Agenda 21 Alert: Schwarzenegger’s ‘True Lies’ in Copenhagen

Posted on Freedom Advocates on January 3rd 2010 

By [post_author] – The globalists’ battle for complete control over all populations is from “global to local.” This is why Arnold was brought to speak at the Copenhagen Summit. He truthfully revealed the power that state and local governments, which he called “sub-national governments,” have in accomplishing carbon reduction goals which are based in lies, the appearance of transfer of wealth to poor countries and Public-Private Partnerships. Because state and local governments do have so much power, mayors were specifically targeted at the summit.

Arnold acknowledged the growing number of people who doubt man-made global warming (MMGW), and its cost, but then encouraged his followers to push back against the dissenters, using muscles, and disparaging the dissenters as only caring about money.1

States can enact their own carbon emission reduction laws and Cap and Trade schemes – it is not necessary for international treaties and federal regulations to be passed.

In fact, Arnold bragged about California being the first state to do this! Assembly Bill 32 passed in California in 2006 and is being prepared to be fully implemented by 2012 (the same time that the Kyoto Treaty expires), unless it is repealed.* This is the model for carbon regulations and permitting along with the new Cap and Trade industry intended for the rest of the nation. Especially, the partners of the Western Climate Initiative that includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Montana, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

While California may seem hopelessly caught in the web, there is a chance that the law could be repealed, which would require massive awareness and education.

Additionally, you must take back your local government; AB 32 states (page 26):

“Local governments are essential partners in achieving California’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They have broad influence and, in some cases, exclusive authority over activities that contribute to significant direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions through their planning and permitting processes, local ordinances, outreach and education efforts, and municipal operations. Many of the proposed measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rely on local government actions.”2

In the video link, Arnold admits that 50% to 80% of climate change action is taken on the regional and local levels and requires many people to support it for its “success.”

While in Copenhagen, mayors were treated to discussions about the benefits of Public-Private Partnerships (this is when governments accept money from private corporations, foundations and NGOs); bankrupt governments are very susceptible to being bought out by PPPs. The benefit goes to the money partner in the form of influence and power, tax breaks, governmental enforcement of policy, etc., and is the foundation of fascism.3

In a strange way, we can appreciate Arnold on some level for disclosing the strategy of the collectivists in implementing Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, when he reiterated the importance of the state and local governments, with attention on the mayors for pushing carbon reduction/Cap and Trade on the city level.

The good news: action taken locally is effective! And everyone lives locally. You can do the following to either deter this from your state and hometown:

  1. Start at the most local level and educate your mayor and city council on how to recognize Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and the power of their office.
  2. Educate your county commissioners/supervisors.
  3. Educate your governor and state legislators – e-mail this article to them.
  4. If in California, work to repeal AB 32, and get businesses that will be affected involved.

It’s your future, your life and your home – are you worth the energy to take action?


(1) Video – Arnold in Copenhagen:

(2) AB 32 Document (adopted scoping plan):

(3) Video – Joan Veon explains Public-Private Partnerships:


See this website to Suspend AB 32





Agenda 21 Alert: Schwarzenegger’s ‘True Lies’ in Copenhagen by Cassandra Anderson


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