UNsustainable Cartoons



UNsustainable Cartoons

By Barry Nathan

With Additional Commentary by Rosa Koire and Michael Shaw


The book addresses, through satirical cartoons, ridicule, caricature, exaggeration, humor and descriptive text, the oppressive entrenchment and agenda of a global bureaucracy. The foot soldiers of this agenda are generally unelected bureaucrats marching toward “The New World Order,” sometimes known as “Sustainable America” but essentially an outcome of  the “United Nations Smart Growth Agenda 21 Sustainable Development” program. While denying the validity of this program, and claiming only to be involved in benign and rational community redevelopment (“Communitarianism”) the American Planning Association (APA) is, in reality, implementing the identical policies of radical global human reorientation as expressed in Agenda 21. In order to define and clarify this as a serious and dangerous threat to freedom, words and pictures are used humorously, irreverently, simply, directly, and profoundly. A special target for lampoon in the book is the use of ‘designer jargon’ words such as ‘unsustainable’, ‘smart’, ‘consensus,’ ‘green’, which are, amongst many others, designed to neutralize opposition to the movement.

The objective of the book is to help citizens understand how they will become impacted by the soft tyranny and policies of activists under the guise of environmentalism.

The reader will become informed, through the medium of cartoon humor in a few words and pictures capturing the ironies and seriousness of the threat to freedom in an unconventional manner.

The book is comprised of 59 black and white cartoon illustrations, color cover plus 8 pages of descriptive text, 8 ½ x 11 portrait format.


“Barry Nathan’s UNsustainable Cartoons lampoons the environmental movement with heavy doses of brilliant, truthful sarcasm, and laugh out loud humor.”
— Brian Sussman, Bestselling Author

“Barry’s illustrations have had a significant impact on my ability to explain Smart Growth and Sustainability to the average citizen. They are powerful because they show clearly how people will be impacted by these utopian policies.”
— Mimi Steel, Bay Area Property Rights Activist

Paperback book, 59 pages

(c) 2012

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