Can you give me solid proof that ‘Imagine Cities’ are tied into ICLEI/Agenda 21? A group has started this where I live, and I am concerned. They are using the same language and terms, but it is hard to nail it down. Are there other cities that have started ‘Imagine,’ and then applied for ICLEI?

If you want to see if your Imagine City or Transition City is on the ICLEI list go to the ICLEI website member list (although list is incomplete and not updated regularly). Imagine Cities is the standard Agenda 21 code speak: It uses the words “adaptive reuse” as a substitute for changing land-use through zoning and infrastructure changes. Imagine Cities at this website, utilizes regionalism to ultimately erase town, city, county, state, etc… borders. There are many organizations doing this same type of thing all over the country. What connects all of this is the fact that organizations like Imagine Cities express the same values, patterns, and outcomes as Agenda 21. If you track down the funding sources, you will find the same roots that feed Agenda 21.

All counties in America are implementing Agenda 21. The easy part is seeing that we are surrounded. The globalists just happen to have a variety of labels. The best course of action is to spread the information in town about Sustainable Development – Imagine Cities then can be used as a local example of the global blueprint.

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