Speeding Down the Fabian Freeway

25 March 2009

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How Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is paving the way:

The globalist movement adopted a Fabian socialist philosophy long ago. They are in their final push, racing in the open amidst the current chaos in order to take cover under a new and totalitarian political regime. The globalists’ control of the monetary system has given them control over the political system, the state-run academic system, most news and entertainment venues and more.

Our nation has been hijacked by an agenda that serves the interests of global bankers, multinational corporations including so-called NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and political elites. The consequences of Sustainable Development are designed to end any political recognition of an individual’s unalienable right to life, liberty and property.

Their goal is to create a one world government through the Action Plan of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. This U.N. initiative has been adopted as the official policy of the United States. Few, even those in government, understand its full nature or the extent of its policy, but all government agents effectively endorse its Action Plan.

Viewed broadly, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development includes three Action Plans:

  • Abolish Private Property. This is being advanced step by step through the Wildlands Project and through urban Smart Growth initiatives.
  • Educate global citizens. Our schools have been transformed. Recent grads are reported to evidence a majority support for global governance.
  • Population control and reduction. Many think we are moving closer toward Martial Law.

Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is based on Three E’s: Equity, Economics and Environment:

  • “Equity” means transforming America’s justice system from “Equal Justice” which is the system of law that recognizes the existence of each individual’s unalienable rights, to a system of “Social Justice” where rights are allocated based on group association. This negates the political recognition of unalienable rights recognized by the Declaration of Independence.
  • “Economics” means “Public/Private Partnerships” between government and business, including multinational corporations. This is economic fascism. This is a design to destroy free enterprise and abolish private property. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development also seeks economic equalization within and between nations. This “change” is accelerating.
  • “Environment” is not about protecting the public water, the air or your property from pollution caused by another. The true purpose of the environmental movement is to advance the equity and economic objectives of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

You need to understand that Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is designed to:

  • Reduce population dramatically and quickly.
  • Deny all people the right to live their own life.
  • Abolish private property.

There is very little time left to prevent this. We all must act to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The best preparation for “the change” is predicated on the idea that it is practical to prepare for the worst and work for the best.

You must take certain steps to prepare:

  • Eliminate or reduce debt. A debt-free home will dramatically increase your security if that is possible for you. Eliminate all personal debt such as credit card debt to avoid getting yourself into a situation where you become the chattel of your creditor or of the state. Personal debt is the most important form of debt to eliminate as you prepare.
  • Obtain commodity currency. Having a stock of silver and or gold will provide you with an ease of mind. This will assist your ability to facilitate trade when it may require a wheelbarrow of dollars to buy a loaf of bread.
  • Create or find access to food and water sources. Learn to grow a garden. Work with others so that alternate sources of food and water are prearranged. Have a supply of dehydrated foods to carry you through a difficult time.

Once prepared and informed, you will be ready to act on exposing the threat of Agends 21/Sustainable Development to others. Take action in the mutual interest of restoring and preserving freedom. Recognize unalienable rights.

With this information you can begin to prepare for the planned “change” and assume a role in defeating the grandest assault on human liberty ever devised.

In the end, the prospect for American survival and individual human freedom depends on defeating the Agenda 21/Sustainable Development philosophy and policy.

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  Sustainable Development:  Global to Local Action Plans

Inform yourself, your friends and relatives, and others to understand Sustainable Development.  Get your copy, or buy for bulk circulation in your community, these easy to read pamphlets.

Speeding Down the Fabian Freeway by Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw is a founder and is the president of FreedomAdvocates.org. Freedom Advocates is a tax exempt organization dedicated to restoring the political recognition of unalienable rights. We realize and document how the United Nations’ globalist program of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development infuses governments everywhere with their philosophy and policies. This system coordinates the establishment of world governance devoid of any political or legal recognition of the existence of unalienable rights.

Freedom Advocates publishes audio, visual and print material including well-circulated pamphlets used by persons committed to reverse America’s slide to oblivion. To receive our periodic report click here.

Further notes:

  • The old Trilateralist, Henry Kissinger, wrote in January 2009, “The nadir of the existing international financial system coincides with simultaneous political crises around the globe. The alternative to a new international financial order is chaos.”
  • Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy and philosophy poses a huge risk attendant to the accelerating defacement of the value of the dollar. Bailouts and credit freezes result in deflation on Main Street while we experience a massive distribution of fiat dollars to Wall Street insiders. This subjects the currency to the risk of hyperinflation. This underscores the imminent threat we face.
  • “Fiat” money is created out of thin air by globalist banking interests who control all central banking systems like our own Federal Reserve. Fiat money is then “loaned” at interest. The narrow cadre of the creators of this fiat money receive interest on all the money ever created under this system. Essentially the whole world now uses fiat money—for nearly 100 years in America and for 250 years in Great Britain. These are the people who fund the promotion of the globalist “New World” scheme labeled as “Agenda 21/Sustainable Development”.
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