It is Time to See the Future and Change Course Before it Becomes Too Late

3rd January 2010, By [post_author] –

America is in the final stages of the political economic changes necessary to secure the age old thrust for a central global dominion. The transformation we are experiencing is designed to negate the political recognition of your right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of private property. We did not get into this mess overnight and it won’t be easy to get out. But get out we must.

The nation’s original principles, already in shatters, have been prepped to become completely disregarded. The transformation we are experiencing is designed to negate the political recognition of your right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of property.

Today, courts around the country routinely dispense living and dynamic rules termed “social justice principles” which are designed to obliterate the American concept of equal justice predicated upon the political recognition of unalienable rights.

America’s transformation has been energized by the legislatures. They have authorized the anointment of ‘partnerships’ between government or collectivist entities and favored and compliant business people. This model has been developed with widespread global and local applications. The purpose of this change is to overwhelm free enterprise and abolish private property in the process.

Our nation’s presidency has also transformed as it has become the Chief Executive, Office of the Despot. The president now takes whatever authority he desires. Whether the chief is labeled ‘right’ or ‘left’ liberty loses.

Right and left are tools used by globalists. The tools are designed to negate the checks and balances originally built into the American system.

Our political economics is diseased. The disease has overtaken many crucial parts of our society including:

  • Our institutions of government (national, state and local),
  • Academia; from preschool to post graduate, and
  • Business; operating as multinationals and by local business willing to ‘partner’ with government.

Where is this heading?

Either we are in an unending slide into the collectivist world designed as Agenda 21 Sustainable Development or we are on the verge of renaissance where the rise of the spirit of liberty will be built upon an understanding of who we are and what it is that ails us.

Let’s proceed with questions. Why are we nearly subsumed by globalist political economic forces like the World Bank, the World Trade Union, the Bank of International Settlements, Codex Alimentarius, the United Nations and more? What is the nature of our monetary system? Can such a system spring or infiltrate a political surprise designed to centralize control over all humanity?

What I and others say is this: Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the global to local action plan that is designed, funded and being implemented in every county in America in order to institutionalize a change in our nature as humans. Do an internet search on “Agenda 21” to get a broad insight into the massive number and sting of its tentacles.

The job of the freedom fighters at Freedom Advocates has been to provide neighborhoods and broader communities the tools necessary to understand Agenda 21 and its local infiltration. These tools come as building blocks. The information needs to be spread. We must not support Agenda 21 by doing nothing. Spread the word in your family, neighborhood and community.

Check into our website for the latest information and tools. For instance, today our homepage displays the “ICLEI Primer.” What a helpful tool if you live in an ICLEI town! Many do, few know. You can always download the pamphlet Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 for a quick overview.

The battle for America’s future is waging at the local level. This presents challenges and possibilities.

The federal government participates in the ‘global to local’ Agenda 21 attack. Congress has illustrated that they will not defend liberty without a demand by the people themselves. A viable defense can be achieved by fighting back – in our neighborhoods, towns and counties. Locally is where the attack on America is focused. Evidence of this includes local implementation of centralized land use planning, educational indoctrination, and ever expanding laws and other tools for subjugation.

America needs a new crop of candidates who understand Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and the premise that supports America’s founding.

Once enough people understand how Sustainable Development is operating in your community, your defense will have been formed. When enough local communities have formed successful defenses against the local application of Agenda 21 then States and finally the federal government will be won over to individual liberty and equal justice.

When viewed from today’s porch liberty’s victory will be born during difficult economic times. Today’s monetary system is likely to be collapsed by those in control of the world-wide fiat money system in order to advance world government operating on a local level – Agenda 21. Under this ‘new order’ human beings become mere chattel of ruling elite. This accounts for Sustainable Development’s written policy call for massive population reduction.

Ordinary people cannot defend a funny money system designed to implode. We can, however, seek and implement a monetary system that is sound and honest. A reasoned monetary system does not interfere with or conspire against the premise that each person’s life is their own. Regardless of the upcoming economic difficulties under the present tyrannical and interim monetary system, the mission worthy of our effort is the restoration of liberty. Success in reasserting the principles of liberty ultimately will require the establishment of an honest money system.

Generational mistakes in this fight must be acknowledged. We did not get into this mess overnight and it won’t be easy to get out. But get out we must; our ancestors cry out while our descendants are at risk of never being. This is one reason why the future will celebrate the restoration of liberty.


“It is Time to See the Future and Change Course Before it Becomes Too Late” by Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw is President of

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