It will take increasing public awareness to restore our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The damage from Agenda 21, Sustainable Development policies is pervasive. We are experiencing:

  • lack of respect by government for human dignity and natural law
  • stressful living, rather than enjoying vital, flourishing, productive lives
  • local, state and national governments implementing anti-liberty policies that originate outside the American form of government
  • an engineered financial crisis and threatened viability of the dollar
  • loss of jobs
  • land-use restrictions leading to the abolition of private property
  • limitations on parental authority within a system that emphasizes indoctrination over education
  • “social justice” replacing the American system of equal justice

People everywhere are recognizing our diminishing freedoms. The key to effective action is to understand and expose the root of our problem.

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