Full Throttle Reverse – Reverse Engineering Civilization

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In the old world order, those printed pieces of paper you have in your wallet had value but with the financial market meltdown and the trillions of dollars created as bits in computers beginning with the dot.compost stock manipulation, corporate accounting fraud, trillions spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fraudulent subprime mortgages, the hundreds of billions of bailout money – followed by the hundreds of billions of “economic stimulus”, billions for private corporations like AIG – and their hands are out again – and another “economic stimulus” package waiting in the wings that will be just like the last one, what they have done is to destroy our financial system of currency. And we will never recover to our old system of currency because the people who are destroying our system are the same ones who are controlling the “bailout money” and implementing the new financial system. The new financial system of value for trading will be based on carbon.


Everybody knows about the World Bank’s plan for trading credits for reductions of CO2 emissions but I think few people really understand that the plan is for carbon credits to be the underlying basis of value for the world financial system. And why would they understand it? It’s completely and utterly insane. You have screw your head around backwards to even think of it. It is a world financial system based on reverse engineering of civilization – Full Throttle Reverse.


World Bank Carbon Trading Gets Off To An Explosive Start


“To put that figure in perspective, the entire US wheat crop in 2005 was valued at about 7.1 billion dollars,” said Karan Capoor, senior financial specialist at the World Bank and the report’s main author.


“The data makes it clear that carbon is now a financial commodity. Carbon is now priced and business managers take the carbon price into consideration along with other factors in making business decisions,” he said.


Capoor added: “But like other financial commodities, the events of the last two weeks in the EU ETS shows that markets can be volatile.”


The market is the brainchild of the Kyoto Protocol for controlling greenhouse-gas emissions — the carbon gases emitted mainly by burning oil, gas and coal that are driving perilous climate change.


Its backbone is the 25-nation EU’s ETS marketplace


And it’s such a relief for me to be able to say it – “Full Throttle Reverse” and to be able to describe what I mean by that. It’s been a picture in my mind for several years that I couldn’t put into words. It’s a picture of everything moving in reverse. The deconstruction of our government, our nation, our financial system, and deconstruction of our economic system that was based on building for life in an industrialized, modern country.


In the New World Order, there will be value in destroying life and destroying everything having to do with the old economy based on fossil fuels. Figuring out the fossil fuels part of it is easy – the hard part is understanding the destroying life part of it. Every living thing is carbon based. Carbon is the element that determines whether something is living or not. Regardless of how the carbon trading system is marketed, human and animal life are included and the reduction of carbon based life – life that emits CO2, will generate carbon credits which can be used to purchase items of necessity in the new system. The only thing I can say about the system is that it is perfectly, brilliantly evil because the system will be firmly in place before people even begin to understand what it’s about – assuming we are unable to stop them.


To get an idea of how this system will work, picture a national carbon bank with each societal unit having an account. A societal unit would be a family, a town, a state, etc. The CO2 emissions of that unit would be calculated and would be recorded on the negative side of the ledger. The productivity of the unit would then be calculated and entered on the plus side of the ledger. If the net is on the plus side, it’s all good. If the net is negative, then carbon credits must be purchased or obtained from someplace – or the unit must be dissolved. (Don’t blame me for this insanity – I’m just the messenger).


The relative worth side of the ledger would be a difficult thing to calculate because artists for example, often have no monetary worth. But they did think of a solution for this problem. The solution is the “Asset Based Community Development” concept. The concept and toolkit was developed at Northwestern University. The idea of ABCD is to inventory the non-tangible assets of the population within a community. The fact that ANYBODY would spend money on something like this should tell you how serious they are about the new system of valuation based on resource utilization.


Several years ago, a radio talk show host named Chris Gerner read a section of Joan Veon’s book, ‘Global Straight Jacket’ on something she learned about at a United Nations Women’s Conference in Beijing. The concept is called ‘Family Dependency Ratio’. You can listen to an audio clip of it HERE but basically it is a calculation of the value of your family based on your productivity relative to your utilization of the earth’s resources. The idea is that your family should be neutral or on the plus side. You don’t want to be negative in a system of values based carbon emissions.


