Michael Shaw Outlines the Need for a Redirected American Leadership

By Michael Shaw

Posted on August 16, 2005

At the concluding session of the 6th annual Freedom 21 conference, Michael Shaw characterized Sustainable Development as “the plan to create a global police state”, and he decried environmental scares as a fraud designed to cover up the Sustainable transformation of America’s systems of government, justice and economics.
Shaw challenged the audience to envision a coming era; “when Natural Law reigns, and the lands and resources are returned to citizen control, when free enterprise is regarded by the law. Then”, he said, “America will lead a global renaissance unimaginable today.”
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Notes and Outline – Freedom 21 (2005 – Reno)

Concluding session
Michael Shaw

Sustainable Trouble; Restoring Liberty


A. Sustainable Development is: The plan to make A Global Police State; big picture: confusion, dependency and division, then, revolution, war and terror; technology to monitor – everything; Wrenching transformation; I am not speaking to the spiritual dimension of Sustainable Development – this examination is ripe for theologians, religious leaders and students of the harmful cultural transformation that America and the world are undergoing. My focus is on political economics.

Sustainable Development is Fabian ideology. Fabian socialism is the formation of a political system operated by state controlled soviet styled councils and an economic system managed by Public/Private Partnerships. Public/Private Partnerships are arrangements between government and its favored insiders; Aristocrat Foundations, Non-Governmental Organizations, certain multinational corporations, compliant local business, many non–profits and other Sustainablegrant recipients. Free enterprise becomes extinguished under public private partnership. Corporate socialism rises.

The strength of Sustainable Tyranny is the management of a twisted left/right subterfuge. This subterfuge is also Sustainability’s vulnerability because when it is uncovered by the public, a fusion of interests between ordinary people will resurrect Liberty.

a. Sustainable Development transforms the premise;
result: each person managed by a globally directed, locally enforced comprehensive plan for the conduct of your life. Each person is subject to mandated responsibilities, without authority to determine the terms of one’s own life;

Sustainable Development’s policies shift America’s premise from Natural Law to legal positivism. Locke wrote:

“The state of nature has a Law of Nature to govern it, which obliges everyone: and Reason which is that Law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal [Natural Law is rooted in equal justice], and independent, no one ought to harm another in his Life, Health, Liberty or Possessions.”

Legal positivism is when all law is made by edict without regard to the higher order of law. It is rule by elitist. It is the negation of Natural Law and the surrender of 800 years of Anglo-American political and legal progress dating from the Magna Carta. Legal positivism in America is rapidly transforming the systems of government, justice and economics; Strategy of Sustainable Developers – Consensus Plans and mandated “voluntary” Best Management Practices designed to establish a web for controlling individual action – result, your life is not your own; Tactic – political infiltration, Fabian style Penetration and Permeation, the sorry game behind the making of artificial and false left/right divide.

i. The evidence and the consequence: Henry Lamb, others, conference presenters have demonstrated:

1. global governance has been created
– what that means;


Sustainable Development policy: Establishes a system of regional Soviets that hold your liberty hostage and extorts your property; Blurring boundaries while aiding the treasury allows the evil doer to gather the riches of all the people; Regionalism in England and the US – a new system of government, – a War on Reason;

2. Our health; inculcating a duty to die and global health standards that take life; Are you sustainable? Will your child be? What if a person is deemed compliant? What will life become?

3. Our property; All branches of the federal government have abandoned government’s legitimate role as a protector of a citizen’s natural right to the use and enjoyment of one’s property, G.W. quote: “Private Property and freedom…

a. Chevron case – explain; using the law to transform the systems of justice and economics; equal justice and free enterprise unanimously abandoned by the High Court in last May’s Lingle v Chevron case;

b. The ideals of property private have been betrayed by the Executive branch as all federal agencies implement Sustainable Development policies; Continuity under democrat and republican party leaders;

c. Congress piles on – the new ESA – a full surrender to legal positivism; the new ESA is Congress’s assertion of central power over human interaction with any species. The citizen is given a choice: take a payoff or get a bigger stick. Enforcement comes from an army of federal agents and their “partners”.

The real purpose of the Endangered Species Act, unknown to most people in this mercurial army, is to take all the resources and deliver them into the hands of the elite. Abolishing private property is the objective of the Internationalist inspired, Endangered Species Act.

Why should we care about protecting private property?
Abolishing private property is an idea not a thing. It is the heartbeat of Liberty. Private property is an individual’s determination of how to use and enjoy something. Private property includes our person, our thoughts, and our actions. Private property and freedom are inseparable.

