How to Advance Individual Liberty and Equal Justice in Your Backyard

By Freedom Advocates Staff
April 20, 2004

What to Do About the Threat of Sustainable Development Summary: 8 helpful tips from Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates] to improve the impact of your local efforts.

Full text:

  • Know the Constitution. Become
    reacquainted with the principles of our
    representative republic. Commit to securing
    the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
  • Respect the dignity of human life by
    respecting the rights of others to the use
    and enjoyment of their property – even if
    such activity does not advance your
    personal interests.
  • Understand and work to eliminate
    harmful indoctrination programs
    in the
    current government education system.
    Understand your educational alternatives.
  • Advance freedom locally:
    • Hold elected representatives directly
      accountable to the American Constitutional
      system of government that is
      currently being undermined by a
      consensus process with predetermined
    • Participate by investigating, researching,
      writing, and speaking out.
    • Support freedom advocacy groups and
      spread the spirit of liberty.
    • Do not let your local representatives take grant
      money or funding w/ strings attached.


  • Support the repeal of the Endangered
    Species Act
    . (The present ESA is the
    primary tool used to eliminate citizen
    ownership and management of America’s
    rural lands and natural resources.)
  • Stop contributing to Non-
    Governmental Organizations
    that are working to undermine the
    Constitution or who are promoting a global
    political agenda that is contrary to the
    principles of liberty.
  • Spread the word to your friends, family
    and associates about the existence and
    nature of Sustainable Development
    policies and programs that threaten private
    property and individual freedom.
  • Stay informed. From our homepage you can sign-up for Freedom Advocates news and information.

Download this flier to hand out! [PDF]

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