Civilian National Security Force is the Creature in Your Community

By Elry Falkenstein III
September 12, 2012

“Global Governance” by “Economic Statecraft” 


Barack Obama, the first US President to chair the United Nations Security Council, said in a 2008 speech, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well- funded.”


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Fusion Centers are just a few examples of post-911 “crisis” circulators (i.e. International Crisis Group) of the National Security bureaucracy.  The Economic Development Administration is the “comprehensive plan” pump for “councils of governments (COG’s)” and “metropolitan planning organizations (MPO’s)”.  The International Economic Development CouncilNational Association of Development Organizations,National Association of Regional Councils (“the national voice for regionalism”), Council of State GovernmentsNational Council of GovernorsNational Council for Public Private Partnerships, Government Finance Officers AssociationAlliance for InnovationNational Conference of State Legislatures, Government Capital Corporation,  American National Standards Institute and American Branch of the International Law Association  connect some of the major dots of “soft law”.  The “National Security Professionals” “cadre” spans: the fractional-reserve banking system,  tax-exempt foundations, the federal government, state/local/ regional governments (including COG’s/MPO’s), academia, media,  business, “public-private partnerships”, “non governmental organizations”, “interfaith organizations”,  ”civil society”, “knowledge/perception management”, “systems/integrated thinking”, “workforce” and “human capital”.

In 2007, George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13434, called “National Security Professional Development” , a military-industrial cartellization dressed as security.  Section 1 states: ” Policy. In order to enhance the national security of the United States including preventing, protecting against,  responding to, and recovering from natural and manmade disasters, such as acts of terrorism, it is the policy of the United States to promote the education, training, and experience of current and future professionals in national security positions (security professionals) in executive departments and agencies (agencies).”  The “education, training and experience” of “current and future” professionals is rooted in Ch.36 of the United Nations “global to local action” plan, Agenda 21.

The National Security Professional Development (NSPD) program itself, established by Executive Order 13434, is executive policy under the Department of Defense, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS).

  • “The Leader and Professional Development Division (LPDD) is responsible for ensuring that DoD has a comprehensive, competency-based system, and integrated leadership development programs that support the deliberate development of highly skilled civilian leaders who are well prepared to lead and excel in a joint, total force environment.”
  • “The Civilian Education and Professional Development Branch will serve as the main advocate for education and professional development activities implemented at the highest levels of quality.  DoD civilian education and professional development will meet standards established by external accreditation and certification entities recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  Standards of cost-effectiveness will be established by the Department when external standards do not exist or are inappropriate.”
  •  ”Accept a Contingency Operations position through the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce and we will give you a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference. The Department of Defense deploys civilians alongside the US Military to provide crucial functions such as Senior Cultural Advisors, Logisticians, Contract Administrators, Public Affairs Specialists, and Engineers. There are many different roles, but a common thread unifies the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW): their investment in making the world a more secure and better place.”

The erratic website of The Society of National Security Professionals (SONSP),,  at one time displayed: “Improving national security one mind at a time…”

  • “SONSP is a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to bringing together practitioners from a variety of professional disciplines with a common interest in improving the national security community of practice.  SONSP welcomes past, present and future experts from a wide-variety of career fields to exchange information, experiences and best practices.”
  • “SONSP Community of Interest Collaboration Center-web based tools for practitioners from the civil service, military, private industry and academia that provide the latest news from think tanks, news services, and federal departments on relevant topics related to national security.  The resource library serves as an information clearing house for recent reports and information from a variety of sources.”
  • “SONSP Certifications-will set the industry standard for the national security practice…”
  • “SONSP supports the concepts outlined in Executive Order 13434 and will enable a broader audience to participate in this community.”

In 2009, Barack Obama signed the US National Defense Authorization Act into law.  Section 1054 titled “Study on a System for Career Development and Management of Interagency National Security Professionals” designated that an Executive agency commission a study for the new Integrated National Security Professionals System.  The commissioned report was to be submitted by an “appropriate independent, nonprofit organization,” qualified, “on the basis of having performed related work in the fields of national security and human capital development, and on the basis of such other criteria as the head of the designated Executive agency may determine.”   The commissioned report required the examination of: 1. Professional Development 2. Coordination 3. Funding 4. Military and State and Local Government Personnel 5. Incentives and Requirements to Participate 6. Current Efforts.


The Project on National Security Reform is a network of contributors featuring the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Brookings Institution, Carnegie Corporation/Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, CIA, National Security Council and Business Executives for National Security, with the mission to: “rewrite the National Security Act of 1947 along with the associated Presidential Directives and Executive Orders required to put in place a US national security system for the 21st century.”  “The Power of People: Building an Integrated National Security Professionals System for the 21st Century,” was the commissioned report submitted by the PNSR.  The PNSR had also recommended a National Security Professional Corps in their Forging a New Shield report of 2008, after their 2007 launch.  The PNSR spun a semantics web among theUnited Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), Global Leadership Coalition (Kissinger, Brzezinski, EO 13600), Intelligence and National Security Alliance,  and National Homeland Security Consortium, determining a “whole of government” “system of systems”.  The PNSR acted as the clearinghouse for supercharging the Rand Corporation’s (PNSR “Contributor”) “Hearts and Minds”, a Dept. of Defense-commissioned psychological operation of the ’60s, in time for global restructuring via the UN’s heralded Rio+20 ( the twentieth anniversary of the 1992 Agenda 21 Conference in Rio de Janerio, Brazil). The PNSR ceased operations as of December 31, 2011, but of course, “had a variety of incremental successes and significantly influenced the prevailing narrative on national security reform.”

