Contrived Sacrifice

By Center for Intelligent Growth
Posted on Freedom Advocates on April 11, 2008


Consider the word “contrived”. Define this as a thing intended to appear genuine and spontaneous but in reality is false, faux, planned or forced.

When combined into “Contrived Sacrifice,” you are asked or compelled to make a sacrifice as your contribution to a plan created by others. This plan is based on miscalculations or lies. The return for your sacrifice is often worse than nothing of value.

An example is increased gun control in Australia:

Much to their chagrin, one year after sacrificing their guns, Australian homicides involving firearms increased to unprecedented levels: up 300%. And they had given away the means to defend themselves…

As Contrived Sacrifice relates to private property, the genesis comes from the United Nation’s Vancouver Plan. In essence it states:

Private land ownership causes social injustice and is a major obstacle in the implementation of our agenda…all these problems are eliminated when land is controlled by a group that will use it in society’s best interests.

In other words, for the U.N. and supporters of this cause to achieve their agenda, private property rights in this country need to be shifted:

  • Away from the people, individuals or families,
  • And put under the control of someone else, government or an organization.

This is in absolute opposition to the founding principles of our country – a fundamental reason for our Nation’s successes:

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the law of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”

This is exactly what is happening. At evidence is this:

  • The next significant step in the Contrived Sacrifice evolution came from the U.N. World Summit Conference in 1992.
  • This conference was dedicated to sustainable human interaction with the environment through sustainable development.

Sustainable in this context is defined as:

“….all nations will share the world’s resources equally…and that global living standards must be such that earth’s status quo will remain the same forever…”

Set aside the utter impossibility and arrogance of mankind’s ability to protect the earth from its natural cycles and this sets a lofty goal. That goal is to make all mankind equal in all respects.

Unfortunately for us; it’s far easier for ‘them’ to lower our standards of living than to raise everybody else’s… This is the precise intent of the agenda.

There is also the allusion that these rights must be given freely as sacrifices by enlightened and liberated people. This is a major hurdle in achieving and moving this agenda forward. Attribute this to the “precautionary principle” concept. This axiom has been adopted by most of what were once the world’s most just and freest governments. The precautionary principle now means that we are guilty before proven innocent.

Concepts like “do no harm” and “look before you leap” are at the roots of the adage that states: “If an action (or policy) might harm the public, in the absence of a scientific consensus that harm would not ensue, the burden of proof falls on those who would advocate taking the action”.

To move the agenda along: How do you scientifically prove that imposing severe government restrictions on the use of both public and private lands does not harm but actually helps mankind?

Here’s how. It’s surprisingly simple: You create scientific consensus stating that man’s use of natural resources threatens the health of the planet. For one, of many references, go to: You will find 19,000 scientists who disagree with the global warming alarmists.

This brings us to man-caused global warming also known as a ‘Green Herring’. Since the late 1990’s, we have been relentlessly bombarded with this hypothesis. Awarding an Oscar and Nobel Prize to Al Gore has boosted the credibility of the cause. Books, news media, cinema and TV programming aimed at adults and children constantly embrace this Green Herring. To the majority it is no longer theory but reality. In fact it has become a religion.

It is hard to think of a greater good than saving the planet as a tool to persuade individuals to sacrifice a few of their rights and privileges.

  • Can you come up with a more noble cause for true believers to champion?
  • Can you find a better cause for fervent crusaders?
  • For that matter, can you come up with a better plan to lower our standard of living and our standing in the world?

Because of this we are really up against an ‘Environmental Greehad’. This is the eco-fascist version of the Islamic term: a hostile campaign against nonbelievers.

This is not an area, city, county, state or national phenomenon. Its scope is global. This and other Green Herrings gave the aimless and/or misinformed activists what they sought: A better way with a righteous purpose.

They now have both a cause and the means to achieve it:

  • Guidance is provided by huge national and international organizations.
  • Most are non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and non-profits associated with United Nations principles. Here is a list of members: Note the length of the list and recognize that it grows.
  • The NGOs, non-profits and others supply playbooks and other significant resources to anyone interested in their cause.
  • This agenda, to some degree, is indoctrinated into virtually every facet of our daily lives.
  • More than 113 countries have wholly adopted the U.N.’s Contrived Sacrifice (a.k.a. “the Biological Diversity Treaty”. Also see “Kyoto”).

The U.S. Senate refused to adopt the Biodiversity Treaty in 1994. However, federal agencies, as well as state and local governments, are liberally and independently implementing a wide array of these policies for the alleged greater good.

Here we once again find ourselves as the last bastion of hope. How can we hope to defeat this monster?

We are in the right. Truth and the actions of our founding fathers are on our side. We have a powerful battlefront – our own backyards.

And we are not alone. There are individuals and organizations all over our country waging this war and winning. The vast majority of people involved in this fight are involved on a local level. In addition, we have regional, national and international help.

For example:

  • The Green Herring’s principal proof is the claim that earth’s historic hydrocarbon and temperature peaks and valleys occur around the same time.
  • If increased carbon causes global warming and if industry produces gobs of hydrocarbons then man causes significant global warming, right?
  • Unfortunately for the “greehadists”, our allies exposed the inverse to be true.
  • They proved that temperature increases precede the “carbon” increases by about 800 years.
  • Thus global warming causes increased hydrocarbon production – not the other way around.
  • When hydrocarbons are not frozen, more stuff grows, goes through its life cycle and produces hydrocarbons upon consumption…
  • For this and other reasons, the entire global warming theory is crumbling–but its influence has not faded.

Note that while we use global warming as an example of one of the Green Herring twists here, it is but a part of the puzzle.

The major point we wish to make is that a generally unaware and often misled populace is being asked to believe that a few “minor” local, regional and national property reforms are in our best interests when they are indeed precisely the opposite.

This is a tool used by those seeking radical change. They often actively direct, drive and/or facilitate these slick global agendas. They are specifically designed to persuade us to agree to things that we would have considered outrageous previously.

Contrived Sacrifice as it relates to private property appears in a myriad of disguises. However, there are common denominators:

  • They always involve someone giving up something for a questionable greater purpose.
  • They tend to use keywords like sustainability, protection and/or preservation.
  • While many noble and forthright protections are forwarded, we must remain vigilant to prevail.
  • We all need to remain ever vigilant of every threat to our hard-won freedoms, rights and privileges.
  • If your reaction is: “They can’t do that!” beware. ‘They’ probably can – and have.

Due to major wins, most of us were able to ignore this issue for well over a decade. This is because some of our allies stood up before Congress in the mid-1990’s and prevented this agenda from being adopted into law. Other allies stopped the same agendas at local levels.

Over the last decade, our allies have refined a proven playbook of our own. This information is available to you.

The local stakes are ratcheting up now. We need to be vigilant in using these resources. Often all it takes to win is just knowing the facts and explaining them to those that do not know and who want to know. Our front line continues to help, fight and win…

But now, is the time for the second string to step up…

This article was based on a speech by a founder of The Center for Intelligent Growth with contributions from Vern Westgate. The Center for Intelligent Growth was formed in the mid-90’s and is located in the state of Arizona. You can contact them via email:

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