The Consensus Process

June 3, 2006 | 0 Comments

By Henry Lamb, 1997 -

In communities across America, "stakeholder" councils are being formed, or have already been formed, to advance Agenda 21 to transform cities and towns into "sustainable communities." The "consensus process" is used to gain the appearance of public support for the principles of sustainability, applied to a particular community. The process is designed to take the public policy- making function away from elected officials and place it in the hands of non-elected officials, while giving the appearance of broad public input into the decision-making process.


Community Plans Aim to Change Values

October 13, 2004 | 0 Comments

By Susanna L. Jennings, 10/13/2004 -

Community plans are specifically designed to reflect aesthetically the collective values they seek to impose -- at the expense of individual expression and privacy.