Sustainable Development and the Fraud of Managed “Free Trade”

Posted on Freedom Advocates on June 18th 2007

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The link between ‘free trade’ – or more correctly, the fraud of ‘free trade’ and environmentalism is the path to global communism and the redistribution of wealth. The plan is laid out in the Brundtland Report, published in the UN record in 1987.

  Negotiations are underway to give “Fast Track” trade authority to President Bush. “Fast track” trade authority has been the vehicle that was used to give away American wealth and productive capacity to third world countries. The link between ‘free trade’ – or more correctly, the fraud of ‘free trade’ and environmentalism is the path to global communism and the redistribution of wealth. To understand, you need to read the Brundtland Report. It was published in the UN record in 1987. The Brundtland Report was the basis for Agenda 21 and it popularized the term ‘sustainable development’. Brundtland Report, “Our Common Future”

Part I, Chapter 3, Section 2.4, “The Mandates of Multilateral Trade Forums” 55. Although a number of UNCTAD research projects have considered the links between trade and environment, these issues have not been taken up systematically by intergovernmental organizations. The mandates of these organizations – principally GATT and UNCTAD – should include sustainable development. Their activities should reflect concern with the impacts of trading patterns on the environment and the need for more effective instruments to integrate environment and development concerns into international trading arrangements. 56. International organizations dealing with trade will find it easier to reorientate their activities if each nation designates a lead agency with a broad mandate to assess the effects of international trade on sustaining the environmental and resource base of economic growth. This agency could be responsible for raising sustainability issues in the work of UNCTAD, GATT, OECD, CMEA, and other relevant organizations.

When you read the above two paragraphs, it makes the meaning of Robert Zoellick’s statement all the more obvious:

“America’s trade policies are connected to our broader economic, political, and security aims. This intellectual integration may confound some trade scholars, but it follows in the footsteps of the architects of reconstruction after 1945.” – Robert Zoellick

Here is another webpage on Robert Zoellick, the consumate ‘Free Traitor’: Using Trade to Break Nations The United Nations is a communist organization and their agenda is communism. Their function is to hire the central planners for the global economy and publish the instructions to the domestic organizations that exist to support their agenda. We can tell how successful they are at distributing and implementing their plans by the conditions on the ground of the U.S. economy. That would be 24,000 people applying for 400 Walmart jobs in Oakland, Calif. 8,000 people applying for a similar number of Walmart jobs in Phoenix, Arizona. Record bankruptcies. Record debt. Record home foreclosures. Skyrocketing property values as they pump the market to drive up prices and then pull the rug out from under property owners. The list goes on…   And in case you were wondering how environmentalism fits into the picture –

“Environment is defined comprehensively to include all relationships between humans and all that impact upon them, and all that they impact”.


Mohua Guha and Aparajita Chattopadhyay, “Environmental education: A pathway for sustainable development”, (Caldwell, L K 1993) p. 2

Brundtland Report, “Our Common Future”

Part I, Chapter 2, Section I, “The Concept of Sustainable Development”


4. The satisfaction of human needs and aspirations is the major objective of development. The essential needs of vast numbers of people in developing countries for food, clothing, shelter, jobs – are not being met, and beyond their basic needs these people have legitimate aspirations for an improved quality of life. A world in which poverty and inequity are endemic will always be prone to ecological and other crises. Sustainable development requires meeting the basic needs of all and extending to all the opportunity to satisfy their aspirations for a better life. 5. Living standards that go beyond the basic minimum are sustainable only if consumption standards everywhere have regard for long-term sustainability. Yet many of us live beyond the world’s ecological means, for instance in our patterns of energy use. Perceived needs are socially and culturally determined, and sustainable development requires the promotion of values that encourage consumption standards that are within the bounds of the ecological possible and to which all can reasonably aspire.

And because we didn’t have enough jobs and industry to redistribute to the third world, they are trying to give away our country to them too. That’s the real reason behind the ‘Free Trade of the Americas’ and the tacit approval for the invasion of our country by foreigners – not just Mexicans but people from India on visas, Chinese smuggled into the country in containers (per Rep. Loretta Sanchez in a congressional hearing), etc. Movement of Natural Persons:

“At the end of the Uruguay Round, it was agreed that negotiations to improve commitments on the Movement of Natural Persons would take place in the six months after the WTO came into force. The negotiations ended on 28 July 1995 and only achieved modest results.”

Including people and jobs (services) in trade agreements is the equivalent to modern day slave trade. It disenfranchises citizens and breaks the social contract between people and their government. It is an accommodation to corporations to increase their profits and it is destroying the United States by flooding our country with foreigners – legally and illegally. It increases the wealth of the already wealthy and it impoverishes those who lose their jobs either to export or to a foreigner imported to take a job at a cheaper wage.   Agreement for preferential treatment for developing countries. Since people are considered tradable commodities under the WTO, that means that the ‘services’ (i.e. imported foreigners) get preferential treatment within the country where they are imported. This is how the social contract with citizens is broken. Catherine Austin-Fitts from a radio interview with Jim Puplova:

” In the mid-90’s Jim, we knew that a huge amount of jobs and income-generating activities in America were going to get outsourced to Asia. I mean, those decisions were made in the early 90’s, and we knew that was going to happen. I mean, we knew the workforce was going to have to reengineer itself, and our pension funds and retirement arrangements were not going to be financially credible unless the workforce reinvented itself, and paid down its debt, you know, then. And now, that load is just increasing every year, and meantime we are accelerating moving all the jobs and income abroad. Now, when you move all your income abroad, and you leave your growing debt at home, it doesn’t take long to understand what’s going to happen to a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or a Ginnie Mae. At some point the growing debt has got to get serviced, and the question is how? You can flood the country with immigrants who can buy up real estate that you finance at the bottom, but at some point something’s got to give in the middle. I mean, if you shrink and collapse the middle class, they’re going to default on their mortgages.”

And by all means, lets not forget the children. They are being indoctrinated and conditioned for a communist system with the focus on environmentalism.

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