4. Our children; Modeling new age Eugenics: labeling and drugging independence – Congress and The New Freedom Initiative; Indoctrinating Sustainable attitudes, values and beliefs in accordance with global government objectives; Rewarding those without regard for the past and who are efficient at going along with an emerging master; The shrinking table…

ii. American Political parties – divisions of the one
Sustainability party; Working to ‘blur and raid’ – Santa
Cruz as an example…

1. trade policy
2. foreign policy; Bush support for Blair’s African plan; Blair
as past chairman of the British Fabian Society;


3. public/private partnerships mean government and the buddies of government; Public/Private Partnership is the garden of corruption
4. Federal protection of individual life and liberty has turned into federal regulation over property and parenthood. This is what unites party leaders
5. American leadership; political and economic power centers are permeated with Fabian ideology. A second voice must arise from the people. The people’s interest, left and right, young and old, is in securing for ourselves and future generations a civilization where people lead a life that is their own.


b. Examining the tactic behind Sustainability – An artificial Dialectic
An artificial Dialectic is a contrived or man made process. An artificial Dialectic poses seemingly opposite objectives. It is intended to result in a predictable outcome. It is a form of psychological manipulation that utilizes the identification of a ‘thesis’ and corresponding “anti thesis”. In the case of an artificial Dialectic the thesis and the anti thesis are actually chosen and pursued so to achieve a predetermined “synthesis” – the real objective of the sponsors.


The challenge for these evil doers is to bracket the public’s “choice” between contrasting alternatives each predicated on legal positivism. Under a legal positivism régime the “rights” of man are granted
and revoked. Human rights animal rights – there is no difference.

The “thesis” of this artificial dialectic is formed by people and organizations who advocate combining the force of government with the power of business – Public/private partnerships.

The artificial dialectic’s populist “anti thesis” has been designed to rally the groupings of people around the concept of social justice. Social justice is: using the law to engineer society. The objective of Sustainable Development is the end of the era of equal justice.

“Not possible” you say. “Americans would never accept tyranny’s silent revolution”! But might Americans accept a new cover on an old game? Would Americans accept an evolving Fabian system of economics, centralized, controlled and managed with the objective of abolishing private property and free enterprise; and an authoritarian system of justice; if they were wrapped with a “new” central organizing principle? Such is the purpose of the environmental movement.

Sustainable Environmentalism attempts to put nature before ordinary man. Man’s property, his liberty and his life become subordinate to the elitist manipulation made in the name of the environment! Recognizing the central purpose behind today’s environmental scares is essential to understanding the artificial dialectic behind Sustainable trouble. Environmental scares fuel the artificial dialectic.

The phony “battle” between the left and the right is moving society downward, right – left, step-by-step, toward the transformation of America. Sustainable Development is the synthesis of the artificial dialectic.

The purpose of Sustainable Development is to create a government controlled society.



Insiders receive short term economic benefits from Smart Growth policies. The politically powerful left promotes the anti life, anti liberty, and anti property program called the Wildlands Project.

Agenda 21 seeks to regionalize America to the benefit of a continuously shrinking number of political-economic insiders. Regionalism is the foundation for a political system based on tyrannical principles. Regionalism blurs political boundaries. The blurring when coupled with the raids on the public treasury is being arranged by the elitists to gather the riches of the people. Regionalism makes possible Fabian collectivism: the abolishment of private property. The purpose of state collectivism is the suppression of individuality and government control over human action.

Agenda 21 is designed to implement the United Nations Charter.

Global governance in accordance with the United Nations Charter is the goal of Sustainable Development policies.

At the core of big government system is a central bank – the grand daddy of private-government partnerships.

What’s particularly telltale about this arranged, manipulated and well financed dialectic is how the contrived programs of right and left wing combine to achieve Sustainability. Both sides support government-mandated education programs. Note the bipartisan (Bush/Kennedy) support for “No Child Left Behind” – the federal child indoctrination mandate designed to assure that the next generation is indoctrinated and molded into compliant global citizens.

Both sides give support to globalist trade policies that surrender American sovereignty piece by piece to political globalists at the World Trade Organization. Now, it is “CAFTA” that Sustainable Developers promote. Global Corporate Socialism is the real objective of managed global trade.

An ample dose of deceit and corruption is justified as a means to achieve Sustainable ends. Junk science and corruption is the rotten foundation of the environmental movement. The massive raids on the public treasury are the poisoned candies that fuel the environmental movement. Corruption becomes the essence of public/private partnerships.

Big government makes war – without declaration.

A fully implemented permanent revolution will take effect as a result of Sustainable policies. Then a police state becomes inevitable and the tyranny of global governance follows.




c. Envisioning the future using the Sustainable premise;
When your life is not your own; Confusion, dependency and division; crisis, shortage and a police state; 1000 points of Sustainable darkness luring America into a global police state; how small will the Shrinking Table get; an end to general humanity – ordinary people become biological resources – a world the likes of which most still wish to think “unimaginable”. But wishing won’t make reality vanish; evading reality would be our ruin.

The battle is over the premise. Don’t concede the premise because if we do the War on Reason will be lost.

