North American Union – Fact or Fiction

By Henry Lamb
Posted on Freedom Advocates on August 22, 2007 

SUMMARY:  The Canada Summit has just concluded and it is important to know the facts.

With the Canada Summit just concluded, and the media, including FOX News, laughing about the “conspiracy nuts” who think a North American Union (NAU) is in the works, it is important to know the answers when questions are raised. Here are two video presentations that will supply many of the answers you need.

NAU: Fact or Fiction (on YouTube) NAU- Part 1 (3:06) NAU- Part 2 (4:09) NAU- Part 3 (5:41) NAU- Part 4 (5:17)


For more detailed information about the NAU, see this presentation:

The North American Union & NAFTA SuperCorridor (21:56)


Both of these presentation will soon be available on DVDs for use in local meetings. Check at:

Henry Lamb, is the Executive Vice President of The Environmental Conservation Organazation, Inc. Mr. Lamb assembled the first meeting in Chicago in 1988, from which the Environmental Conservation Organization grew. He is also chairman of Sovereignty International, Inc., and writes a weekly newspaper column for WorldNetDaily and other publications. Visit the eco-logic Powerhouse at .


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