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Smart Grid: Controlling Energy


The modern implementation of Smart Grid is traced to 2009, when President Obama declared the nationwide initiative and pledged some $300 million of stimulus funds toward making it happen. The grants were doled out to utility companies around the nation in order to fund pilot projects in key market areas. There was no Congressional legislation that authorized Smart Grid.

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Smart Grid is an essential component to fulfill the U.N.’s dream of a “green economy.” In historical terms, their goal is Technocracy, not Democracy or any other form of government. Control over energy production and consumption was the defining requirement in order to implement historic Technocracy as seen in the 1930s. Even though the technology did not exist back then to accomplish this, it does exist today. If successfully implemented, Smart Grid will ultimately be used as a sledge-hammer to conform society to the globalist view of Agenda 21 and sustainable development.

The additional resources below will provide more comprehensive information. If Smart Grid concerns you, and it should, then you should look for a local group to join, and if possible, work with them in a local action plan to resist the implementation in your community.