Eleven major watersheds, from seashore to mountain
summit, encompass a 7,000 square mile landmass that is bigger than the
Sanctuary itself.


Sustainable Land Grabbers Use Mob-like Tactics Against Property Owners

By Kay J. McClanahan, 8/11/2003 –

When Kay McClanahan retired after being recognized as South Carolina Woman of the Year for her pioneering achievements as a forensic detective, she thought she’d settle down to farm the land she and her husband had spent a lifetime acquiring. But, someone else had a different plan for the McClanahan farm — and that plan didn’t include Mr. and Mrs. McClanahan.


Millions in Classroom Funds Embezzled by State Education Administrators, Media Silent

By Michael Shaw, 8/10/2003 –

While Santa Cruz County Schools wrestle with severe budget cuts, few have heard about a huge scandal in the state Department of Education that involved $20 million in fraud, $11 million of embezzled tax funds, harassment of whistleblowers, and a court order for Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin to personally pay damages to the whistleblowers. This Stockton Record story by Steve Wampler exposes something that is potentially more troubling than having an education system that is mismanaged by corrupt administrators who absconded with millions in public funds for themselves and their friends: the media, particularly in Santa Cruz County, seems to have been an active participant in covering up for the Eastin administration. While the author calls his story “Shame o­n Eastin,” it might be better called “Shame o­n us California voters” for failing to monitor fraudulent use of tax dollars meant for our children’s classrooms.


‘Smart-Growth’ Plan Riles Black Farmers

By John Berlau, 8/10/2003 –

After being freed from slavery in the 1860’s, Joe Neal’s great-grandfather bought 75 acres of wooded land and turned it into a fertile farmland that has been managed by Neal’s family for three generations. But, if Sustainable Development/Smart Growth planners get their way, Neal and his neighbors will lose their heritage in the name of "the environment". In this Insight story by John Berlau, you will see how the posterity of slavery has long fought for its freedom and rights, but today are faced with threats to their livelihood and property that that are greater than anything they’ve faced from segregationist politicians.

With the Sierra Club, and its government and non-government organization partners, being referred to as a "chapter of the KKK", Smart Growth may be threatening the rights of these citizens, but could ultimately change the political landscape of South Carolina. Santa Cruz residents will find an uncanny similarity between the Town and Country Plan that is threatening Neal’s property and the Santa Cruz Local Agenda 21 Action Plan that has guided our local planners since 1995.


WSAU Transcript: Biographies

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/1/2003 –

Biographies of the participants in WSAU’s Freedom 21 Sustainable Development Forum.


WSAU Transcript: Smart Growth Parts 3 & 4

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/1/2003 –

Panel and callers discuss: Cases where citizens have resisted, and defeated Sustainable Development / Smart Growth programs; Individual and property rights written into the Constitution; How Sustainable Development programs are being implemented by a soviet system — a system of councils that report to the "apex council".


WSAU Transcript: Smart Growth Part 2

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/1/2003 –

Panel discusses: How Smart Growth is designed to depopulate rural areas and transition human populations into high-density occupation zones; How Global organizations are gaining control of U.S. water resources; How Sustainable Development plans are being implemented by collectivist counsels outside of the democratic process; and Threats to Private Property in Santa Cruz, California, and throughout the USA.


WSAU Transcript: Smart Growth Part 1

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/1/2003 –

Panel introduces Smart Growth / Sustainable Development as a program that will eliminate private property, discusses the effect of Smart Growth policies in Santa Cruz County, and how significant changes to policy and society are being implemented without a vote from citizens.


WSAU Transcript: Wisconsin Residents Fear Santa Cruz Style Smart Growth Policy

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 8/1/2003 –

Sound off Central Wisconsin Radio Talk Show presented the Freedom 21 Forum o­n Smart Growth to AM 550 WSAU listeners o­n November 7, 2002. This exciting and informative show featured local Abundance Ecologist Michael Shaw and a national panel of Sustainable Development experts that included: Citizen Activist and Former Vice President of the Independent Truckers Association Bill Elmhorst, Memorial Medical Center Pharmacy Director Clark Palmer, and representatives from the Committee for Fairness In Law, Inc.