Project on National Security Reform: Contributors

  • Organizations That Have Provided Grants to PNSR: General Atlantic Corporation • Carnegie Corporation of New York • McCormick Tribune Foundation • BAE Systems, Inc.
  • Federal Government: Agency for International Development • American Red Cross • Bureau of Industry and Security • Central Intelligence Agency Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office • Commission on the National Guard and Reserves • Congressional Research Service • Department of Defense • Department of Homeland Security • Department of State • General Services Administration • Immigration & Customs Enforcement • Millennium Challenge Corporation • National Aeronautics and Space Administration • National Security Council • Office of Management and Budget • Office of Personnel Management • Office of the Director of National Intelligence • Sandia National Laboratories.
  • State and Local Government: Culpepper County Sheriff ’s Office • Delaware Department of Safety & Homeland Security • Maryland Department of Transportation • Virginia Department of Fire Programs • Virginia Department of Health • Winchester Emergency Management.
  • Foreign Government: U.K. Ministry of Defence.
  • Think Tanks and Other Associations: American National Standards Institute • The Atlantic Council • Brookings Institution • Business Executives for National Security • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace • The Cato Institute • Center for American Progress • Center for International Security and Cooperation • Center for a New American Security • Center for Research and Education on Strategy and Technology • Center for Strategic and International Studies • Center for the Study of the Presidency • Council on Foreign Relations • European Council on Foreign Relations • Heritage Foundation • The Homeland Security Institute • Hoover Institution • Hudson Institute • Institute for Defense Analysis • Institute for National Strategic Studies • National Academy of Public Administration • National Governors Association • Professional Services Council • RAND Corporation • Reserve Officers Association • U.S. Chamber of Commerce • Wilson Center.
  • Law Firms: Arnold & Porter LLP • Bingham McCutchen LLP • Cooley Godward Kronish LLP • Crowell & Moring LLP • Morrison & Foerster LLP • Venable LLP • Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr LLP.
  • Academia: American University • Catholic University • College of William & Mary • Columbia University • Duke University • George Mason University • Georgetown University • George Washington University • Grand Valley State University • Friends University • Harvard University • Institute of World Politics • James Madison University • Johns Hopkins University • Joint Special Operations University • Kings College, London • London School of Economics • National Defense University • Naval Postgraduate School • New York University • North Carolina Central University • University of Notre Dame • Pennsylvania State University • Stanford University • Swarthmore College • Texas A&M • Trinity College, Dublin • U.S. Air Force Academy • U.S. Army War College • U.S. Military Academy • U.S. Naval War College • University of California at Los Angeles • University of California at San Diego • University of Maryland • University of Southern California • University of Texas at Austin • University of Virginia • Walsh College • Wake Forest University • Wayne State University.
  • Corporations: Analytic Services Inc. • Battelle Memorial Institute • Bonner Group Inc. • Booz Allen Hamilton • Cassidy & Associates • Center for Naval Analyses • Cognitive Edge • Cohen Group • Congressional Quarterly • DeticaDFI • • DynCorp International • EBR Inc • Econpolicy • Energetics Incorporated • Evidence Based Research, Inc. • FMP Consulting • GEO Group Strategic Services, Inc. • Global Strategies Group • Good Harbor Consulting • Hutchinson Associates • IBM • The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc • Kleiman International • Kroll • L-3 Communications • Microsoft • Military Professional Resources Inc. • MITRE Corporation • Monument Policy Group LLC • National Security Network • Northrup Grumman Corporation • Oracle • PRTM • Randolph Morgan Consulting LLC • Science Application International Corporation • The Scowcroft Group • SRA International, Inc. • Strategic Consulting LLC • TrialGraphix • U.S. Trust of Bank of America • VeriFIDES Technology.
  • “The Project is also informed by the experience and expertise of private citizens, including: a former secretary of the army and congressman from Virginia; a former under secretary for preparedness, Department of Homeland Security (DHS); a former director for combating terrorism, National Security Council; a former director for state and local government coordination, DHS; a former director of military support, U.S. Army; a former commander, Atlantic Area, U.S. Coast Guard; a former director of preparedness programs, DHS; a former chief of procurement, DHS; a former deputy inspector general for Iraq reconstruction; former ambassadors to foreign nations and multilateral entities; and former assistant secretaries of defense.”


