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Common Core: Education or Globalist Brainwashing?


In the same manner that Agenda 21 seeks to “reinvent” government and economic practice, Common Core is the reinvention of education. Think of it as the harmonization of principles, practices and goals in order to create a unified world according to United Nations’ dogma. Agenda 21 is implemented via “soft law” in communities around the world; in the same manner, Common Core skirts the prohibition of Federally mandated education curricula by offering it as a “voluntary” program. However, Common Core is a global education standard, produced by globalists who want to replicate their philosophies and practices into the young generation, to prepare them for a utopian future.

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Common Core is truly education without representation, surrendering curricula development to the globalist agenda. If parents and citizens are not successful in driving Common Core from our schools (and states), then the globalist conquest of our future will be complete. This is certainly not the future that most Americans want!

The additional resources below will provide more comprehensive information. If Common Core concerns you, then you should look for a local group to join, and if possible, work with them in a local action plan to resist the implementation in your community.