Nature Conservancy Under Investigation, Suspends Operations After Post Exposure

SUMMARY: The Nature Conservancy is coming under fire after the Washington Post described how the $3 billion environmental charity may have played loose with IRS laws to benefit supporters, including corporations that have paid millions in environmental fees. This story provides a comprehensive overview of how your taxes and donations have been used by The Nature Conservancy, provides links to the Washington Posts "Big Green" series and to a library of supplementary stories.


Landmark Calls for Probe into EPA Grants to Nature Conservancy

SUMMARY: Landmark Legal Foundation has asked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to investigate whether millions of dollars in agency grants to the Nature Conservancy and its state affiliates — the nation’s largest environmental organization with assets of more than $3 billion — were misused. The Foundation has also asked the agency to suspend current and future grant payments to the group pending the outcome of the investigation.


Post’s “Big Green” Series Hits a Nerve

SUMMARY: Liberty Matters News Service (5/22/03) — The Washington Post’s in-depth investigation of questionable land deals made by the giant green Nature Conservancy has kicked up a lot of dust. Joe Stevens and David Ottaway gathered reams of material and conducted exhaustive interviews that revealed the Conservancy may have been playing fast and loose with IRS rules governing the activities of charitable organizations.


It is Time for Straight Answers from the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

4/30/2003 – Ray AmRhein asks the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency "Who owns the groundwater in a farmer’s well" and finds the answers, and the agengy’s practices, violate the law — and the private property of Santa Cruz County residents. In this Watsonville Register-Pajaronian article (4/30/2003), AmRhein uses his 49 years of experience in water law to compare PVWMA practices with the law, and finds that "for over 10 years the [PVWMA] directors have been acting under the false premise that the state owns the water."


WorldNetDaily Reveals Plan for World Government through Councils

The United States stands as the "last major impediment to global governance", according to the May edition of’s magazine, Whistleblower Magazine. Of particular note for Santa Cruz County residents is that this renowned national publication specifically sites Santa Cruz as a ground-zero point for implementation of global government at a local level. This is groundbreaking research for a national publication. Spread the word…


Want to Protect the Earth? Then Protect Private Property!

5/23/2003 –

SUMMARY: Do we have to choose between protecting the environment and growing the economy? J. David Breemer from the Pacific Legal Foundation argues that we don’t. In fact, he says, "environmental improvements happen because of, not in spite of, private property and free enterprise."


Globalist Assault Against America Now Underway

By Henry Lamb, 5/23/2003 –

While the media spotlight is focused o­n the Security Council’s debate about rebuilding Iraq, the rest of the U.N. bureaucracy lumbers along toward its published goal of ruling the world. The Commission o­n Sustainable Development concluded two weeks of meetings in New York, o­n May 9. It was the 11th annual session of this U.N. body, created as a result of the 1992 U.N. Conference o­n Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of the Commission is to implement "Agenda 21."


Do We Have a Water Shortage in Santa Cruz County?

Santa Cruz County, California is in a rain zone that dumps approximately 978,000 gallons of water for each resident every year. The failure to implement even a basic water storage plan allows the water to flow unused into the ocean. Jack Ward researches the question “Do we have a water shortage in Santa Cruz County?”, and finds a resounding NO! “Has it occurred to anyone else that the major problems confronting Santa Cruz County are contrived and are caused by the same politicians that we entrusted to solve them?”


Collective Farming in the California Delta

5/23/2003 – SUMMARY: Sharon Votaw thought she and her husband had purchased a farm; but, they found a conglomeration of local, state, and international government and non-government agencies already had firm control.


Position Statement: Regionalization of Resources by Non-elected Administrators

5/23/2003 – A conglomeration of local and international government and non-government organizations groups are now in advanced stages of implementing programs that subjugate Santa Cruz County water use and citizen water rights to regional control by non-elected officials. This Freedom Advocates issue statement summarizes what we can do together to advance freedom and protect your private property.


Fishy Business in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District

By Jenna Moore, 5/22/2003 –

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District exceeds jurisdiction to promote water programs opposed to local public interest.


Global Warming Myth Debunked

By, 5/22/2003 – Will Chicken Little finally get the pink slip from “special interest” groups? Right. o­n the bright side: maybe the emperor doesn’t need clothes after all. This summary of Access to Energy research provides access to vital information you should know about the Global Warming myth, including a petition signed by 17,000 scientists opposed to the Kyoto protocols and the myth of human-caused global warming.