The Rockefellers’ Centennial Society (est. 1907) sponsors the Economic Club of New York (ECNY), which claims the title of “The foremost non-partisan forum in the country” and the address of the Empire State Building.  For over a hundred years, the ECNY has gathered “Past Guests of Honor” that include:  a Bilderberg Steering Committee Chairman and participants, CFR and Trilateral Commission members, Federal Reserve Chairmen, CIA, two Secretary Generals of the United Nations, Secretaries of State and Defense, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers and a king.  The Trustees formerly included the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and the CEO of JP Morgan.  The institutionalization of the PNSR’s “whole of government” approach to national security strategy by the Obama Administration and the acceleration of the Conflict Prevention & Resolution Forum’s 3D (“defense, development, diplomacy”) “smart power” manifest “global governance” by “economic statecraft”;  solutions for ECNY-financed crises.


The United Nations Charter of 1945 promulgated the gradual establishment of a world state of collectivism by which the UN defines human rights and enforces economic intervention internationally.  Obama has executed Ch. 7 of the UN Charter, thus maintaining the “collective self-defence” by policing the planet, has signed ObamaCare onto the Bank for International Settlements Joint Forum (United Nations: IMF & World Bank, Financial Sector Assessment Program) via the National Association of Insurance Commissioners  and has centered the Rockefeller Foundation (Health Unbound) and Independent Sector on the White House Council for Community Solutions (EO 13560).  Independent Sector is sponsored by, among others: Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bush and Obama have parroted the fusion of the 3D (defense, development, diplomacy) US strategy with the 3E (economic, environment, equity) UN strategy of Agenda 21 especially by Policy Directives and Executive Orders:

Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center: Sustainability Program Area 
“Federal agencies currently collaborating on FedCenter include the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Treasury, State, Interior, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs, as well as NASA, the U.S. Postal Service and Tennessee Valley Authority, EPA, Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Participation by all Federal agencies is welcome to help independently govern, self-promote, financially support, and guide the Center’s activities.”


The US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development (since 2003), is the nexus of the UNA-USA and Global Leadership Coalition at the Department of Education, which altogether leverages the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.  UNESCO, the lead agency of the Decade, defines Education for Sustainable Development as “education for everyone everywhere” for the “lifelong learning” of “present and future generations“.  The UNA-USA sponsors Model UN across America and tailors its Global Classrooms curricula to whichever setting the kids happen to be participating.  Children are unknowingly trained to respond with prescribed consensus to the situations, simulations and stimulations of the particular activity (Delphi Technique). Global Kids is the CFR arm of Connect All Schools Consortium, a new Department of Education network, led by Independent Sector and The White House via United Planet Partners.  Global Kids is preparing children for Agenda 21.  The White HouseNSA and CIA now have website divisions aimed at kids.  The Public Education Network is a national association funded by Independent Sector donors: plus Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Department of Education.  Also, the American AssemblyAmerican Institutes for Research,  Education Development CenterOne Economy Corporation and Digital Promise are among the premiere disseminators of the pre-determined and “locally relevant” “outcome-based”/ ”performance-based”/”competency-based”/”research-based”/”evidence-based”/”community-based/”data-driven”/”joint”/”best practices” operant conditioning conscripted by the “social justice” engineers.  ”Funders” of the Rockefeller Foundation-backed International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), “Members” of the Sustainability Consortium, backed by the EPA and BSR (Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, State Department) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-backed International City/County Management Association (ICMA): Center for Sustainable Communities (an ICLEI “Partner”) are “partnered” with local schools and governments.  From the Partnership for 21st Century Skills aligning the Common Core State Standards with “professional development” content for teachers and principals and Lego Robotics curricula for students (Carnegie Mellon/Lego Education); to software curricula through websites like:,,,, and; to the weekly deliveries of Time for Kids magazine and textbook curricula into classrooms; kids are programmed with UN-defined values.  State Governors administer Federal funds to “Community-Oriented Policing” systems like Crime Stoppers (The UN, FBI and other law enforcement and corporate partners administer Crime Stoppers International), the local student-equivalent of the Department of Homeland Security’s’ “See Something, Say Something” campaign; whereby children see hand-drawn posters of child characters on school walls displaying ”Eyes Looking”, “Ears Listening”, “Mouth Reporting” with a hotline to call.  Presidents Bush and Obama have personally followed the George H. W. Bush/Clinton trail of the Agenda 21/Sustainable America megabanks-maze in “bipartisan” fashion.  John Dewey’s ”service-learning” sees a new century by the Points of Light Institute.

In the State of the USA, neither the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America/Partnership for Sustainable Communities/Startup America Partnership/Trans Pacific Partnership, nor “sustainable development goals” are about your/our security or prosperity. Mitt Romney was endorsed by the same banking cartel and maintained the same centrally-planned Keynesian platform as Obama; each supporting the Federal Reserve System and United Nations.  Are you behaving like a “global citizen” and thinking “mentally healthy” thoughts?  Regardless of consent, the corporatists are “capacity-building” your “full personality” (UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 i.e. Article 29 Sec 3) consciousness, “for the greater good” and “human security” of your “community” through inter alia the ”global governance” and ”economic statecraft” monopolexicon.

 Civilian National Security Force is the Creature in Your Community, by Elry Falkenstein III

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