Political Regionalism and “Sustainable Development”

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March 13th, 2007 

“Regionalizing” water enables the abolition of private property (which is an objective of Sustainable Development policy). Throughout the country, schemes are arranged to accomplish this goal. The central coast of California provides an example of a typical “regional” maneuver.

Control the water – control the people.

Kevin Howe’s article from The Monterey Herald discusses the water regionalization program for the Central Coast of California. In his article, Howe states, “If Monterey Bay water officials are looking for alternatives for ensuring regional water supply, they might start by deciding just what the ‘region’ is.”

“Water regionalization” might sound benign, but the consequences that come as a result of political regionalism must be understood by freedom loving people or liberty will be trampled. Regionalization is the program being used to destroy traditional political boundaries and usher in a transformed system of governance that abolishes private property.

One thing is for certain; “regional” political systems are not consistent with the democratic Republic designed by this nation’s forefathers and defended by this nation’s earlier generations. As “change agents” advance the “Regional” water bureaucracy authority, we, the citizens, lose our check and balance on the executive branch of government. Rural landowners also lose their property right in water.

On his website, central coast Congressman Sam Farr extols the virtues of Sustainable Development’s “three E’s”. What the “three E’s” really mean is as follows:

Equity completes the conversion of our system of justice from equal justice to “social” justice

Economy means the conversion of the American system of free enterprise into the emerged global economic system of “public/private partnership.”

Environment is the political movement that values human beings as equal to or below the importance of nature’s elements including: animals, plants and rocks.

In this regionalization process, control of water on rural lands will transfer from landowners to multi-national corporate and/or government control agents. This enables globalist neo-conservative “water-masters” to begin their work in achieving centralized World Bank objectives which include severe limits on individual water use.

Get ready to live in stack’em and pack’em high-density “Smart Growth” commu-villages. Rural landowners, then suburban and other single family home dwellers, are and will become increasingly forced to join the accelerating densification of urban Americas subject to auto-use restrictions.

Many American rural areas are being ‘cleansed’ of people during regionalization processes. Regionalization is a core aspect of Sustainable Development. As one Sustainable Development activist proclaimed it will be “the people in cages with the animals looking in!”

To meet Sustainability goals, the human population needs to be reduced – perhaps you or people you love will be contributed to the ’cause’ of saving the earth from excessive numbers of human beings.

A wise woman, Charlotte Iserbyt, a former high ranking federal education department official wrote, simply, how and why: “Regionalism is Communism.” Regionalism is also the political method of economic Fascism.

Sustainable Development is the infrastructure and indoctrination program for transforming America from a democratic Republic, free person society, into a member of the fascist-communist order.

Michael Shaw

Freedom Advocate

Santa Cruz County

See Appendix for Monterey Herald publication – Regional Groups Grabble with Service Boundaries

Political Regionalism and “Sustainable Development” by Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw is President of FreedomAdvocates.org


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