The United States. A Science Project

By Camille Giglio
August 7, 2011

Do you recall the days when you or your children had to prepare a high school science project? Or how about the hours your child spent watching his Gerbil run on its tiny treadmill in order to get its food and water? Little did you dream that one day you would be the science project; that figure on the spinning treadmill. Under the observation of trained scientists, US citizens are fast becoming the subjects of a powerful and nation-wide “science project.”

It is becoming more apparent to some that the wild ups and downs of life are not accidents of chance, but rather manufactured experiments. The results are being recorded and analyzed by certain scientists to come up with scientifically determined standards, otherwise known as “best practices,” which will, in turn, become the norm for our future basis of ethics and day to day living.

Instead of the rat running on the treadmill in the cage in exchange for safety, food and water, it is humans that are being drawn into the scientist’s laboratory in order to get his government provided and planned educations, jobs, food, healthcare, clean environment, affordable housing, safe drinking water, transportation and proper nutrition.

In exchange for this apparently secure future, the human lab rat must submit to the following,

· A government planned economy, (Executive Order 12852, 7/29/1993, Bill Clinton)

· Womb to tomb health care

· Abandonment of our Constitutional way of life

· A work future that is planned by a government/corporate partnership

· Surrendering our children to government educators at age 2 or 3

· Government assigned living arrangements along transit corridors most suited to the convenience of the community service agencies, rather than yourself, who will oversee your daily routines?

Recall the recent reports of pre-schoolers who were required to wear smocks with chips embedded in them to record their every move throughout the day, the subsequent data electronically transferred to a science lab in Washington D.C?

Think of the smart meter in your own back yard that records the entirety of your electrical activity through the day. Are you using your washing machine/dryer/dishwasher efficiently? Do you have too many lights on in the house? Is that air conditioning running too much? Are you using more electricity than everyone else in your neighborhood? Where do you think all of that data goes?

What about your private property rights? Do you still even have them? The decision in the 2005 eminent domain related case titled Kelo v. New London, stated that an individual does not always have the right to private property if that property could be better put to the use of the state for the good of society and the collection of more property or sales taxes.

On June 9, 2011 President Obama signed an Executive Order entitled Establishment of the White House Rural Council which authorizes the heads of 15 federal governmental agencies to oversee the re-development of rural counties in order to “address the needs of rural America, to better coordinate Federal programs and maximize the impact of Federal investment in the life of rural communities” throughout the United States.

How about Obama’s Affordable Care Act, H.R. 3590 of 2010? Or Clinton’s Children’s Health Act of 2000, HR 4365? Both support authorizations and appropriations for a total lifelong adherence to government mandated health care delivered to Americans through a government funded/ non-profit/community clinic directed partnership.

Currently, there are bills in California’s state legislature mandating the establishment of Medical Homes, or, in reality, centralized government record keeping on every individual’s health nutrition and exercise, using community care standards instead of what’s best for you as an individual. Politicians including  Ed Hernandez (D), Richard Pan (D), Donald Wagner (R), John Perez (D) and Bill Monning (D) are active participants in forwarding the Medi-Cal Demonstration Project Waivers. This means that these individuals, among others, are applying for federal money but seek to design their own California Program without restrictions. These bills will all be taken up for a final vote when the legislature returns from summer recess on August 15.

Children are not exempt from being used as experiments in determining what is a “best practice” – cost vs. benefit – in health care and prevention.

In regard to a Washington state law passed in August, 2011 concerning vaccine exemptions, Dr. Gary Goldbaum, health officer for the Snohomish Health District is quoted as having said, “This isn’t about protecting one child; it’s about protecting the entire community.” For an article that delves into the specifics regarding political aspects of mandatory HPV vaccinations for children, click here.

You and your children do not have to be experimental lab rats. You do still have a U.S. Constitution to protect your rights (not give you your rights). You can just say “no” to further government intrusion in your privacy, but you have to take action, question officials and vote intelligently as a well informed citizen. Whatever you do, remember to inform your children that America was designed to be the land of free and the home of the brave. We must fight to keep it that way.

The United States, A Science Project by Camille Giglio

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