Global Warming Myth Debunked

May 22, 2003

Summary:  Will Chicken Little finally get the pink slip from “special interest” groups? Right. o­n the bright side: maybe the emperor doesn’t need clothes after all. This summary of Access to Energy research provides access to vital information you should know about the Global Warming myth, including a petition signed by 17,000 scientists opposed to the Kyoto protocols and the myth of human-caused global warming.

The Earth’s atmosphere has been warming for 300 years as it recovers from an unusually cold period. Temperatures are now at about the 3,000 year average. This is neither dangerous, nor it is caused by human activity. At, the Internet site that lists the names of more than 17,000 scientists who have signed our petition against the Kyoto protocols and the myth of human-caused global warming, the review paper “Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide” by A.B. Robinson, S.L. Balliunas, W. Soon, and Z.W. Robinson is reproduced along with 66 pertinent references to the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

This summarizes the relevant evidence. “Research published since that review was written has simply reinforced its discussions and conclusions. Human-caused global warming, if it exists at all, is clearly so slight that it has, so far, been undetectable by experiment and therefore poses no threat whatever to the environmental health of the Earth. The o­nly significant environmental effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is a marked increase in the populations of plants and animals – a beneficial environmental change.”

Access to Energy, November 2002, p. 1.

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