North American Union – Range Magazine Special Report

Posted on Freedom Advocates on March 23rd 2007

The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the NAFTA Super Highway, and the “Amero” all combine to create The North American Union.

Has North America been sold? Did it go for a bargain price secretly agreed to by the three most powerful politicians on the continent, without a Howdy, a Hola, or a Hail Britannia to the people who elected them?

Under the plan, more than 500 million people are meant to be literally incorporated in the North American Union as early as 2010. They are expected to share natural resources, military defense, and a universal system of education that will alter long-held values, customs, and traditions and even change their languages. Law enforcement, health care, and cultural activities as well as virtually all trade will be financed with the new currency of the North Americans: the “Amero”… Read more


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