Setting the Table for a Manipulated Water Crisis – Felton’s Artificial Dialectic in Operation Now

By Freedom Advocates Staff
June 30, 2005


Summary Update 2009 – The town of Felton in Santa Cruz County continues to be in dilemma over water. Sustainable Development mercenaries gave the town an electoral “choice” for water controls: Heads insiders win; Tails the citizens lose! If Felton residents had understood this back in 2005, today they would not be facing rate increases brought on by the phony “Friends of Locally Owned Water” (FLOW) group. FLOW now means government controlled water through San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Most of us have heard the expression, “Being on the HORNS OF A DILEMMA.” That situation can also be described as “being between a rock and a hard place.” The classical definition for the quote, “Being on the HORNS OF A DILEMMA,” is a forced choice between two very undesirable alternatives.

In Felton, located in Santa Cruz County there is an ongoing “horns of a dilemma” situation. One horn is Cal-Am which quietly bought the Felton water system in 2002. Cal-Am is a subsidiary of American Water Works which is actually owned by RWE, a German global corporation committed to a centralized and “privatized” water system in accordance with the centrally-controlled World Bank Water Policy.

Another horn is the Santa Cruz County government water authority’s “Integrated Water Plan”. The Integrated Water Plan involves several counties and its policies work to incrementally abolish private and independent water sources. Measures like W open the door for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District or the Soquel Creek Water District to gain control over water systems like Felton and San Andreas in order to further the county’s Integrated Water Plan.

Now here’s  the dilemma: The “choice” presented to voters in Felton is either Sustainable Development Globalist Cal Am or Sustainable Development Santa Cruz County Government. Either way, the citizenry will be controlled by the provisions of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 policies. Water will become scarce and expensive. Life in Felton will become more difficult.

But life in Felton will become more difficult even faster if Measure W passes. In that case the Felton homeowners will incur a substantial debt to fund a government buyout orchestrated by a government committed to Agenda 21 policies. If W passes citizens will find it nearly impossible to obtain community control. As it stands the homeowner finds himself wrapped up by a globalist Company in an adhesion contract operating under the Agenda 21 program, also a bad situation.

Those of us with children are used to “horns of a dilemma” questions, such as: “Would you rather have the mumps or the measles?” Most would answer, “I don’t like the limited choices you’ve given me; my choice is to be healthy!” The election in Felton asks the voter to choose between having the water controlled by government or by a government/corporate partnership. The answer is, “I don’t like the choices you have given me; my choice is to have the town control the town’s destiny.”

If the people of Felton want to truly own their water system and their destiny; they should hold off paying government and work to see Measure W fail. This would allow time to work toward acquiring the water system for the genuine benefit and local control of Felton residents. Don’t be fooled by FLOW (Friends of Locally Owned Water). Don’t allow your water to become “regionalized.”

Setting the Table for a Manipulated Water Crisis – Felton’s Artificial Dialectic in Operation Now by Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Staff

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