Many say that Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is like Communism but I have heard others talk of Fascism. What is it?

To call the Agenda 21 Sustainable Development action plan “communism” (or “socialist” or “progressive”) causes people to become confused and encourages them to fall into the artificial left/right political spectrum. Both sides of that spectrum bring essential contributions to the globalist outcome. The reality is that most politically liberal people are not communist, and most politically conservative people are not fascist. It is typically the benefactors and the leaders of the left and the right who are supporters of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development (which explains why we have not heard about Agenda 21 Sustainable Development from politicians or mainstream media). The magic of the formula is that a fake battle can be waged – the right vs. the left while leaders of the right and the left together feed us distractions while the synthesis of left and right, globalism, forges forward through its action plan of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

The term communism is not descriptive of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development yet the judicial thesis of Agenda 21, social justice, is substantially communist in nature. However, the economic system of Agenda 21, public (government) private partnership, is corporatist or fascist – certainly not communist. Some argue that the corporatist achievements are then planned to morph humans into a classless slave or serf society. 

When we started addressing this word we substituted the word collectivist or communitarian for communist. It does not cause the same trigger reaction and people are sometimes curious as to what it means so it makes for an opening into further discussions.

Today the world is threatened by a totalitarian dictate as the social policy of the Bolsheviks is coupled with the economic policy of Hitler’s Germany. The result is a war on reason and a planned fall of civilization. This is the threat of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

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