Permit Road Congestion to Increase

December 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

By Freedom Advocates, 12/21/2016

The "Real Reason for New York City's Traffic Nightmare" shows parallels to earlier times in Santa Cruz, California. The common link connecting the policies of cities, big and small, east and west, is the implementation of Agenda 21, Chapter 7 - Human Settlements.

Henry Baker, Deputy Director of the Planning Department (circa 1972) told the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors that in order to gain public transit patronage, they would have to bait people with a carrot and discipline them with a stick. “Make it easy to use,” he said, “with reliable service and improved scheduling, and it will be attractive. But if that doesn’t work, make auto usage difficult, costly, and inconvenient. Permit road congestion to increase.” [emphasis added]

The quote above preceded the creation of Santa Cruz County, California's Transit Corridor Plan, which is designed to reduce lanes and cause road congestion to increase.

  1. Henry Baker told the Board of Supervisors in 1975: “Permit road congestion to increase; Do not build in anticipation of demand.”
  2. Linda Wilshusen wrote a letter to Supervisor Gary Patton in 1988, saying: “…’traffic management’ has very little to do with science and engineering and a lot to do with sociology, marketing and behavior modification, as well as land use, parking and fuel availability, demographics and the like.”
  3. Supervisor Ellen Pirie told the Aptos Chamber of Commerce in 2004: “If we add this [carpool] lane, then we have more possibilities, because then we have a way of getting people out of their cars.”

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Regionalism – The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

September 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Michael Shaw, 9/28/2013 -

Did you know that some of your local elected representatives are enabling a shadow government to evolve? These people promote the reinvention of government through their support of, and appointments to, “regional” boards that act like soviet councils. These councils are funded to implement Agenda 21. Federal tax dollars fuel their appeal, but your city and county representatives do not have to go along.


Transit Corridor Plans: Cramped Quarters and Limited Mobility

November 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Freedom Advocates, 11/30/2012 -

Henry Baker, Deputy Director of the Planning Department (circa 1972) told the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, “…make auto usage difficult, costly, and inconvenient. Permit road congestion to increase.” Santa Cruz provides a roadmap for what you can expect.


Overwhelming Public Opposition

June 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Texas TURF, 6/26/2012 -

The fix was in before a single citizen ever walked into the Bexar County San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting. The tumult and chaos surrounding transportation decision-makers in Bexar County, TX has hit a feverish pitch. The public testimony emailed into the board opposed the plan, 130-3, and the three in favor were area Chamber of Commerce organizations and industry shills..."The war against cars is alive and well in San Antonio. This fight has always been about who gets the pot of 'toll gold' at the end of the rainbow." -- Terri Hall


London’s “Green Tax” Targets Vehicles with ‘Large’ Feet

August 10, 2007 | 0 Comments

By Nelson Laplante, 8/10/2007 -

The implementation of "green taxes" on automobiles in England is burgeoning under the false pretext that Co2 emissions cause global warming. This is an added example of the implementation of Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) which would have people all over the developed world, give up their cars for walking, biking and mass transit.


Foreign Interest in U.S. Highways

May 21, 2007 | 0 Comments

By Henry Lamb, 5/21/2007 -

What’s going on here? Why are government officials so eager to sell off our transportation infrastructure? Because it’s a win-win deal for everyone - except the people who pay taxes and use the highways. Governments get a pot full of cash up front, and the “public-private” partnerships get a long term cash-cow. The taxpayers and highway users get ______, well, you fill in the blank.


Giuliani Linked to “NAFTA Superhighway”

May 21, 2007 | 0 Comments

By Cliff Kincaid, 5/21/2007 -

Evidence shows that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and its associated "Superhighway," is being expanded without congressional approval or oversight as part of a plan to create an economic and political entity known as the North American Union (NAU).


Transportation Fairy Wishes Away Your Car

October 24, 2006 | 0 Comments

By Citizen Sue, 10/24/2006 -

The "rehearsed" participants wanted to: regulate car drivers, raise gas taxes, increase parking costs and eliminate public parking. Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission facilitators leaned toward rail transit and away from cars.


Hung Out to Dry by The Transportation Plan

September 30, 2006 | 0 Comments

By Nick Peros, 9/30/2006 -

Buckle your seat belts, put on your helmets and brace yourself for the most colossal transportation wreck in the history of Santa Cruz County. Responsible parties include the County Board of Supervisors, County Tax Collector Fred Keeley, highly paid consultant, Eileen Goodwin and the 100 “stakeholders” of the Transportation Funding Task Force of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission.

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