Agenda for the 21st Century Invades Australia

By Diane Ross
January 7, 2008 

Australian leaders enforce Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by restricting private property use through policies like the “Native Vegetation Act.” Public-private partnerships with willing corporations, councils, developers and others are used to advance the agenda. As a result, Australian businesses are becoming nationalized and private property is being abolished. Click here for a January 2010 radio broadcast with protesting farmer, Peter Spencer. Updates here.

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The vanguard implementation of Agenda 21 policies will pummel the Australian landscape. Leaders eager to enforce Agenda 21 encourage Public-Private Partnerships with willing corporations, developers and others. These alliances create nationalized businesses and erode private property ownership.

Environmental groups sanction and aid Agenda 21 policies. They are funded by organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation. Unsuspecting citizens are misled by buzz words such as:     

  • Sustainable Development
  • Smart Growth
  • Taking Care of the Planet
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • And other similar language

Following are reports from concerned Australians:

Australia Earth Dialogues July 2006

“Earth Dialogues” was held in Brisbane Australia in July 2006.  This was the first time the conference was held outside of Europe. Mikhail Gorbachev as the keynote speaker.

The theme was “A World Forum for Resource Management and Sustainable Development.” The event was chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev of Green Cross International and the Honorable Peter Beattie, Premier of Queensland. 

Speakers encouraged the audience, including many children, to “care for the environment.” In one session, children were taught to sing a song of praise for Gorbachev and Green Cross International.

The speakers promoted a “new vision” and a “new future.” These included:

  • Eco-friendly gardens
  • High rise development
  • Eco-friendly modes of transportation, e.g., eliminate cars, replace cars with bicycles, use buses, etc.
  • Create  “healthy cities.”

College and school teachers in attendance were very enthusiastic. Did they fail to understand that the candy coated offerings directly resulted from the 1992 Earth Summit which first advocated “Agenda 21/Sustainable Development?”

The children were encouraged to denounce national sovereignty and embrace a global government. The principal objectives were:

  • To accept the Earth Charter
  • Establish an Asian Pacific Region office of Green Cross International
  • And Implement International Law

There was no debate nor was contrary voice heard. People were shown pictures of the terrible disasters that destroy the environment. The Earth Charter was presented as the only solution to the “global environment crisis.”

The media downplayed the event by portraying it as an event for children. The Earth Dialogues goal is to create crises, then resolve them by taking control of water, land and business through International Laws and United Nations intervention.

Land Use

In 2001, the Constitution of Queensland was replaced with the New Queensland Constitution. It is being changed continually. It was lauded as the “new regime” by politicians in Parliament. In essence, the government of Queensland has been turned into a Corporation and is no longer a governing body. Their letterhead now reads the “Bigalow Corporation.” The government uses land as its wealth base and collateral.

Linda Hewitt, Vice Chair of Australian Beef Association: Upper Darling, stated that during October, 2007, several Queensland court cases in the High Court of Australia ruled to turn land ownership over to the State government. She suggests that Australia needs a Bill of Rights to protect the people and their property.

An American, who attempted to purchase property in California and especially in Santa Cruz County became so disillusioned with the bureaucracy and red tape. He investigated Australia, thinking it was the “new frontier” for freedom. After an internet search on “buying land in Western Australia,” he was shocked to find that Agenda 21 anti-private property policies were alive, well and moving full speed ahead in Australia.

He found “The Bush Brokers Manual”, a guide to buying, selling and owning Bush in Western Australia. He found that one can buy land, but can’t do anything with it.

Agenda 21 covenants decree that you cannot:

  • Divert water courses
  • Excavate for minerals
  • Cut native grass
  • Etc… without bureaucratic permission

 The Bush Brokers Manual” is a partnership between:

  •  World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature Australia, a  conservation organization with 5 million supporters
  • A network of more than 90 countries
  • Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (WA)
  • Soil and Land Conservation Council (WA)
  • With support by Environment Australia’s Bushcare Program under The Natural Heritage Trust

There are numerous reports of Community Planning and Comprehensive Plans such as the South East (SE) Queensland Regional Plan. This plan was established in April 2004 with continuing updates. It consists of layer on layer of bureaucracies whose goal is to reach “Smart State Vision.” They operate under policy headings such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Natural Resources
  • Urban Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Water Management
  • Integrated Transport

The objectives include:

  • Compact urban forms, high density housing with minimum impact on natural resources
  • Low levels of water usage, energy consumption and waste generation
  • High levels of reuse of natural resources and waste products
  • Buildings designed to maximize climatic benefits and reduce energy demand
  • Activity Centers focused around public transport hubs
  • An emphasis on biodiversity
  • Contain urban development within the “urban footprint”
  • Plans to support walking, cycling and public transport
  • Reduce dependence on private car travel.

An interesting note is that, according to the plan, the lack of full scientific certainty is not used as a reason for “postponing measures to prevent environmental degradation.” The Sustainable Development political agenda attacks and erodes the right to property.


The Federal Government is aggressively pursuing the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. The intent is to create a Public-Private Partnership to “privatize” the Basin’s water. Aggressive move to “privatize” government assets including water, started over 25 years ago.

The primary goal for privatizing water is to separate ownership of water from the land, then increase the price. This is profitable for government and the new partner (big money interests). Since “the less water there is, the more one can charge.” There is no incentive to expand water supplies. When government, companies and non-government organizations (NGOs) take over the water supply maintenance, repairs and upgrades become unreliable.

Another reason to shrink water supplies is to cut-off water allocations and divert ever increasing quantities into “environment flows.” The Murray Darling supplies 71% of irrigated crops and feeds 61% of Australians. This threatens the region’s economic state of the national food supply.

When land title was separated from water title:

  • Trading was allowed
  • Water prices escalated by 300%
  • Farmers were devastated

The Federal Government has not conducted a “social impact” study for new water legislation despite independent study warnings that small and medium-sized farms will be forced out of business by the price of water.

Treated Sewage Effluent into Drinking Water [See Laurence Jones’ Australia Water History for additional information]

The Queensland Premier, supported by the Prime Minister and Cabinet decided to force the introduction of treated sewage effluent into public drinking water. The Federal Government is supplying partial project funding. No long term health studies have been conducted on communities using treated sewage effluent. The Queensland State Government has been distributing misleading and incorrect information on this issue and failed to prevent using residents as guinea pigs.

Children, sick, aged and infirm persons are most at risk from water-borne pathogens and viruses. Citizens have not been informed that “direct” potable reuse, toilet pipe-to-tap pipe after treatment, is planned, not “indirect.” For “indirect” potable reuse, water travels through a dam or aquifer before entering your tap.

No long term health studies have been conducted on any community consuming treated sewage effluent. This effluent is sourced from hospitals, industry, homes and abattoirs. It is then indirectly or directly inserted into public drinking water supply mains in percentages ranging up to 100% in Queensland.

The Federal Government has been trying to introduce this concept since 1992.

UPDATE: Audio Peter Spencer – The Full Story Friday January 2010 Ben Fordham gives a comprehensive examination of Peter Spencer, urging Australians to support the rural activists campaign against clearing people off their own land and farms.

Agenda for the 21st Century Invades Australia by Diane Ross

Diane Ross was born and raised in South Africa and has been living in the United States for many years. She became sensitive to political issues at an early age and is currently focused on the rapid implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 in the USA and throughout the world.


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