Introducing The Biggest Scam in History – The Federal Reserve

By Norman Chenowith and Mary Jones
Posted on Freedom Advocates on March 13, 2007 

The Federal Reserve is not federal. The Federal Reserve is not a reserve. It is a consortium of international bankers who create United States money out of thin air and then charge the taxpayers interest, while they perpetuate their scam.


Just in case you didn’t know the Federal Reserve is a private company of bankers with twelve branch banks that confiscate our money and they have been doing this for almost a hundred years. They are not part of the United States Government. Yet today they collect hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers every year…visit Mary Jones webpage to read more.


For additional resources on the Federal Reserve, read G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” and see Aaron Russo’s film “America: Freedom to Fascism.” (Both are available through Freedom¬†Advocates.)

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