Our city’s Comprehensive Plan (CP) doesn’t say ICLEI or Agenda 21 but it seems to be the same thing. How do we know when it is Sustainable Development?

If it is a Comprehensive Plan (CP), you can be certain it is Sustainable Development, Agenda 21. In fact one Agenda 21 operator had this to say:

“Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many… who would actively work to defeat any elected official… undertaking Local Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. So we call our process something else such as ‘comprehensive planning’, ‘growth management’ or ‘smart growth’.”
– J. Gary Lawrence, 1998 UNEP Conference U.K.

Review the CP documents and assess whether it is in compliance with “sustainable” objectives. One can identify and understand the warm and fuzzy terms and review the CP in the context of Sustainable Development values which include increasing fees, rules and regulations regarding private property and human behavior.

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