Once you can wrap your head around that, you can then understand the purpose behind the NAIS animal tracking system. All living creatures must be tagged because in the carbon bank, each one of those animals has a negative value in the bank that must be offset by a credit.


After hearing Joan Veon’s description of the Ratio, I did some searching on the World Bank website for more information. I found a report that has the same kind of perverted thinking. The title of it is “Environment in Poverty Reduction Strategies and Poverty Reduction Support Credits’. The logic of this report is that if countries reduce poverty they will get money for development. That’s reverse logic. How would poor countries reduce poverty if they don’t get development dollars? You’d have to eliminate poor people and then you get development dollars. Being very blunt about it, the incentive is to murder poor people – and you will receive development dollars for doing it.


Another report I found is a draft version of the UN World Population Plan produced in 1994. I’m not sure if they ever voted on it but the principles of it are incorporated into UN Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development anyway.


Chapter III. Interrelationships Between Population, Sustained Economic Growth and Sustainable Development Page 9


A. Integrating population and development strategies


Basis For Action


3.1. The everyday activities of all human beings, communities and countries are interrelated with population change, patterns and levels of use of natural resources, the state of the environment, and the pace and quality of economic and social development. There is general agreement that persistent widespread poverty as well as serious social and gender inequities have significant influences on, and are in turn influenced by, demographic parameters such as population growth, structure and distribution. There is also general agreement that unsustainable consumption and production patterns are contributing to the unsustainable use of natural resources and environmental degradation as well as to the reinforcement of social inequities and of poverty with the above-mentioned consequences for demographic parameters. The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and Agenda 21, adopted by the international community at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, call for patterns of development that reflect the new understanding of these and other intersectoral linkages. Recognizing the longer-term realities and implications of current actions, the development challenge is to meet the needs of present generations and improve their quality of life without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


3.3. Sustainable development implies, inter alia, long-term sustainability in production and consumption relating to all economic activities including industry, energy, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transport, tourism and infrastructure in order to optimize ecologically sound resource use and minimize waste. Macroeconomic and sectoral policies have, however, rarely given due attention to population considerations. Explicitly integrating population into economic and development strategies will both speed up the pace of sustainable development and poverty alleviation and contribute to the achievement of population objectives and an improved quality of life of the population.




3.4. The objectives are to fully integrate population concerns into:


(a) Development strategies, planning, decision-making and resource allocation at all levels and in all regions, with the goal of meeting the needs, and improving the quality of life, of present and future generations;


(b) All aspects of development planning in order to promote social justice and to eradicate poverty through sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development.


I would very much like to be wrong about all of this because it’s terrifying to think that world leaders would even consider participating in something as insane as this system. But they are as this article on Africa shows. “World Bank’s Carbon Trading Plans Fail Africa”.


And when you fully understand the system, then you can also understand the plans to rebuild our infrastructure for “clean energy” and you should be able to understand the purpose of the nationalized medical records, the shift to a “wellness health care system” with triage of the chronically ill, the poor, the elderly and the disabled into the “special care” clinics staffed by 2nd rate providers with decision support computer systems. By definition, these populations are not sustainable in the carbon based system of relative value and the U.S. will earn credits for their elimination.


Vicky Davis


February 24, 2009


Vicky L. Davis was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer who spent 20 years designing and writing computer systems for large corporations and state and local governments. For 15 of those years, she worked as a Contractor, which gave her exposure to a wide variety of different businesses and their internal applications and operations. She has traveled extensively and has lived in nine states in the course of her life’s adventure. She maintains a website named <www.channelingreality.com where she posts documentation and analysis of political issues generally not covered in the mainstream media.


Note: (The link to The Cult of Bucky in the first paragraph takes you to The World Game of Chaos. It not only provides more explanation but is an excellent article. Vern)


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