In my city they just started working on their ‘Green City Initiative’ Workshop open to the public. I would like to be able to stop this and try to inform the public and officials of the Agenda 21 Program. What should I do?

There are two basic approaches as one starts out in a community. One notion is to build awareness in the public and the other is to proceed to inform the elected officials of what they are doing. Ideally both paths are taken.

Typically elected officials continue down the Agenda 21 course undeterred by warnings but the tide is turning. Regardless, there is benefit because you have put the politicians on notice and you have caused the public to become aware of Agenda 21 policies and consequences. Be sure you understand the consensus process or Delphi techniques being used in the Green City Initiative Workshop. We have a lot of information on the Freedom Advocates website. In order to assess what will fit each individual situation review our pamphlets, PowerPoints, radio shows, videos, articles, etc. on the site as well. Most tools are available for free as a download or available in our store.

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