Federal Agency Uses Fire Code to Attempt Land Grab

Posted on Freedom Advocates on April 20, 2004 

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Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) have two primary effects on the landscape; first, they prohibit the innovation that promotes ecological diversity and productivity, and second, they lead to an increased accumulation of fire fuel. Even the ostensible purpose of an HCP — environmental protection — is not served. The local adoption of an international fire code, called the Urban Wildand Intermix Code (UWIC), is the first step toward creating a countywide HCP.

Local citizen Nick Vrolyk makes clear to Santa Cruz County fire districts that their responsibility will change very dramatically from one of fire protection to one of facilitating the access to our private properties by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), under the auspices of fire protection. USFWS’s agenda is to look for and map endangered species and wildlife habitats. One must look to the real purpose in order to understand the goal of Habitat Conservation Plans — they are part of a program designed to eliminate private property.

Full text:

All Fire Districts & District Boards
In Santa Cruz County, CA

Regarding UWIC (Urban Wildland Intermix Code)

At your upcoming meetings you will be addressing the proposed addition of Chapter 7.93 to the Santa Cruz County Code. The addition of this code needs to be dropped, or at the very least postponed until the General Public has had an opportunity to evaluate the effect this new ordinance will have on people’s Private Property Rights.

This proposed new ordinance is the beginning of the process of implementing the HCP (Habitat Conservation Plan) which will clearly put you squarely in the middle of a very serious potential problem between the private property owner & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) – namely the real & dangerous potential for Taking of Private Property. Your responsibility very dramatically will change from one of fire protection to one of facilitating the access to our private properties by USFWS, under the auspices of Fire Protection. USFWS’s agenda is to look for & map Endangered Species & Wildlife Habitats. The Fire District should not be involved in this underhanded & devious operation.

There are so many private property owners who like myself welcome Fire Protection officials & staff because we know your agenda is to bring about excellent fire protection to us all. However, USFWS & their unrelenting determined pursuit of finding & mapping endangered species plants & habitats on private property are a source of extreme distrust, anger & hostility by many property owners. Why? Because ‘USFWS’ & ‘Endangered Species’ translates to many of us to be synonymous with that onerous ‘taking of private property’. We all know the horror stories. At this time USFWS does not have the right to enter our private properties. The proposed addition of Chapter 7.93 will give them that right, under your auspices & make you the enforcers of the ENDANGERED SPECIES PLANTS & HABITAT MANAGEMENT. This should never happen!

If it does happen, fire district personnel will no longer be welcome on my private property, & from my conversations with others, you may not be welcome on many private properties.

With the addition to Chapter 7.93, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service won’t need Gestapo tactics to accomplish their goals of searching and mapping our properties; they will (they think) enter our lands like a lamb, following the good shepherds of the fire districts.

We need to make these meetings worthwhile and look at modifying existing ordinances to meet the very legitimate concerns of FIRE PROTECTION.

Thank you for your attention to this letter.


Nick Vrolyk

PS: This letter is to be entered into the public record

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