B. Resurrecting the American Vision – Restoring

a. The Premise; Natural Law – a life of one’s own; parenthood, property; a moral and legitimate government designed to protect natural rights to life, liberty and property; Respect for each person’s independence requires that individuality be developed free of the force of government; The necessary role of equal justice, free enterprise and a limited and legitimate scope for government; trade policy, foreign policy, monetary policy; Quality of individual character, not group association, is the basis for genuine tolerance and diversity; Benevolence and generosity in a free society; Progress in a free society; the nature of self governance, role of the family as the central governing unit, Choosing the terms of one’s life, Society based on principles of Reason, – that we not harm another, being reasonable;

Liberty –Presumes that the government’s power be strictly limited in scope and that the law is applied equally to each citizen.

Freedom – means that we can each act on our own authority, limited by our legal responsibility not to infringe on the equal rights of another, and the moral and social responsibility to respect the dignity of others.




Describe; Liberty Chart:

Genuine Peace can only exist in free societies – where truly voluntary,
not compliant action governs civic responsibilities.

To restore liberty, man made law must be used for the purpose of reasonably serving Natural Law. Restoring the presumption of Liberty; a natural life is a process of trial and error, learning and improving. The law that reasonably serves this natural condition is moral law. Law that is designed to control life, liberty and property breaches the Natural Law. The combination of government and business breaches Natural Law. So does the Endangered Species Act.

We each have a choice to make.


b. The Practice of liberty

i. Avoid the dialectic, hold the premise; many battles will
be lost before we win the War against Reason – don’t condone legal positivism – submit minority reports – never surrender the premise; reject Conservation Easements; Reject Community Planning; Repeal the Endangered Species Act; Reject the taking of federal money: weed out
local Sustainable Development corruption;

ii. Widen the circle of the willing

iii. Get the involvement of free enterprise people and
their customers – everywhere. Free enterprise faces extinction if legal positivism spreads much further and the new economy takes hold.

iv. Use the techniques of free enterprise to spread the
information; encourage contribution, purchase and distribution of information on Sustainability.

V. Landowners; understand private property and how to protect yours – for the sake of us all. Listen to Wayne Hage.

vi. Bring the information from Ed Watch to the people and
media in your town

vii. For trade policy and other Congressional misdirection
stay informed by Kent Snyder at the congressional Liberty caucus.

Vii. Spread Dr. Michael Coffman’s “Taking Liberty” DVD everywhere

viii. Spread the facts about SD – the sources are here
and everywhere – use what works! Don’t participate in conceding the premise.

Viiii. Recognize the problem for what it is – neither liberal neighbors nor conservative acquaintances are the enemy. Sustainable leadership is the problem, not ordinary people who have been manipulated into divided camps. A natural fusion between people of good will is possible if the light shines on how public/private partnerships are transforming
America and subjugating mankind. Ordinary Americans have a common interest in the outcome. That is why we can combine.

c. The Future
After America replaces the legal positivism and Fabian ideology that has swarmed our government administration and economic centers of power, when we rids ourselves of Sustainability; when Natural Law reigns, and the lands and resources are returning to citizen control, when free enterprise is regarded by the law; then by continuing a process of orderly transition, including: a reorder of education and academia, of the monetary system and a reassessment of the methodology for American influence in the world, we will lead a global renaissance unimaginable today.

We must think big – because if we don’t the loss to the human race will be huge; Fate is not sealed; We are tested, America is tested; The test is ours to take and win; When we do children will belong to their parents, and nurturing will rise. Good conscience will rise up; a society operating on an honest monetary system will function at a humanly healthy pace; improvement, without utopian visions, will come one step at a time; benevolence and generosity will grow. The world will follow because it is natural for all ordinary people to require a life of their own;

Life that is lived well is one that is respectful of others.


When America resurrects the ideals of individual liberty and equal justice; the family, not the government will be the centerpiece, the freedom to create will not be repressed, the presence to be will not be denied. The citizens will be free to easily know that a moral and legitimate government’s role is to protect life, liberty and property, not to take over. To get there we must stifle the life denying force of legal positivism;


America is to become the land of its original vision: A land with a political economics consistent with Natural Law – A land where each individual can lead a life of their own and a civilization where general improvement comes one step at a time.

Restore Liberty!


Long live freedom!


Michael Shaw Outlines the Need for a Redirected American Leadership by Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw is an Abundance Ecologist and proprietor of Liberty Garden – a managed ecological oasis on the central California coast. www.LibertyGarden.com.

He is also a founding participant of Freedom Advocates [formerly Freedom 21 Santa Cruz], www.FreedomAdvocates.org.

He spoke on: “Sustainable Trouble; Restoring Liberty” at the concluding session of the July 2005 Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, Nevada.

Copyright 2005; Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, Liberty Garden.com, Michael Shaw

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