I suspect Sustainability and Agenda 21 policies are in my town. What do I do and how do I get people to understand this danger?

Your instincts are correct. Agenda 21 is world-wide and has infiltrated every town in America and many others across the globe.

Most Agenda 21 programs give lip service to positive sounding words and programs that in reality are bad for us. In order to understand and counter this deception, it is beneficial to study all parts of this website and continue to research the issues further. Articles are broken down into various categories and give examples of Agenda 21 at work. They also lead you to other excellent researchers and reporters on the subject. There are PowerPoint slides, cartoons, speech transcripts with local examples, and videos as well.

The Research Center is rich in original documents including the Agenda 21 1992 United Nations book for you to use as a research tool. Familiarize yourself with our neighborhood tools, free downloads, the vast radio shows and the Store. Use the Freedom Advocates website search box to find information on specific topics.

Begin sharing the information with others. Small gatherings and pot luck meals are good ways to bring people together.

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