The War on Reason


Audio: 8 hours of radio interviews on an 8-disc set

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8 hours of Radio Interviews and Presentations from the Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio Show

The War on Reason

America is being transformed from the land of the free to the land of the controlled via mechanisms that target the middle class. Knowing reality – the threat and the potential – is the foundation for restoring and preserving liberty.

Hosted by Michael Shaw, Freedom Advocates, with the following guests and topics:

Abolishing Private Property – Dr. Michael Coffman (2 hours)
Screening your Child for “Mental Health” – Dismantling the Family – Dr. Karen Effrem
Central Banking and Sustainable Tyranny – Dr. Edwin Vieira
The Permanent Revolution; the Rise of Global Corporate Socialism – Terry Hayfield
Fabian Socialism, Regionalizing England, and the European Union – Robert Theobald
The All Out War on Natural Law – Wiliam Roberts (2 hours)

Audio: 8-disc set

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