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Medical Ethics: Standing Up for Informed Consent and the Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm

Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor and human rights champion, talks about what it looks like when the government holds hands with medicine and what is at stake if we do not respect individual rights and the oath to Do No Harm.  Watch Part One of the interview conducted by Stand For Health Freedom on their website here:


This website is an accumulation of research, information and material gathered by people working at the grass roots level for over 40 years. Though much of the content on is historical, the concepts remain.

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It will take increasing public awareness to restore our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The damage from Agenda 21, Sustainable Development policies is pervasive. People everywhere are recognizing our diminishing freedoms. The key to effective action is to understand and expose the root of our problem. Here are some foundational resources to start with:

The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America

Michael Shaw

With a locally tailored presentation Freedom Advocates President, Michael Shaw presents basic patterns and concepts relating to the Global to Local assault on unalienable rights and individual liberty. Shaw demonstrates how modern political mechanisms including COGs, international policies, and federal implementation of Agenda 21 are now being carried out in local communities. Learn how this occurs and what it is that you must do to turn the tide.

See The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America speech and video collection (22 locations) here.


Regionalism is Globalism is Sustainable Development is Agenda 21 is U.N. 2030 Agenda

Don’t let your locale become like California:


Connecting the Dots Radio: What Will the Globalists Do Now?

Connecting the Dots radio host Dan Happel of Montana interviews Dr. Michael Coffman and Michael Shaw. Coffman and Shaw discuss with Happel how the changing of the guard might affect Globalist strategies. Listen here:


See the Freedom Advocates Radio collection here.


Local Agenda 21 – Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz County: Local Agenda 21 Plan
Local Agenda 21 for Santa Cruz, California: “A Sustainable Community Action Plan – Our Agenda for the 21st Century” – Published by ACTION Santa Cruz County and the United Nations Association of Santa Cruz, September 1997.

Santa Cruz formally began implementing aspects of Agenda 21 through a voter initiative called “Measure C” and now uses many other names to implement this broad agenda.

Read Decade Of The Environment Referendum – Santa Cruz County Measure C Ordinance here.

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