Two Reviews on Global Warming Films – Just In Time For The Copenhagen Treaty

By Vern Westgate
Posted on Freedom Advocates on October 30, 2009

Man made Global Warming, as promoted by Al Gore and many others, is a fraud. The goal of those who push this lie is international taxation, power, and a shifting of sovereignty to a one-world government.

Here are two films (DVDs) that tell the truth of global warming. Al Gore used film to promote the lies of global warming in An Inconvenient Truth. Using films to refute Al’s message reaches the same audiences in a media they are receptive to.

The films are:

  1. Not Evil, Just WRONG
  2. Global Warming: Emerging Science and Understanding

You will find these films to be useful tools in countering and explaining the global warming lies at this critical time in history. Both films are professional, interesting documentaries that appeal to audiences from middle school to PhD-level scientists.

Not Evil, Just WRONG. On October 18, this film was debuted in 7,000 wide-spread locations throughout the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

This documentary was written and produced by Irish documentary film makers, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. The film is a direct response to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and his subsequent activities in furthering the global warming lie.

(You may have seen an encounter in the news last week wherein Phelim asked Al Gore about polar bear errors in An Inconvenient Truth at The Society of Environmental Journalist’s Conference. Phelim’s microphone was cut off and he was escorted out. You can read and see this at:

This film is based on a ruling by Mr. Justice Burton. He told London’s High Court that distributing the film without the guidance to counter its “one-sided” views breached education laws. His ruling alleged nine errors that had to be explained to school audiences.

For more on the British court’s findings and a list of the nine errors, go to BBC site:

As a result, children in the English school system were told of the nine errors in Gore’s one-sided propaganda film when it was shown. They were told that it was a political film, not science.

Children in most United States schools are shown Gore’s film as truth.

I found the film hard-hitting and factual. A strong mix of experts address and explain the issues they have with Gore’s flawed science and global warming advocates. We also meet a blue-collar family in an Indiana town and learn of the potential harm to them and their town if the local coal-fired power plant is shut down.

Then we follow the mother as she tries to get an ‘audience with King Al’. She finally drives a few hundred miles to (one of) his homes where she asks to see Al. She is allowed to leave her letter with an aide and is told that Al ‘was not in residence.’

The film does a good job of refuting many of Al Gore’s lies, as well as the lies in Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. We see and hear Al praising Rachel’s book and her legacy. We also see results of her true legacy in touching scenes of African children dying of malaria because DDT was banned.

I disagreed with two elements of the film; neither is a reason to not view the film.

I find the title, Not Evil, Just WRONG, to be too kind to Al Gore. He created and promotes a film that is far more than WRONG, it is evil. Global warming is being used by Al and many others to bring Global Government. It is a vital element of the Copenhagen Treaty and that makes it evil in my mind.

I found the “man-on-the-street” segment to be a distraction. In this film, a woman from the town of Vevey, Indiana tries to deliver a letter to Al Gore. The points it made (or missed making) diluted the film’s flow of scientific messages that refute global warming.

Since the film is anathema to Hollywood, distribution is via people like you and I who care about the truth. It was shown locally at the church I attend and sponsored by the local Patriot Tea Party. It was widely shown at a variety of locations in homes, rented halls, churches, and similar venues and sponsored by interested individuals and groups.

The website for the film is:

Global Warming: Emerging Science and Understanding

This film presents information with a tighter focus on information from a scientific viewpoint.

(Disclosure: You may purchase this DVD from our website store at:

Global Warming, Emerging Science and Understanding brings balance and perspective to the global warming debate. Dozens of respected scientists from all over the world explain new and emerging science about global warming. This DVD provides a clear and refreshing understanding of this important issue for ages 12 and up. It will hold the interest of students in middle/high school classrooms and adults who want to understand what emerging science is revealing.

You will learn that:

  • The earth may be in a cooling cycle, not warming.
  • A corrected NASA data error shows the 1930s to 1940s are the warmest period in the past 100 years in the US, not the 1990s and 2000s.
  • The “fingerprint” of greenhouse gas warming used in climate models does not match reality.
  • Why greenhouse warming cannot, and has not, caused more severe storms and hurricanes.
  • The sun may be the primary driver of warming.
  • More CO2 is very beneficial to the earth, including people.
  • And much, much more.

This film uses solid, credentialed scientists, analysts, and other experts. It uses a balanced tone that presents the truth in a manner that speaks to middle-school students yet holds the interest of advanced scientists.

The film is divided into three convenient lessons:

Lesson 1 (15:37 minutes). Overview of emerging science, past climate, temperature data errors, CO2/temperature relationships, and the huge effect of water vapor and clouds.

Lesson 2 (17:39 minutes). The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change CO2 warming fingerprint does not match reality, violent storms and hurricanes.

Lesson 3 (17:48 minutes). Melting icecaps and flooding, the role of the sun, the importance of CO2 for life and other benefits, and the true nature of science.

The host is Kristie Pelletier. She is pleasant and professional as she introduces and then summarizes the information for each lesson.

The information is presented very clearly, the graphics used are outstanding, and the narration is clear, understandable, and logical. Most of the narration is by the experts and scientists themselves and that adds credibility.

By breaking the film into three parts, you can stop and discuss it in segments. It is ideal for the classroom and discussion groups. If you wish, you can run it from start to finish.

An outstanding feature is the support provided by a website. It has supplemental material, lesson plans, and research links along with current global warming/climate-related news. Find this at:

This film is my first choice. Of the two, it is the better focused and presented from a scientific viewpoint. The graphics are stronger and I expect the information will resonate with most readers of Freedom Advocates’ website and printed materials.

The director and driving force behind this site and film is Dr. Michael S. Coffman. He holds BS in Forestry and MS in Biology degrees from Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff, and a Ph.D. in Forest Science at the University of Idaho at Moscow.

Dr. Coffman has extensive experience as a respected scientist and research ecologist. He led a multimillion dollar research effort in the effects of acid rain and global warming on ecosystems in the US, has authored several books, and produced numerous videos on environmentalism and the global agenda. He played a key role in stopping ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the U.S. Senate. (And that is a brief summary of his relevant background.)

Dr. Coffman is currently President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI) and Executive Director of Sovereignty International, Inc.


I believe everyone who comes to Freedom Advocates’ website for updates and the truth will benefit from seeing these films. But more important than that; I feel it is critical that school-age children, from middle school through college, see these films. Any child in public education is being propagandized by global warming poison. We need to share antidotes wherever possible.

Two Reviews on Global Warming Films – Just In Time For The Copenhagen Treaty by Vern Westgate

Vern Westgate edits and writes for Freedom Advocates. He lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

This article contains links to outside sources not controlled by Freedom Advocates and therefore are subject to change.

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