Rails Fails in San Jose, California

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 5/21/2003 –

When it comes to travel, Californians still want independence and freedom of choice. An endless barrage of expensive "expert studies" has failed to convince taxpayers to opt for collectivist models of transportation, yet road maintenance and infrastructure improvement have been "sidetracked" for 30 years. Why?


American National Sovereignty vs. UN “International Law”- Time for Congress to Vote

By Ron Paul, 4/30/2003 –

“Perhaps it’s time to stop trying to manipulate the UN, and start asserting our national sovereignty,” Representative Ron Paul told Congress in this April 29, 2003 speech. “Americans deserve to know how their representatives stand o­n the critical issue of American sovereignty.”


ESA: Flawed Law

4/28/2003 – Summary: The ESA has become a most effective tool in the hands of the preservationists and those intent on destroying the livelihoods of millions of Americans. T. R. Mader, Research Director for the Abundant Wildlife Society of North America tells how and offers solutions.


A Letter to the CATO Institute

SUMMARY: Excerpts from a letter to Cato Institute Director of Natural Resource Studies Jerry Taylor, from Michael Shaw regarding "Sustainable Development: A Dubious Solution in Search of a Problem."

"Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 is the ultimate collectivist design, and is therefore, more than dangerous. Fortunately, its underlying precepts are simple to understand and condemn. The challenge is in the exposure."


Wildlands Project Writ Large

By Henry Lamb, 3/3/2003 –

When Earth First! co-founder, Dave Foreman, first voiced his vision in 1990, of wolves and grizzly bears roaming, unmolested by humans, through unbroken wilderness from Mexico to Canada — many people laughed. The "Wildlands Project" is no longer a laughing matter. Nine bills have been introduced to expand wilderness in America and surround them with "primitive areas" in which human activity is severely limited. Dave Foreman’s vision should be rejected. Free people create free markets; neither can survive when the government owns the sources of production.


Sustainable Communities: Under Construction Everywhere

By Henry Lamb, 2/24/2003 –

Sustainable communities will ensure that individuals and nations pursue the future o­nly along the paths deemed "sustainable" by those self-appointed bureaucrats who think they know what is best for the world. [California’s Senate Bill SB 375 "Sustainable Communities Strategy" of 2008 follows this principle.]


What is “Unsustainable”?

By Freedom Advocates, 2/23/2003 –

The Global Biodiversity Assessment report directed by the United Nations Environment Programe (UNEP) calls for urgent action to reverse unsustainable effects on global biodiversity. The report is based on the false premise that “Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere.” In order to understand what is sustainable, one must understand what is not sustainable…


Sustainable Development in Santa Cruz County and Across the Country

By Nick Peros, 2/20/2003 – If there is a bedrock principle upon which our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our nation was constructed, it is this: "government is empowered by the Consent of the governed"… There are people among us in Santa Cruz County and other portions of the United States and other nations that believe this method of public policy development is obsolete.


“Smart Growth” is “Agenda 21”

By Henry Lamb, 2/20/2003 –

From one end of the country to the other, "Smart Growth" has become the politically-correct buzz-word to mask a variety of policy initiatives designed to bring about sustainable development of sustainable communities that will produce sustainable lifestyles – as determined by the authors and promoters of Agenda 21… Anything less is a major erosion of the first principle of freedom: legitimate government is empowered by the consent of the governed – not by the recommendations of Agenda 21, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, or by the "visions" on non-elected professionals, no matter how well-meaning they may be.



It will take increasing public awareness to restore our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The damage from Agenda 21, Sustainable Development policies is pervasive. We are experiencing: lack of respect by government for human dignity and natural law stressful living, rather than enjoying vital, flourishing, productive lives local, state and national governments implementing anti-liberty policies that originate outside the American form of government an engineered financial crisis and threatened viability of the dollar loss of jobs land-use restrictions leading to the abolition of private property limitations on parental authority within a system that emphasizes indoctrination over education “social justice” replacing the American system of equal justice People everywhere are recognizing our diminishing freedoms. The key to effective action is to understand and expose the root of our problem.