Education Transformation

What Has Government Done to our Families?

February 5, 2004 | 0 Comments

By Allan Carlson, 2/5/2004 -

There are consequences when a country's children are raised by the State. Allan Carlson examines the historical example of Swedish government education.


Social Predation 101: Now showing in classrooms near you

November 23, 2003 | 0 Comments

By Freedom Advocates Staff, 11/23/2003 -

In a tutorial showing teachers how to recruit and use students as activists, a former high school social studies teacher unwittingly exposes a model for social predation that is instituted in K-12 and college campuses across the USA. This is a must-read for anyone who has or knows children in a government school.


Sustainable Indoctrination: Local U.N. Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Education (Excerpts)

November 17, 2003 | 0 Comments

SUMMARY: Excerpts from "An Agenda 21 Report for Santa Cruz County Local Agenda 21-Santa Cruz: Education". Includes: Your child is the prime target; Enlisting the government education system for indoctrination of your children; All subjects ripe for environmental indoctrination; Coming to your schools: all sustainable indocrintation all the time; Get with the program; The "Desired State" of education: getting along; Indoctrinational goals for your children; Sustainable indoctrination. [Note Headlines are editorial comments, emphasis added.]


Millions in Classroom Funds Embezzled by State Education Administrators, Media Silent

August 10, 2003 | 0 Comments

By Michael Shaw, 8/10/2003 -

While Santa Cruz County Schools wrestle with severe budget cuts, few have heard about a huge scandal in the state Department of Education that involved $20 million in fraud, $11 million of embezzled tax funds, harassment of whistleblowers, and a court order for Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin to personally pay damages to the whistleblowers. This Stockton Record story by Steve Wampler exposes something that is potentially more troubling than having an education system that is mismanaged by corrupt administrators who absconded with millions in public funds for themselves and their friends: the media, particularly in Santa Cruz County, seems to have been an active participant in covering up for the Eastin administration. While the author calls his story "Shame o­n Eastin," it might be better called "Shame o­n us California voters" for failing to monitor fraudulent use of tax dollars meant for our children's classrooms.

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